I, Tazeen Javed, have lived in Karachi for most of my life, although no one asked me to leave, I decided to get out and see something of the world. I have worked as a journalist, teacher, salesperson, activist, tour guide, international election observer, fruit picker, copy writer and television producer in the past. I am contemplating what to take up next, but the economy is so bad, I fear it will be flipping burgers somewhere. With all this, I write – here and there – and blog exclusively here.

I am an alumnus of Karachi University, University of Manchester, UK, University of Trieste, Italy and Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If someone agrees to pay my bills, I would like to be a professional student for the rest of my life.

I have written extensively on social, political and human rights issues in Pakistani Newspapers and magazines. This blog has been quoted/mentioned in various mainstream publications such as Dawn, Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror and Press Trust of India wire service. In addition, this blog has also won the CIO-Google award in the category of Satire/humour in May 2010.

I would love to hear from the readers for professional assignments and for feedback, I can be contacted via my page on FaceBook and on twitter with the handle @tazeen.