Immy K and his band of morons against Geo

Those who know me and have been reading my blog for sometime know that there is no love lost between Imran Khan and yours truly. I mock his supporters (because what else can one do with those who flaunt their stupidity), I lament the fact that some people in my family voted for his party and I mourn the collective short sightedness of my people who do not see how terrible it is to have a dim-witted man in position of power and influence.

Latest in the list of his stupidities is his self righteous fight against Geo Television Network. Before anyone get their panties in a twist, let me iterate that I am not a fan of Geo either (I have worked for the organization and know it inside out) but the witch hunt against Geo that is being spearheaded by Imran Khan and his band of morons (I refuse to call PTI a political party) at the behest of Pakistani Voldemort is rather vulgar and in incredibly bad taste.

Imran Khan accused Geo Network of three gross violations (according to him). First was telecasting a programme against Ahl-e-Bait (family of prophet) in the morning show (they aired a qawwali which is quite common at Shia weddings), one PTI parliamentarian moved a resolution against it in Punjab assembly because there is nothing more worthy of the attention of a legislator than something that was aired on a morning show targeting house wives. Second was running a campaign against Imran Khan. What Mr Khan considered a campaign against him was this tweet by The News staffer Umer Cheema about the pregnancy of a barely legal girl and a politician. It was exactly worded like this: “Pregnancy of a 21-year girl is causing sleepless nights to a leader. His political future in her hands…the most powerful lady these days” on April 29th. No politician was named in that tweet but apparently Imran Khan went to every Tv channel and said that Umer Cheema tweeted about him. The man doth protests too much, does he not? One wonders why? Umer Cheema did follow up with a couple of other teeli tweets. I bet Imran Khan was not too pleased to be called a senior citizen and I am only assuming that because Cheema again did not name anyone.

Mr Khan is also blaming Geo for getting foreign funding which is oversimplification of a contract between the channel, the government and a donor agency. Even a simpleton like Imran Khan should understand how the whole funding process works; after all, his government in KPK has taken a lot of foreign funding to run various projects in their province. No donor agency funds a private organization directly and one or more government departments are always involved.

As someone who was part of Geo when they ran the first Zara Sochiye Campaign (2006) and then worked as an independent consultant during the Education Emergency campaign (2011), I know exactly how Geo got funding for both of them. For the first Zara Sochiye Campaign (which I believe was brilliant) Geo was contacted by the government to pave the public opinion before it launched Women Protection Bill in the parliament. The fact that the said bill was passed and the number of women in Pakistani jails booked under Hudood ordinance came down drastically should be considered a success – both for the government and the channel that ran the campaign. The second Zara Sochiye campaign was paid for by DfID which Geo President Imran Aslam openly talks about in this BBC interview. It should also be noted that various government departments including Prime Minister’s Task Force for Education (it has been disbanded after the promulgation of 18th amendment and education becoming a provincial subject) facilitated the contract between DfID and Geo. The Task Force was actually housed inside the PM’s secretariat at that time so yes, the government was involved in everything. Many other TV channels that are now part of the witch hunt against Geo wanted to do that campaign. The Alif Ailan campaign which was a follow up to that earlier campaign ran on all TV channels was also foreign funded, but I don’t see anyone protesting against that. Why this duplicity?

If Mr. Khan is so adamant about running campaigns against foreign funding, he should first run it against Pakistan Army because the armed forces of Pakistan get the lion’s share of all foreign funding that comes to the country. Then it is the national and provincial governments including the one run by Khan sahab’s party. Private organizations and non profits are far down this chain and get very small amounts in comparison.

People who run Geo’s editorial staff are obviously not the sharpest people around, otherwise they would not have run that 8 hour long transmission against ISI following the attack on Hamid Mir, but the witch hunt that followed them after that is worst that those 8 hours of transmission. Forget about upholding the sanctity of free speech in Pakistan, we all know that it is but a sham, but it should be noted that Geo is not a two bit organization, it probably employs more people than there are card carrying members of PTI. Going after their livelihood because some people did not like what went on during those 8 hours of transmission in this manner is downright cruel. Geo was not the best employer in the industry but it definitely was one of the better and relatively more professional ones. In case Geo is closed down, the media industry is not big enough to absorb all those people. For their sake alone if for nothing else, I hope this witch hunt is called off and their livelihoods are not compromised.

Let’s wish that sanity prevails but my cynicism tells me that it would not be the case.

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  • Down with Geo . PTI only hope for pakistan

  • IK has no sense of political strategy. When the whole country is facing a power crisis and an rising cost of living index, he is campaigning about election rigging that took place an year ago. the guy need to grow up and understand that there is a real world that has no room for his antics.

    • Brother, With no offence,
      We should understand why this energy crises actually created. Existing politicians are actual reason of all majorly 1: PPP, 2: PMLn, PMLq etc.
      Imran trying to kill the root cause .
      How they built, sometimes from rigging, sometimes from different laps, sometimes from our mistakes.
      If someone pointing and try to kill root cause please if u can not help him at least be silent observer.
      This root cause killing strategy not only help PTI but also for other parties as well and ultimately help Pakistan.’
      Believe me, if N played real opposition role during Zardari ‘s time, believe me this disaster can be reduce.
      If Imran is playing real opposition role, then this will not only help Pakistan but also help PML N , coz they have to perform.
      “Ager Imran Khamosh ho jata hay, to PML N kaam kerna chor day ge, i love Pakistan as you do the same , please is ko role play kernay do hamara he faida hay “.
      aik Guarantee day doon, k wo Derail nahe karay ga or na he support karay ga

  • Right on the money though doubt if it will make a difference to Im the Dim’s troopers

  • The entire write up is boiling with IK hatred. I feel sorry for your types. 2 penny writers

    • I never claim impartiality so there is not point in pointing that out but do enlighten me how are my arguments wrong about foreign funding and IK’s faulty stance?

  • Very informative piece. I wish sanity prevails and all those acting like mouth piece of vested interests should think rationally. otherwise we all will lament for the back lash in offing, wait and see.

  • Well argued, Tazeen. Good article.
    However, I think IK and his party’s actions make it clear enough what they are, why stoop to their level and to name-calling (morons)?
    p.s. check typo – I think you meant Army, not ‘Amy’ in the 3rd last para 😛

  • There is no one great hope out there. No man , no woman , no party that can save Pakistan.
    Climbing the greasy pole of politics is predicated on compromise.
    In Pakistan , no gets to the top with his soul intact.
    If Imran gets to the top and changes the elections into a more robust system , then like Musharraf behind him ( with his media reforms), he might instigate change , rather than be the ‘change’. . Even if he is full of ideas that are not quite ‘bright’, it is with incremental changes of that nature that will shift Pakistan in a new direction.

  • For the first I get such nice article convincingly explaining one of the hot issues of the country. Like others, I am convinced too that Mr. Khan has blotted his own image by becoming part of the campaign against Geo. He has lost than any gain

  • Pakistan Arm Forces and Agencies always did for Pakistan in any natural disaster, any disorder , any law and order situation not only on borders but also inside the country matters.
    As far as GEO group is concern, This is the for the first time someone show them face.
    In past if any one even think to rasie his/her voice agaist that Mafia, they(GEO) black mailed them and that voice was buried. But Imran come up with no weakness that’s why he shouted with no fear.

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