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The most blinged out bike

You have seen blinged out humans, and blinged up cars, now bicycles are getting a blingy make over too. A Scandinavian design company Aurumania has launched a limited edition run of the world’s most blinged-up bike.

At just over £60,000 (what’s a little £60,000 for some solid bling), the Gold Bike Crystal Edition is believed to be the most expensive bicycle ever made.

Each of the ten produced, is hand-built and gold-plated with 24-carat gold, and decked out with over 600 Swarovski crystals.

Hand-sewn leather grips and a Brooks leather saddle provide finishing touches to the bike, with each limited edition number embossed with gold leaf and set into a leather badge onto the bike’s headtube.

The company has also created a 24-carat gold wall holder for the bike, so it can be displayed as a work of art.

I am wondering if it is being bought as an investment on art or gold or a collectable.

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Safety packs that carry EVERYTHING !


Among other things, we did some lame ass simulation exercises in the summer school I am attending. It was yawn inducing and I slept through most of it, the only bright spot in the whole day was Micheal’s presentation. We were divided in groups and all were supposed to come up with multi pronged strategies to deal with a fictional flood prone town.

Among other things, it was decided that in case of floods people should be provided with safety packets. Micheal came up with the idea that along with safety jackets and dry food and other stuff, people should be provided with condoms in those safety packets. He not only just wrote it down, but also presented it to the class.

Rarish, another student opposed it. He was of the opinion that after floods, the area has lost many lives and need more people to fill in for those who have perished, therefore, condoms should not be provided in safety packs and procreation should be encouraged.

The debate actually went on for a few minutes and woke up everyone who was dozing off, needless to say, it was the most fun part of the simulation exercise.

Micheal writing the presentation to be presented to a wider group.

Micheal, presenting it.

Rarish opposing inclusion of condoms in the safety packs as he wanted more people to be born after the loss of lives in floods.


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chachacha chan

This post is only for those who can read Urdu and lived in Pakistan in the 1990s and are familiar with old Gillette ad.

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I am doing it because I can

Rich men are eccentric and one of such rich eccentric men have decided that he wants a replica of Stonehenge in his country so he is building one.

Ross Smith hopes the monument will be ready in time for Australia‘s next summer solstice, on December 21.

“I’m doing it because I can,” said Mr Smith, who plans to reconstruct the ancient monument on land he owns in the MargaretRiver region of Western Australia.

“Nowhere in the world has a complete Stonehenge been built.”

The structure will be made with 2,500 tonnes of granite quarried from Esperance, on Western Australia‘s south coast.

The £700,000 project, to be called The Henge, will include 101 granite stones arranged in an inner and outer circle and a central altar.

Mr Smith, the former owner of a successful microbrewery, said The Henge would be a business venture, to be hired out for weddings and other events.

I totally love this dude’s attitude. He is doing it because he can, no arguments and explanations given.

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Outer Mongolia … no more

A friend who thinks I am good enough to be a published writer insisted that I become more disciplined and start writing. When I complained that I cannot focus enough to write at length, he told me to get out of Karachi. He thinks Karachi doesn’t seem like a writer’s city, it is far too demanding and not loving enough.

In my opinion, it is not just Karachi, the whole bloody world is far too demanding (I know I am whining but it is good to whine once in a while, is it not?); unless you go and live in Outer Mongolia (my favorite point of reference for all things odd and out of way). I think I need to change that point of reference as McDonlad’s is planning to open its door to the people of Ulan Bator (capital of Mongolia) and it will no longer remain “outer” but will soon be “inner” part of the ugly face of investment.