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The ultimate beyghairti


No matter what part of the world you are in, you wake up to the news of your home courtesy your smart phone. I woke up this morning and saw the FB status update of a friend who lives in Garden Karachi about a bomb blast near her home. A quick look at the news websites revealed that it was an Awami National Party (ANP) election office in Orangi Town that was bombed.  Before this, two other election offices of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) were attacked in Karachi and other election related activities of ANP in KPK. According to Kamran Khan’s program on Geo, ANP has been attacked 10 times during 2013 election campaign in KPK and Karachi while MQM is attacked thrice, all incidences took place in Karachi. For almost all the incidences of violence against these two relatively secular parties, Tehreek-e-Talibaan Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility.

Considering that elections are just a couple of weeks away, one would think that the security apparatus of the country would be after these TTP terrorists who are not only committing heinous acts of violence against civilians engaging in perfectly legal political activity but are also obstructing the democratic process by attacking and hindering political campaign of the aforementioned political parties. These two parties are major political forces in two of the provinces of the country.

But no, the security forces of the country are busy ensuring that no one dares to utter a word against them. First victim of censorship was the newly launched Capital TV, when a former aide of Zaid Hamid, one Mr Emad Khalid committed the gustakhana act of voicing his uncensored opinion about the COAS Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, the channel was taken off the airs for a couple of days and only reopened after a written apology was submitted to PEMRA. Major newspapers did not carry this story and a quick web survey reveals that it was only some blogs and Pakistan Press Foundation’s website that carried this incident.  Curiously, elected Head of the state is the butt of all the jokes on every TV channel but no directives were ever issued by PEMRA to the TV channels to respect the august office of the head of the state.

That incident happened last week.

Earlier today, Beygairat Brigade’s third song Dhinak Dhinak was blocked by PTA. Dhinak Dhinak is a satirical song about the continued power that the top brass of army enjoys in Pakistan. Beygairat Brigade – or Shameless Brigade – is a Lahore based band which uses political and social satire in music. Their previous songs Alu Anday and Paisay ki game were not banned probably because they attacked the political leadership of the country, this time around Dhinak Dhinak focused on “Jernailan da jadu” and raised points like how the army generals never contest contest elections but always enjoy absolute power. Though the lead singer of the band, Ali Aftab Saeed was quoted in Telegraph  after the song was released online (no TV channel was willing to air it) that he has no issues with the institution of army but with the attitude of a few generals, the song was blocked by PTA on the eve of April 26th. When asked, Ali Aftab Saeed said that the band was not informed about the ban on the video by the authorities. They just found out about it when they tried to access the video on Vimeo.

Considering what happened to people who were called in for a reprimand – people like Late Syed Saleem Shehzad who succumbed to  torture endured during one such meeting – it’s may be a blessing that the video was just blocked by PTA and no one was called for a meeting.

The Dhinak Dhinak video came back online after a few hours of ban. May be it was the cheeky message at the end of the video where the band asked their fans to not like the song – “No need to like the video, we will be dead any way” – that saved them.

Beygairat Brigade is probably happy that their song is back for the world to see (I am told that it is still blocked by some ISPs), investors of Capital TV must have sighed with relief when their channel went on air after the hiatus of two days. People will soon forget about these imagined or real slights on the forces that don’t want to be named or discussed objectively, but what people will never forget is the ultimate beyghairti which is letting the TTP terrorists roam free and attack the forces that dare to raise voice against them. This is what future generations of Pakistanis will remember about our times and we will be considered the ultimate beygherats who not only let these terrorists burn down our cities, many amongst us found justifications for their acts and provided them political cover and the security forces failed to do their only job which provision of security for its people. If this is not beyghairti, then nothing is.

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  • Dear Tazeen,

    Thanks for writing this amazing piece. Only you could write this.

    We have checked on several different ISPs and the BB Video is still not accessible. While Youtube is totally blocked the Vimeo link is also not working. Thanks.

  • Just checked–4:39 PM and it’s still banned.

  • “If this is not beyghairti, then nothing is.”
    Finally someone who is voicing this out loud! Well said.

  • Awesome post :) It didn’t come as a surprise when they banned it initially coz we know that the Boots are the sorts which can’t take any criticism coz they are “superior” to us. One would think that with all that power, there would be some sense of responsibility. Pity that their priorities are all screwed up.

  • I cant believe you!!more then 150,000 troops of your army are fighting these terrorists daily in the sweltering heat of Waziristan and Tribal Areas.And you sitting in your air conditioned room have the audacity to call them beghairats just because a song was banned.I think you really need to get your messed up head in order!We are the only nation that turns on it’s army after a defeat.no matter how much blood it gave in the effort!did russians call their army “beghairats” after their defeat in afghanistan.did germans do that after world war?No.

    “but hey,those pakistani officers and soldiers died fighting that war.But still a bomb exploded in karachi.what beghairats.”

    if one bomb explodes,they also stop ten from ever getting to your cities.So stop being a thankless git and have some shame.

    • Mr . Saad, Bayghairat brigade is not against the army and that is well explained by them. The problem is with some generals of the army enjoying all the power but are not accountable for their actions.
      Soldiers are fighting the extremist/ TTP and laying their lives for protecting the people and the country. But this has to be remembered that these extremists are the creation of Military and still being nurtured selectively. In democracy tolerance is the key. If the song is violating any law then only action can be taken against the song as well as the band but banning at whims is proving what the band is saying.

    • These terrorist are direct outcome of policies champion by army for last many many years. So they are fighting a war created by no other then themselves.
      Secondly, let us know what happen with USSR and Germany after the wars? Did they manage to remain same on the world map or disintegrate into pieces? With an attitude like yours, outcome will not be much different with us. If you wish a different outcome, start speaking the truth about the mercenary army of ours and held them accountable for their wrong doings.

    • Saad it is you who is messed up, really. Nowhere has the writer belittled the contributions of those who are fighting for the country. The writer has condemned the banning of the video, labeling it beghairati, which makes good sense. Television channels make a living out of mocking politicians. Why should the security establishment be above scrutiny? Furthermore, criticizing the security establishment does not necessarily make one a traitor. Save us your self-righteous rightist anger and appreciate a good blog.


  • Here is a gem i found and i wanted to share it. Since i am not on twitter , thats the only way to convey mesage ot you. I found the blog of grand son of “shaheed” gen ul haq , h t t p :// omarulhaq. wordpress. Com

    He is a enthusiated bollywood fan and use to party hard in london :/ and also idealized his grand father and father ijaz ul haq. I am going to give him a peace of my mind. That hell hound spawn had the audicity to deny that anything is wrong with pakistan

    Of course when you spend your holidays anywhere you can act s delusional as you want, while those of us who cant afford foriegn trips suffer.

    He also think that his father ijaz ul haq could save pakistan. I am going to give him the peace of my mind, so i thought i should share his blog with all the bloggers.

    Btw entertaining read about ek the dayaan unfortunately i just finished watching that movie on cable tv and then wrote your post. Only If i read it earlier.

  • These terrorist are direct outcome of policies champion by army for last many many years. So they are fighting a war created by no other then themselves.
    Secondly, let us know what happen with USSR and Germany after the wars? Did they manage to remain same on the world map or disintegrate into pieces? With an attitude like yours, outcome will not be much different with us. If you wish a different outcome, start speaking the truth about the mercenary army of ours and held them accountable for their wrong doings.

  • Mr Saad I wonder what kind of human you are? You give examples of Russians. You know they fought on foreign land and Russian soldiers were killed in that war in Afghanistan. You know who is fighting the war on terror in Pakistan? It is civilians who are fighting this war. If you have a friction of logic still left, I will ask you to google out the official statistics. Officially, over 47 thousands civilians have been killed so far in the war on terror and according to military statistics close to 3, 600 soldiers are killed. So don’t quote out of context information and don’t beat about the bush to defend an issue. Civilians’ lives and property are at stake in the country. On the other hand military generals like Musharraf have all stakes transfered abroad including his son. How can you identify fighting this war with other than civilians. People are dying, while Generals are enjoying mainly because we have people like Saad.

  • Thanks for writing. I have shared the video and your blog as widely as I could.

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  • alll of the above who wrote against pak army biggest begairat

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  • I constantly spent my half an hour to read this blog’s content daily along with a mug of coffee.

  • We are the ultimate sufferer of war of terrorism I didn’t found and hear the songs. Some one give me the link of the song. Then I will say the about the real face of war of terrorism and what was doing Pak army in tribal area.

  • i ask if you consider it a beghariti if someone criticizes you once you have sacrificed for them?

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