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Celestial sex bombs and Mujahideen

Those who know me know that I don’t have a life, and because I don’t have a life, I spend an inordinate amount of time trolling my friends’ FB pages looking for goofy photos that can be mocked. While I was on this holy quest, I stumbled upon this gem of a photo that my friend A shared. The photo was part of Ulma e Deoband’s facebook time line and came with the caption of ‘Islamic Art’.

The photohas a few studly mujahedeen brothers with a couplet that roughly translates to:

The world does not know us (the mujahedeen); we are not interested in the girls of this worldBut our names are inscribed on the hearts of hoors in heaven.

Now if you are living under a rock or have no familiarity with either Islam or Mujahedeen literature, you would not know what Hoor/hoors/hoorain are. According to Islam, Hoors are heavenly creatures provided as companions for pious Muslim men in the afterlife. Mujahedeen literature tries to sell them as celestial sex bombs (I swear I am not making it up, this maulana has already tried it) making the female earthling not worthy of the companionship of the pious brothers.

What this poster trying to do is show a very ‘healthy’ lack of interest among the mujahid brothers for women of this world (the implication is that they will deviate the righteous men from the virtuous path, indirectly substantiating the theory of original sin) but the celestial ones are like desperately waiting for them because the brothers are waging this holy war. Whattay an innovative way to perpetuate violence and misogyny in one little piece of Islamic art!

Hats off to Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan. 

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  • made my day

  • hahahaha… now that’s a real goofy piece. hilariously ridiculous.

  • Brings to me some distant reading from the darker corners of my memory which went like ” so they live neither in the moment, nor in the future but in an illusion that strips them off their very existence but they don’t know.” Very meticulous of you, Tazeen. Great blog with too enchanting introduction and blog caption!

  • Hoors and paradise do not exist because what can be asserted without evidence can be rejected without evidence. Self-deception only deprives them of the real girls, which in turn deprives girls of boys, which in turn creates sexual frustration in both the sexes, which in turn make them perverts. So on….

  • Your interpretation of the whole thing is absurd. First off, Allah SWT has mentioned hoorein in the Holy Quran and they are also mentioned in Hadith. The purpose is to keep men away from adultery and fornication, which is very common in the west; prostitution, mistresses, pre-marital sex, extra-marital affairs, teen pregnancies, etc, etc. I know these germs have invaded Pakistan but we are still much better off. In this day and age, where every teenage boy wants a girl friend and every man looks at women like he has never seen one before, it is a thing of great respect to avoid talking and even looking at women (I have seen tablighees lower their gaze at the sight of a woman and mujahideen do it too – can it be done by the average man out there? – is it not a sign of great respect?) For such people, Allah SWT has created heaven, and one of the bounties of heaven is hoorien – what is wrong with that? Even pious women who do not indulge

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