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Killings and kidnappings: a day in the life of a Pakistani

While driving in Rawalpindi yesterday, I came across a series of wall chalking on Tulsa Road demanding the release of Mumtaz Qadri, the infamous murderer of one Salmaan Taseer. I was kinda sad with all things wrong with this country where people not only demand the honorable release of a murderer; they openly declare him a hero. I shook my head and drove on.  
Near Tulsa Road, Rawalpindi

Earlier this morning I discussed this with a friend and we both lamented the fact that even with repeated confessions, the murderer will probably get away with it because no judge who wants to live in this country would dare award any sentence to Mumtaz Qadri. We know that the cleric, Muhammad Afzal Chishti,  who led his funeral prayers had to fleethe country owing to death threats so no judge/judicial bench with an ounce of self preservation instinct would even think about going anywhere near Mumtaz Qadri. Such is the stateof affairs of Pakistan. 
As if this was not enough, Shahbaz Taseer, son of the late Salmaan Taseer was kidnappedearlier today. According to the police, there is no evidence linking the murder of the father with the kidnapping of the son. If a rich and well connected (they have connections with the men in two of the most powerful houses of the country; Presidency and PM House) family like Taseers is facing so much grief vis-à-vis security, rule of law and justice in the country, imagine the plight of a common man. Be it Karachi or Jamrud, the Taseers or any other poor family, the state is failing its citizens again and again and is doing it with impunity.
Here is wishing Taseers that Shahbaz makes it back unharmed.