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Tabdeeli ka nishan on mudguards

Back in the day when I was working for Geo and use to traipse around I.I Chundrigar Road to go to various Jang Group building to get things done (production, editing, PD and canteen were all in different buildings), I used to marvel at genius of the branding department of Geo. Everything from the roadside barber to the guy selling biryani at the thela have named their businesses after Geo; from Geo Biryani and Bun kebabs to Geo Mochi and what not.  None of these people were paid by the TV channel to peddle their brand. They just thought Geo is a cool name for business and took it. But you know what convinced me of Geo’s unassailable dominance of the market, the fact that every other taxi driver in the city had that ubiquitous jeem logo of Geo plastered on their mudguards. Its like having your mobile billboards without spending any money and making your brand inescapable. 

When people start putting up your face and logo on their mud guards, it’s a sign that you are here to stay. Another person/brand/politician/tabdeeli ka nishan whose mug has recently been spotted on a few mudguards is Imran Khan. Political pundits may have heralded his arrival as a political heavy weight back in October after Lahore Jalsa but people like me were waiting for the mudguards. Ladies and gentlemen, Imran Khan the politician has arrived.
from Lakki Marwat with love
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  • I wonder why don’t PTI sue PTI for violating copyrights act 😉 I mean PTI was always PRESS TRUST OF INDIA 😉

  • mudguards shudguards is all bs.

    when jamaat e islami puts you in the cia/raw/zionists/hindu/jew/usa/maghrabi camp, that’s when you know, you’r the real deal.


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