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Narendra Modi, channeling his inner Jeetendra

Fear not Gujaratis, your state will now be famous for things other than Dandia in every Sanjay Leela Bhansali film and a comic relief character in Karan Johar’s. The state has produced a politician who will be swearing in as India’s newest Prime Minister on May 26th 2014.

Apart from the fact that the newly elected PM will get to rule sorry serve over one-seventh of the world population, India’s growing power makes that person very important on a global scale. A lot has been said about his role in communal riots, his economic policies, his tea boy past and rags to riches story and why Indians across the country decided to vote for him. Among other things, his sartorial choices have also been discussed. His multicolored kurtas invoked many comments, some even about his sexuality (the fact that he lives with his mother and has been separated from his wife after a brief marriage also contributes to it). It is not just his kurta, his tailor has also been covered by national and international press. People have seen him in kurtas of every color imaginable but for me, the look that must’ve sold some of Bollywood inspired voters is the one where he was channeling his inner Jeetendra.

Modster nodi kurtas big hit

Imagine Modi Sarkar strolling down the gardens of White House, like a boss, for a joint press conference with President Obama in his glorious white suit and pink shirt and those glasses that were probably worn by Shahrukh Khan in Don2. What a fine mix of iconic styles of Jeetu ji and Shahrukh Khan, now that would be one fine example of life imitating art.

NM white suit

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  • You disappoint me Tazeen. Expected much better from you.Where is your trademark humour and biting sarcasm in this piece?

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