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Still hooked on …

Ten days on, and I still check feedjit for who dropped by to read my masterpiece rants (Self love indeed is a lifetime romance). People do arrive on my blog while looking for really weird stuff. I have mentioned in my previous post that people got to my blog while looking for funny pictures or number of husbands of Sherry Rehman (I got no picture or details about her husbands – the only thing I have is the groper video), I have noticed that people came to my blog while looking for stuff as weird as ‘Salary package of Shahid Masood as announced by PPP’ to something as odd as ‘Indian chors(thieves)’ and ‘Deadly female names’.

One of the most popular words/phrases searched online which lead to my blog was … guess … ‘public sex’ which leads to this post of mine. People looked for public sex in places as varied as Philippines, Iran (particularly the holy city of Qom), Hong Kong, Alexandria, Egypt, Istanbul, and Israel and landed on my blog. I think human beings are voyeurs in general. It doesn’t matter if one is a Muslim in Egypt, a Jew from Tel Aviv or a godless Chinese in Hong Kong (I am not being politically incorrect, I am just repeating a common perception here), everyone is looking for ‘public sex’.

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Hooked on feedjit – seriously

It has been 5 days since I have added live feedjit to my blog and I have been obsessed with it. I check it every 3 hours. So far, I have been very happy to know that I have had visitors from places as far as Vancouver, British Columbia to places as unexpected as Poland, Singapore, France, Denmark and Bogota, Colombia (Yeah the same country which is famous for its drug cartel and giving CIA a hard time).

A good 42% of the visitors were from US and an even 12% were from Pakistan, India, UK and Canada. The rest were from Asia Pacific region, Australia, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, UAE, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Qatar. I don’t think I know anyone living in either Iowa or New Hampshire (I got to know about these places through Democratic primaries), but it is always cool to find out that your rants has readers in far away places.

Feedjit tells you what operating system and what browser people are using to access your blog. I was quite surprised to see that most of North Americans used Mozilla Firefox. Feedjit also tell you what people were searching for when they stumbled upon your blog. I am glad to know that my blog featured in the searches as varied as ‘funny pictures of sherry rehman’, ‘Salman Khan and his girl friends’, ‘Dr Shahid Masood’, ‘watermelon’, ‘political afghanistan’, ‘mummy daddy collective’ (I seriously don’t know what that means)‘Arshad Pappu’ ‘Shazia Murree’, ‘leopard and his spots’ and someone called ‘Tazeen Said’. Someone in Thana, Maharshtra actually searched for boobie groping in public and landed on this post of mine.

Seriously, it is a lot of fun.

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My Blog is rated NC – 17

My Blog received the rating of NC – 17 which means no one 17 or under should read this. For a minute, I was at a loss. My blog with an adult rating! I am about as PG as they come, how anything I create can be rated NC – 17 which is not even a genuine rating. I then found out that the rating was determined because of the presence of the following words and the frequency with which they are used:

  • viagra (10x)

  • rape (7x)

  • death (4x)

  • sex (2x)

  • steal (1x)

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Blog and be damned!

After writing a blog about being cornered by the roving ambassadors of all things Dubai, I received an email that goes something like this:

“People like you who have nothing better to do in life write blogs sounding superior to the rest of the world. At least the corporate types are contributing to the world economy, people like you work for NGOs so that they can feel smug about it and get 6 figure salaries but do nothing about the state of world affairs. What is your contribution in the world economy? You people do nothing more than writing useless reports, hold rallies and stupid workshops that no sane person ever attends. In short, all you do is whine. You whine against government, you whine against corporations, you whine against politicians and you get paid handsomely for whining. Some of you even get famous for bitching about your own country such as that lazy ass bitch Asma Jehangir. You deserve hell.”

Whoa! That was quite a tirade. All I said was that I don’t like Dubai, don’t want to go to Dubai and don’t want to live in a city that looks and acts like a corporate wonder park and I get this. Seriously man, blog and be damned!

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First Anniversary

Its been one year since I started blogging.
It started off as a place to vent while working at a place that was my worst experience (professional and personal), but it has assumed a life of its own since then.
105 posts later, I want to thank all my friends who, despite being coerced by me via repeated emails, read all my posts. Special thanks to those friends who leave comments. You know that your comments mean a lot to me.

It has been happy blogging for me, I hope you enjoyed my posts too.

PS: Somebody I know said that I talk about some of my friends quite liberally in my posts and that it might offend them. I want to apologise to all if I have offended you. You know it was not meant that way.

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Blogging my life away

I just noticed, I wrote 31 blog entries in the last month, that’s an average of one entry a day and that’s bad – real bad. You see, my blog is my little corner of cyber space where I can rant to my heart’s desire. The more pissed/frustrated/angry I am at things, the more I rant and write. Hence, the numbers of entries are proportional to my mental well being.

One a more serious note, I need to get a life.

I was sent an email which said that department of immigration, Canada actually have a professional categories for strippers who wants to migrate to Canada to work as stripper. The only exception they make is that you need to submit, among other more regular stuff, a nude photo so that the immigration officials would know that you are not a 300 pound 5 feet tall little ball and will find work as a stripper in Canada. Wow!

No, it is not an April’s fool joke. You can go and check it at the immigration profession code website.

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The next hip thing

In one of my previous posts, ‘Honest to blog’, I said that I was not particularly fond of the film Juno. I got an email saying that I just wanted to be hip and cool and stand out. According to that email, “Liking Juno is passé, people like it initially but those who want to sound ‘really cool’ don’t like it anymore. In fact the newest hip thing is to hate Juno because everyone likes it and makes it soooo common.”

First of all, I did not ‘hate’ Juno. I only mildly disliked it. For one thing, I used to be a smart ass kid but that was a long time back. Now I am a smart ass adult and don’t want to be around smart ass teenagers who think sun shines out of their own asses and have no regard for smart ass adults, hence the mild dislike.

Nothing more, nothing less, just the mild dislike.

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Honest to blog!!!

Let me confess, I did not particularly like Juno.

I may be the only person on the planet who is not totally bowled over either by the film or Ellen Page in this particular film (those who rate her highly after watching Juno should watch Hard Candy – she is so good, she will scare the living day lights out of you, esp if you happen to be a man in his thirties and you like to befriend young teenage girls online).

Sorry, I digressed but that’s me and branching off is life.

I have to admit there are certain lines that are uttered with such sublime irreverence that make you smile such as ‘PennySaver has ads for parents “Desperately Seeking Spawn” and the super confidence of the character Juno when she said that all the jocks really want gothic/weird /freaky girls. But at the same time, it was nothing out of ordinary, I would definitely be wary of ridiculous hype over a movie again.

What I find most inspirational about Juno is that the screen writer, who goes by the name Diablo Cody and just won a BAFTA and an Oscar for the script, is someone who got discovered as a writer through her blog. I must confess that it is my ultimate fantasy – to get ‘discovered’ through my blog.

The problem is, Ms. Cody got discovered when she blogged about her year as a stripper in Minnesota, which has since then been published as a book ‘Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper‘. If I write about my work, the five loyal readers that I have will abandon me in a jiffy. Because then, it would be all about things like poverty reduction, income generation model for youth in hospitality sector, participatory development, rural development, civic rights education and gender economics. So if I intend to get ‘noticed’ online, writing about my work would be a big NO. I either have to come up some fantastic fiction, change my profession, start swimming with sharks and blog about it or bury my dreams of discovery forever. Any suggestions people???