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Mar 27, 2014 - Personal, Toronto    2 Comments

Spring in Toronto – or lack thereof


Like every other city, Toronto has its own set of peculiarities and oddities. The biggest and most well-known oddity is of course election of Mayor Ford because Torontonians – in general – are gracious, open minded, left leaning, liberal and polite and Mayor Ford is anything but; yet he got elected and there is a very clear and present fear that he may get elected again this fall.

The other oddity is spring. Officially, March 22 is the first day of spring but unfortunately, Mother Nature did not receive the memo and it was something around -4 degree Celsius on March 22 and –12 degrees yesterday and about -1 right now, so yes, it seems that the weather gods are fickle and the jury is still out whether spring will make its appearance this month. I just want to be clear that by spring we do not mean spring like they do in other parts of the world, people in Toronto would be glad to have a no snow no subzero temperature for start and will patiently wait for May to actual spring to descend.

People cannot control weather but what they can and do control is their wardrobe. They say power of positive thinking can change anything  in the world. Does it extend to weather? I don’t know, but some Torontonians are beckoning spring – by shedding warm clothing. I mean it is still cold and windy enough to warrant a warm jacket with a thick scarf if not gloves and toque, but some brave souls – or people who are in denial about spring – have decided to shun their woolies and have decided to parade around in – gasp – dress shirts!

Hat’s off to you guys. I hope your positive outlook – at least about spring – can consciously uncouple the city with this winter. It has been relentless this year.