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Khan vs Khan

It was rumored a couple of months back that A.Q.Khan would be joining Imran Khan’s Tehreek-i-Insaaf and I for one was looking forward to it. Not only the two man share the same surname, they both discovered the power of right wing dogma and stupidity on the op-ed pages of The News; Khan junior did it back in 1990s when he wrote op-eds on sanctity of “Chador and Chardeewari”and declare jeans as an almost haram piece of clothing and Khan senior did it in the 21st century when he decided to copy webpages of western universities and pass it of genuine piece of analysis. 
They both are also fond of giving headline worthy quotes to newspapers and have narcissist tendencies which meant that we would have been entertained on regular basis. Sadly Khan the scientist has decided not to join politics following advice from people who clearly do not want the newspaper readers of Pakistan to be entertained. 
I have a feeling that Khan vs Khan in PTI would have been more entertaining than spy vs spy.
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  • tazeen babe i love you to death but these imran bashing diatribes have to stop!

  • Imran Khan is a typical dog-in-the-manger. He never wanted women to dress modestly when he was screwing around. Now he wants everyone to stop having fun because he can’t get it up.

  • I think when these rumours were going around, I saw an interview with Imran Khan who said that AQ Khan should not join any party and should remain above politics. I am under the impression that IK discouraged AQ Khan from joining any party.

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