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Y U frandshipping me?

Tazeen: Who is Beena and why she wants to be friends with me? Facebook stalking much? 
HBM: huh?
Tazeen:No seriously, why do all your female friends wants to frandship me? Someone needs to tell them I am not a dude :S
HBM: Block and delete her, she wants to be friends with all my friends. Block the fuck out of her. I plan to do the same if she doesn’t stop. 
Tazeen: Btw, how can I block the fuck outta her?
HBM: Who else has added you from my list? I am working on my restricted list and planning to right-size my friends list? Any information you provide will really help give mankind a better tomorrow. 
Tazeen: For starters, I couldn’t care less about the better tomorrow for mankind. As far as your friends are concerned, I have already befriended Sana and Ayesha from your list and they are both harmless but this one is hardcore. She keeps sending requests every other day without even introducing herself. It’s like stalker Shahrukh Khan, from those dysfunctional k…k..k..k..Kiran days, breathing down on the phone, scaring the socks off your feet. 

HBM: Don’t tell her you think she is like Shahrukh Khan, she will probably take it as a compliment. Sana is okay. I asked Ayesha how she knew you and she said she had been commenting on your blog. Beena just got a stern warning from me. I suppose you should see an option to block her when you reject her request next. 
Tazeen: Hmmm
HBM: But wow you are a chick magnet!!!
Tazeen: I know! Just one of those several things that I never aspired to be. 🙁
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  • Haha. Let me find and add you on facebook to see what the fuss is about.

  • Why do people take facebook so seriously???

  • can i see pics of beena, ayesha and sana please?

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    A rather cryptic post, don’t understand a word.

    Maybe because I am not a member of facebook, twitter etc.

    Chick magnet: a girl who attracts girls???

    Cheers to you

  • can we exchange our fb passwords?

  • Hi Tazeen! I am a writer at The News and we are doing a feature on bloggers in Karachi and we would like to feature you. If you could please provide any contact details, I would be grateful, my email is atiyaabbas@gmail.com

  • Hi Tazeen!

    It’s Atiya again, I had sent you the interview questions. Waiting for your response.

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