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James Franco doing things

As a self professed online stalker of the Renaissance man, I got hold of his short story collection Palo Alto quite late – two years after it was published. Sadly, the book did not turn out to be what I was expecting. May be I was expecting something better and was kinda disappointed. He over did the youth angst and drug scene, he was politically incorrect through out the text – mocking fat girls and short kids will not win you brownie points anywhere – the tone was flat and the casual sex was just that – casual. At times even the writer seemed bored with his characters and he just wanted to get it done and over with and because of that, even the reader wanted to get it done and over with.
Did that dampen my OCD with Mr. Franco? Not really. You see I am not a fan of his acting chops or writing proficiency, it is his multitasking skills that I am in awe of. His scholarly pursuits include a B.F.A. in English from the University of California, LA; M.F.A. in fiction writing from Columbia University and Brooklyn College; an M.F.A. in film making from Tisch; and he is currently working on other degrees including a Ph.D. at Yale and another post grad degree at Rhode Island School of Design. Phew, I think I just got tired listing them all. The man not only worked and still working on those degrees, he has done all that while being an A-list movie star, a writer, a performance artist, a documentary film maker, a film director, a columnist, a blogger, and a professor – he is teaching a course in film direction at Tisch School of Arts at NYU and he is not even 35 years old.
As a person who is immensely lazy and is wasting her life away doing really mind numbingly boring shit – like reading Franco’s book – people like him seem unreal and at times awe inspiring. I remember someone calling me a fan once, I am not really sure if I can be called a fan, I think I am kinda jealous of him – doing all those things – while I am doing absolutely nothing.
Here is James Franco doing things.
James Franco reading things
James Franco posing as a teacher
James Franco actually teaching a class at NYU
James Franco interacting with his students after the class
James Franco typing things
James Franco the student sleeping during one of the lectures
James Franco at the opening of his art exhibit
James Franco doing things on computer
James Franco reading some more things
James Franco signing copies of Palo Alto
James Franco acting and directing
James Franco doing something, I cant figure out what.
James Franco reading some more
James Franco & Tina Fey, the two multitaskers with an Anime pillow doll, they both wrote shot books though
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  • I have been reading your blogs for a couple of months now and this line
    “The fact that he is the ‘it’ boy for thinking girls everywhere, one can delude oneself into thinking that one is indeed a thinking girl.” is the best I have read so far.

    Keep writing, you obviously know you are good at it.

  • hahahah wow! you’re really obsessed. fun post.

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