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Looking for wife number 14, anyone interested?

King Mswati hunting for wife number 14

Anyone who thinks polygamy is passé has another think coming. Last Monday, tens of thousands of bare-breasted virgins competed for Swaziland King Mswati III’s eye in a traditional Reed Dance; King Mswati was looking for wife number 14, Reuters report.

Walking through the dense crowds in a leopard skin loin cloth, Southern Africa’s last absolute monarch was eying the booty on display and quite a few women seem not to mind it. They think that getting selected to become King’s wife is the only way to escape from the southern African nation’s hardships for the easy life.

“I came here to dance. I wish the king would have chosen me because it’s nice at the king’s place. The wives live a nice life,” said Tenene Dlamini, 16, in a traditional brown skirt.

Critics say Mswati, who has courted controversy for his lavish lifestyle while two thirds of his subjects live in poverty, sets a bad example by encouraging polygamy and teenage sex in a country where about 40 percent of adults live with HIV.
The Reed Dance has been a big date on the Swaziland cultural calendar since Mswati began the ceremony in 1999.

Some said they would not want to be part of a polygamous arrangement with the king and were taking part in the ceremony to prove their virginity.
Last month, Forbes magazine listed him as the 15th-richest monarch in the world. He was the only African on the list.

During the reed festivities, one of the king’s wives drove up in a fancy BMW. Policemen told people to look the other way.

What other monarchy can compete with such insolence, huh?

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Lonely hearts for ugly women !

A town mayor in Australia has upset the locals by suggesting that ugly women should move there because they have an abundance of single men.

We have all heard about the fact that the women who have bad luck with men should move to Alaska as the male population far outnumber the female population. But it is a first that a mayor – a local official – is suggesting that all the attractively challenged (plain ugly in politically incorrect language) women should move to his town because it has 5 men for every single women and no matter how bad a woman looks, she stands a good chance of hitting off with one of them men.
John Molony is the Mayor of Mount Isa, a remote mining town in Queensland, Australia and he has made that suggestion. According to the most recent census in 2006, there were just 819 women aged 20-24 living there out of a total population of 21,421.
Mr Molony proposed a novel solution to the lack of eligible ladies in an interview with the Townsville Bulletin: “With five blokes to every girl, may I suggest that beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa.
“Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face. Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness,” he said. In my opinion, he is chauvinistic moron who thinks that a woman can only be truly happy if she has a man or two at hand. He is also totally objectifying men, gasp!
The council has since been swamped with complaints from both men and women.
Fellow councillor Jean Ferris isn’t impressed: “It’s an absolute disgrace,” she told the Courier Mail. “It’s not council’s view and it’s not mine. We’re definitely appalled,” she said.
But the mayor has refused to apologize for the remarks – saying he was “telling it like it is” and insisting he is “a bloke who respects women.”
“I believe we should look after women,” he said. “I’m told men outnumber women here by five to one. If that’s the case, then perhaps it’s an opportunity for some lonely women.”

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BBC gone bonkers

Any girl who has ever read English romantic novels is guilty of reading Mills & Boons. In fact I knew at least one boy in my undergrad class who used to read Mills & Boons. I too have been guilty of reading them in high school and before you go and start mocking my literary taste (or lack thereof), let me tell you that literary giants such as P G Wodehouse and Jack London have also written for the publishing house. Yes, we have seen first, second, third and fourth wave of feminism, but Mills & Boons stays firmly entrenched in the 19th century when men were masterful and stern. The stories are all the same. The couples are passionately in love but would never utter the “L” word before page 177. The first kiss would probably be featured on page 56 and the first sexual encounter begins on page 99. The heroes are all strong and silent types – modern day Mr. Darcy reincarnation – and the heroine is always overwhelmed by her lover’s masculinity.

According to Independent, Mills & Boon is celebrating its 100th year in style – by launching the romantic series on television produced by nothing less than BBC. Now one would be able to see heaving bosoms, foreign filthy rich and brooding heroes and virginal heroines (ironic, isn’t it as teenage pregnancy is highest in UK – the home of Mills & Boon – in the whole of Europe) on TV.

As if it was not enough, BBC has also produced a documentary, How to Write a Mills & Boon, based on the guides the publisher itself produces, offering advice to would-be novelists.

I mean what the hell is happening to this world, I mean seriously!


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Buried alive, for they have sinned !

This is the information I have received from Asian Human Rights Commission. I am only copying and pasting it without adding a word to this story.

I am wondering if we should still push for democracy in Pakistan as vociferously as we are doing right now (If the politicians are to be believed, democracy will cure everything). If having a democratic government means electing people like Umrani who has no compunction in killing women of his own family for defying his writ, then we must need to take a harder look at our democratic possibilities are realities.

Here is the link to this story:

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from a remote area of Balochistan province, that five women were buried alive, allegedly by the younger brother of Mr. Sadiq Umrani, the provincial minister and a prominent leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, the ruling party. However, police have still not arrested the perpetrators after one month of the incident.


The Umrani tribe is mainly concentrated in the Jafarabad and Naseerabad districts of Balochistan provice that are about 300 kilometers from Quetta city, the provincial capital. Mr. Sadiq Umrani, the provincial minister for housing and construction, was elected to the Balochistan Assembly in the February 18, 2008 elections from Dera the Murad Jamali constituency of district Naseerabad.

The incident of the women being buried alive occurred in a remote village, the Baba Kot, 80 kilometers away from Usta Mohammad city of Jafferabad district. It is believed that due to the influence of the minister and his brother the incident was not reported in the media.

According to the information received, five women were Ms. Fatima, wife of Umeed Ali Umrani, Jannat Bibi, wife of Qaiser Khan, Fauzia, daughter of Ata Mohammad Umrani, and two other girls, aged between 16 to 18 years. They were at the house of Mr. Chandio at Baba Kot village and to leave for a civil court at Usta Mohammad, district Jafarabad, so that three of the girls could marry the men of their choice. Their decision to have marriage in court was the result of several days of discussions with the elders of the tribe who refused them permission to marry. The names of two younger girls were not ascertained because of strong control of tribal leaders in the area.

As the news of their plans leaked out, Mr. Abdul Sattar Umrani, a brother of the minister, came with more than six persons and abducted them at gun points. They were taken in a Land Cruiser jeep, bearing a registration number plate of the Balochistan government, to another remote area, Nau Abadi, in the vicinity of Baba Kot. After reaching the deserted area of Nau Abadi, Abdul Sattar Umrani and his six companions took the three younger women out of the jeep and beat them before allegedly opening fire with their guns. The girls were seriously injured but were still alive at that moment. Sattar Umrani and his accomplices hurled them into a wide ditch and covered them with earth and stones. The two older women were an aunt of Fauzia and the other, the mother of one minor. When they protested and tried to stop the burial of the minors that were plainly alive, the attackers were so angry that they also pushed them into the ditch and buried all alive. After completing the burial, they fired several shots into to the air so that no one would come close. The minors were educated and were studying in classes from 10 to 12. They were punished for trying to decide about their marriages.

After one month the police have still not registered the case and it is difficult to get more detailed information. The provincial minister is so powerful that police are reluctant to provide details on the murder. When the AHRC contacted Mr. Sadiq Umrani, provincial minister, he confirmed the incident by saying that only three women had been killed by unknown persons. He denied his or his brother’s involvement. He went on to say that the police will not disclose any information about the case as to do so now would be implicate themselves. However, concerned officers of two different police stations have confirmed the incident and explained that no one is providing any information. Also as they could not find the graves of the victims it is difficult to register the case. The victim’s family members have since left the place and their whereabouts are unknown.

The alleged perpetrator, Mr. Abdul Sattar Umrani, the brother of the provincial minister, was also involved in murder of three persons, including one young woman, in January 2006. That case was similar in that a school teacher, Mr. Mohammad Aslam, was going with his lover in a taxi to a civil court to court marry. The perpetrators stopped them at Manjo Shori, sub district Tumboo, District Naseerabad and killed all three persons by gun fire. The dead included the taxi driver, Mr. Jabal Aidee. The police were unable to institute a murder case for five months until the intervention of Mr. Iftekhar Choudhry, the deposed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and also the deputy speaker of Senate. But only one person was arrested and the perpetrator Abdul Sattar Umrani remained at large.


Every year in Pakistan hundreds of women, of all ages and in all parts of the country, are reported killed in the name of honour. Many more cases go unreported. Almost all go unpunished. The lives of millions of women in Pakistan are circumscribed by traditions, which enforce extreme seclusion and submission to men many of whom impose their virtually proprietarily control over women with violence. For the most part, women bear the traditional male control over every aspect of their bodies, speech and behaviour with stoicism, as part of their kismat (fate), but exposure to media, the work of women’s rights groups and the greater degree of mobility have seen the beginnings of women’s rights awareness seep into the secluded world of women.

But if women begin to exert these rights, however tentatively, they often face more repression and punishment: the curve of honour killings has increased parallel to the rise in the awareness in rights. State indifference, discriminatory laws and the gender bias of much of the country’s police force and judiciary have ensured virtual impunity for perpetuators of honour killings. It is paradoxical that women who enjoy such a poor status in society and have no standing in family should become a focal point of a false and primitive concept of family honour, which they are accepted to uphold at the expense of their inclinations and preference in the matters of marriage.

Originally a Baluch and Pashtun tribal custom, honour killings are founded in the twin concepts of honour and commodity of women. Women are married off for a bride price paid to the father. There is no concept for girls to get marriage on their own choice and if it is found then, they are killed in the name of honour.

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The cucumber farce

There is bizarre and there is bizarre and there are some things that are beyond bizarre, this has got to be one of them. Al Qaeda is responsible for introducing us to many crazy things such as OBL and mullahs of various shades, hues and varieties but the latest edict released by the Al Qaeda Iraq chapter is so preposterous and ridiculous, it’s not even funny.
They have imposed a ban on women buying suggestively-shaped vegetables like cucumber in the western province of Anbar.
A tribal Sunni elder, (a group that Al Qaeda is supposedly protecting) Sheikh Hameed al-Hayyes from a former Al Qaeda stronghold in the west of Iraq said, “The Al Qaeda regarded the cucumber as male and tomato as female. Women were not allowed to buy cucumbers, only men.”
“They even killed female goats because their private parts were not covered and their tails were pointed upward, which they said was haram,” he added.
Other absurd stipulations include an edict not to buy or sell ice-cream, because it did not exist in the time of the Prophet, while hair salons and shops selling cosmetics have also been bombed.
I personally would not want to argue with this logic, if a cucumber is haram then it is haram, no question about it. But what I like to know, if I am allowed to ask such a question, why only cucumber? Why not ban a more popularly suggestive fruit like Banana? Why not ban Zucchini or Courgettes which I am sure must have felt extremely left out. After all, they too are equally suggestively shaped, if not more, and deserve to be banned like cucumbers. I would also like to know if it is only haram to buy the cucumber. Can a woman slice and dice and eat cucumber bought by men or is that too prohibited by the good leaders of Al Qaeda Iraq?
Similarly, if tomatoes are considered female, can man buy them? Can a man eat a tomato bought by a woman? If he cannot then can the tomato be used in cooking the food that a man will eat? After all, tomatoes lose their suggestive shape and men can eat them safely without ever having a lustful thought.
It seems that life under Al Qaeda was not only violent but also farcical.

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Four were not enough !

My colleague and I were two different newspapers this morning and we both said WTF in unison. We both were reading the same news. According to AFP and BBC, a member of the Saudi religious police has been accused of having six wives at the same time – two more than allowed under religious laws.

The 56-year-old was detained in south-western Jizan province. Three of the women involved were Saudis and the other three were from Yemen.

What is most ironic about this news is that the polygamist par excellence is actually a member of Muttawa (The virtue police). Members of the Saudi Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice are expected to enforce the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islam, particularly regarding relations between the sexes. They tell women to keep all their hair hidden and raid coffee houses to see if people drinking coffee together are mehrams to each other. After a lifetime of lynching people for small offenses, the polygamist muttawa probably thought he is untouchable.

The accused denies the women are all currently his wives and says he has divorced two of them. Muslim men can keep up to four wives at a time under sharia, or Islamic law, which is applied in Saudi Arabia. I think he is very smart to play the numbers so that even if you have had a hundered wives in your lifetime, you never have more than 4 wives at any one time. King Saud, founding father of the kingdom married a women from all the major tribes to bring unity (what an absolutely original way to bring unity to one’s country) and is speculated to have had 22 wives.

I am wondering what kind of punishment this guy will get. Will it be Zina because not more than 4 women can be his wives so will he face lashes or will he be stoned to death? Will they only stone him to death or will they stone two of the wives? How will they determine which of the six women is he currently married to and who are concubines (I used for the lack of a more appropriate word). Should the authorities take his word for it after his lies?

Six is way too many a wives; even those who sanction polygamy think he’s pushin’ it.

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All arranged

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How popular would this affirmative action be?

The annual budget was announced and everyone has an opinion or two about it. Here, I would to point out two announcements regarding affirmative action for women. First, there is a 10 per cent job quota for women in government departments. And secondly, taxable income levels for men and women are set at different levels. For men, minimum taxable annual income is Rs 180,000, whereas for women, it would be Rs 240,000. Women now can make Rs 60,000 more annually than their male colleagues and need not give income taxes.

I wonder how men will react to it, would there be queues in offices outside HR departments where men would want to change their names and gender (only on paper) so that they too can get this tax exemption.

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Boobing it up

This has got to be the funniest story of the week.

Apparently, a German woman is suing doctors after she checked in to have wrinkles removed – and woke up with a new pair of breasts.

Ingrid Bruelling, 33, had the operation in the German city of Kassel.

She wanted to give herself firmer skin and remove the wrinkles after losing 16 stone on a crash diet.

But when she woke up after the operation she found doctors had put two silicone implants into her breasts, increasing their size from a C cup to a D.

Doctors said the woman should not complain as the best way to tighten the skin and remove the wrinkles was to make her breasts bigger.

First of all, I want to know the diet that can make you loose 16 stones!!! 16 stones mean two normal sized women with a BMI of about 22. I find it difficult to lose 5 pounds and people are losing 16 stones!!!! That’s not fair, I want access to that diet as well.

The doctors in that particular hospital were sexist prigs who think a bigger bfreast size is solution to all the problems. Somebody should tell them; boobing it up is not the solution.

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The Fourth Wave of Feminism?????

If Reuters is to be believed (and they should be believed, they are the oldest news agency), rich older women sitting on gold mines are being paired up with hot young men at a New York matchmaking event next week, Feb 7th to be precise. We have seen rich old and middle-aged men getting hooked up with pretty young things (Donald Trump and Micheal Douglas to name a few), but a New York entrepreneur, Jeremy Abelson, has come up with a speed dating set up where he will be bringing together 20 “sugar mamas” and 20 “boy toys”. Not every run of the mill old woman can be part of it, the “sugar mamas” must be at least 36 and make a minimum $500,000 a year—though $4 million in assets also meets requirements. According to the news, a good 5,000 men applied to become the boy toys, but only twenty had to be selected. The prospective boy toys — who had to be under 35 — were screened by Janice Spindel, billed as New York’s most exclusive matchmaker.

Abelson, 27, calls it “Natural Selection Speed Date II: Sugar Mamas & Boy Toys.” He came up with the idea after drawing criticism from feminists for organizing an event last year that paired wealthy older men with young women. Pocket Change, the company that is promoting this event, is calling it the fourth wave of feminism. One older woman said that she find younger guys more perceptive towards their dates, while older guys will be looking over your shoulder at a younger woman. Honestly, if it requires this much planning and work, it cannot be natural selection, can it be?

For someone like me, raised in Pakistan where a woman’s shelf life is 23 years (you are considered over the hill if you are at least not engaged by 25), this idea sounds, well, alien. Firstly, I think men never really grow up (the addiction to gadgets and video games is but a proof – no matter how old they are, they just want to play) so a man much younger would be more like a kid, what say?

Secondly, the romantic in me cringe at the idea of speed dating in general and this kind of speed dating where they actually go through your bank account to check your eligibility, in particular. What happened to the old fashioned romantic love? Are demands of modern life making the traditional starry eyed love a thing of past?

Another anthropological trend that emerges from this news is that there were 5000 applicants who wanted to be boy toys – that is – they thought a rich older woman would be their meal ticket for life. I am so glad that men are showing their true colors at last. They have been doing it for centuries; choosing to marry for prestige, right family and huge sums of dowry but somehow all of that was deemed socially acceptable, no matter how avaricious it was. Now, men have come out as plain ol’ “Gold Digger” who offer themselves in exchange of a comfy lifestyle, its about time the word gold digger become genderless.

Last but not the least, do cougars out on a prowl represents the fourth wave of feminism? I don’t know, what do you have to say to that?