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A list of not so eligible and not so Pakistani bachelors


At times I wonder why Hello Pakistan is called Hello PAKISTAN at all. I mean they generally feature seriously loaded people of Pakistani descent living it up in other continents and try to pass them off as Pakistanis. The magazine cannot be called Hello Pakistan for being sold in Pakistan only, it should feature Pakistanis who actually live in the country.

Recently, they published a list of eligible Pakistani bachelors on their blog which was total bollocks. For starters, most of the people listed in the list do not even live in Pakistan; London and Dubai are their preferred cities.

Secondly, the list was all about Son of this rich guy, and grandson of that nawab dude. I mean seriously? The editorial team at Hello cannot find ONE self made man to put on the list which basically reads like whose daddy is rich enough to pop 50,000 dollars or 20,000 pounds per annum in college fees, hand out a platinum card – or five – to their progeny, buy a penthouse for them to party and top it off with a Ferrari or Lamborghini on the side and then hand over the reigns of family business to them as well. What happened to making it on your own? Is that not cool anymore? Oh I forgot; Pakistan is generally not a country of ‘becoming’ anything or anyone, you have got to be born into it.

I have no shame in saying that a ghareeb awam type person like me has absolutely nothing to do with rich, famous and eligible people mentioned in the list so I don’t even know who most of these gentlemen are, however I have interacted with one on twitter and found him publicly humiliating his employees which was distasteful to say the least and is even more unbecoming for a man who is supposedly 34 years old. Oh and I have also trolled Sheheryar Taseer repeatedly on the cyberspace for being a bad employer and not paying the salaries to the employees who have worked for his publications. I personally know at least 5 Daily Times former employees who are still owed a lot of money while Mr. Eligible Bachelor lives the high life. They should all band together and sue him for whatever he is worth. The funny thing is that he has retweeted my work repeatedly when I wrote about his father’s murder so he knows who I am, but he is quiet when anyone mentions anything about payment of salaries to DT employees.

I know Hello Pakistan is a fluffy life style & fashion magazine and they want things to be flashy and glamorous and what not but please, do not put people like Taseer on any ‘eligible’ lists. His company flouts labour laws with impunity. It’s about time people in general and publications in particular should call out people who do not pay taxes or break labour laws as what they are: criminals who should be persecuted for their crimes.

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PS: The kid who posed with his Ferrari badly needs to grow up. He should not be in the list on account of juvenile behavior.

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  • LMAO @ PS: The kid who posed with his Ferrari badly needs to grow up. He should not be in the list on account of juvenile behavior.
    TJ you made my day.

  • Awesome blog by Tazeen as always. Some of these dudes are good to look at but who knows what kind of crappy baggage they come with. !! Living a life on daddy’s loot what exactly they have done to earn a mark for themselves we wonder ..

  • Hello kia beche hay tjmax ke agay… aik hi manjan sab ko dho dale!!

    • hahaha sahi kaha

  • This is like SO spot on…EXACTLY what I thought when I read the Hello Pakistan article…

  • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the kid with the ferarri.
    None of these guys appeal to me very much. They re not as dashing as Hello magazine makes them out to be and just being the son of that, or grand-son of that doesn’t make you eligible.

  • Kohi Bhool se bhi Kala nahi ho… Fair Skinned people have a huge advantage (light skin is worshiped in the Media, and even in our culture from before the time of mass media) and Dark skinned people get served shit.. not just in our country, but in most of the world.

    We have to change that.

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