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Khan Sahib’s heart to heart with Julian Assange

There is delusional, and there is delusional to the extent that people stop mocking you and start smiling at you in sympathy.  Khan sahib’s latest heart to heartwith Julian Assange falls into the later category.  Staying true to his character, Imran Khan started his statements with “Look Julian” & “You see Julian,” and treated him like he does Hamid Mir with “dekho Hamid” & “suno Hamid.” 
For starters, he seems to believe he is next in line in the quest to power and that his political rallies are changing the way people do politics in Pakistan. I wish it was the truth and I wish things had changed but the fact remains that barring a few urban pockets, politics is still heavily dependent on caste and clan allegiances. 
So confident he is of his jalsas that he thinks all the electable people are now turning to him because the vote bank belongs to him. Assange should have asked him that if the other people were that electable, then how come the vote bank belongs to him and if the vote bank belongs to him then he does not need electable lotas from other parties and can easily get dedicated and patriotic Pakistanis to contest elections and make it to the parliament. 
Khan sahib also believes that political establishment is scared of him because he is the most popular leader since Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Had establishment been that scared of him, why would they provide him with protocol and security for all his jalsas all over the country? And I have a feeling that supporters of Mian Nawaz Sharif, Benzir Bhutto and Altaf Hussain will take exception to him declaring himself as the most popular one since ZAB, esp considering Mian sahib has enjoyed two third  majority in the parliament at one point in time. 
His most contradictory statements however were reserved for Pak-US relations. He wants Pakistan to do away with the client patron relationship the country has with US but at the same time he also says that Americans are very unhappy with Pakistan because we have not delivered to them. 
Doncha think Khan Sahib would be quite at home on the prime ministerial kursi?
If you are too tired to go through the whole interview, read the juiciest excerpts here.
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  • Nice

  • I sense envy here. you must be belong to ruling party, or at least have relatives among them (i am talking about Jardari saheb)

    I do not understand why you all time ready to blame Imran Khan, from India all i can see is IKhan as hope for pakistan, at least he is not as bad as Jardari.

    whats wrong with you, grow up!, your English is much better.


  • senseless post ……

    “Americans are very unhappy with Pakistan because we have not delivered to them. ”

    When does IK said that ?? any link or reference ??

  • Totally baseless and biased and pathetic analysis by author.

  • PEW survey ..shows’ IK is stands on 70% at his popularity but don,t understand why you people are humiliating his personality and trying to show him as child … “dekho Tazeen” you zardari is not bad he is worst .. You “NS’ is not also can save us from new challenges.. Ik Is our only hope please don’t snatch from poor People he is really ZAB of ERA ..

  • What an aimless/senseless article. WASTE of time!

  • nice post… i agree with some of the points u made.. but some of them are totally senseles..!!

    I am not a huge IK fan, and i donot agree with many of his political ideas but still in my view, he is the only one who deserves a chance now. and see what he can do. 🙂

    and one question.. i see the domain name as “.NO” .. means u living in norway.. and u r doing analysis of rural areas of pakistan??? kia yeh khula tazaad nahi.. 🙂

  • The blogger starts with critiquing IK’s “conversational skills” but fails to acknowledge that IK is still better than his contemporaries. It was a heart-to-heart talk and phrases like “you know”, “you see” are common. Yes IK believes that he is a leader and his party is will gain power. How else can he lead? His faith makes the masses believe too. Finally, the blogger’s “US-Pak relationship” argument falls flat because IK aims to develop an exit-strategy for and with the US. Now whatever relationship two countries ought to have to develop an exit-strategy, Pak-US will have the same. We are a sovereign state in which the US has vested interest. IK tactfully elaborates the reservations of the “people” of each country, which I believe is his forte. I fail to see any contradiction in IK’s arguments.

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