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Being a woman means you will never be a nephew

I like being a woman in general, I liked it even more today because being a woman means you can never be someone’s nephew and get blamed for the dubious actions of your uncles.

Granted that all uncles are not douches like Raina but still, it is nice to know that you will NOT be blamed if your uncle broke up with his girlfriend via text, or tagged a friend’s photo during vacations when you know he killed an imaginary aunt to get those 4 days off to go with you.

Its nice being a woman.

Its even better not being a nephew.

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  • I like not being a nephew.
    I don’t know many nephews. Hmm.

  • Hilarious. I love it!

  • v nice.!!

  • Poor Raina.. he cant even express himself.. so much for being famous cricketer..

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