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Thank God Zakir Naik is NOT a Pakistani


Last week I wrote a post about how Council of Islamic ideology is coming up with recommendation that DNA evidence should not be used as the principle evidence in cases of rape. Express Tribune’s blog section reproduced that post without much editing (for which I am grateful). Like most posts on ET blogs, that one too got some responses (hardly anyone leaves comments on my blog even though I publish everything except abusive language) but my favourite comment came from someone called “I am a Khan” who basically wanted every Mullah in Pakistan to be replaced by clones of Dr Zakir Naik.

This gentleman not only wants Zakir Naik to head CII but also want his disciples to rule and regulate religious norm in Pakistan. All of a sudden, I feel not too hostile towards our maulvis who despite many shortcomings do not come up with fictional characters, verses and books to prove their point. Here is a youtube link for those who can access it about lies and creative fiction that Zakir Naik passes as science, religious and social history and text.

And yes, I am still baffled that people can not only like but follow someone as odious as Zakir Naik. Albert Einstein was spot on when he said that human stupidity is infinite.

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  • Of course there is no limit to human stupidity. Btw even i remember how he justified polygammy and various other things by distorting facts.

  • Hello, Tazeen. Kinda-regular reader here, I’m happy that you’re trying to make A Reluctant Mind its own entity but I spotted a glitch – the website icon (visible in browser tabs). It’s a hideous, bold “5” for some reason. No sense whatsoever. Atleast the previous blogspot icon seemed familiar and soothing.

  • and his argument against theory of evolution was that its a theory not a fact. period.

  • The guy has a huge number of supporters who’d love to make him their god. Proof that numbers don’t mean jack.

  • I was working in Saudia and an Indian Muslim doctor was visiting my place. The TV was on and Zakir Naik appeared in some context (it was around 1996) and my friends jumped up and said “Zakir Fraudia baRi cheez ban gaya hai!”. Turned out he was a classmate of Zakir in medical school and he said the man was a low-life fraud who discovered that there was big money to be made selling Islam to Gulf-based Indians…since then he has expanded his franchise.

  • Hi, nice article. I really like it!

  • Hope ppl of Muslim world listen to you , i can only wish…………specially in Pakistan.

  • Hi,

    Tazeen, I’ve been reading your blog for some years and while a couple of years back they were funny and had a uniqueness to them, over the years they have become run of the mill. Your articles in last one year – including the published work – were below the quality I came to expect from you.

    I also read the story you wrote about your family and fall of Dhaka, and I think you didn’t do justice to it. It had the potential to become a powerful story but it was told in the most “tell” way. I think it’s time for you to branch out, to go out of your comfort zone and pick new topics, write articles with new structures, in short : off er us, your readers, something new. Your friends and well wishers may continue to tell you that you are writing great stuff but that is not true – considering that you have higher writing goals. I am giving you my honest feedback and hope that it will be taken in that way, you do not need to publish it. Best of luck!

  • Tazeen, You should do your research first before jumping into conclusion. Just watch this video in response to these alleged mistakes by Zakir Naik. ” Rebuttal to the video ’25 mistakes in 5 minutes’.A false allegation on Dr. Zakir Naik” Type it in the search bar or the youtube link is ” watch?v=DrQ9K47qS7w”. I too got so shocked after watching that alleged video of mistakes and had even a greater shock when I watched this response to that video.

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