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Imran Khan running away from Awami Tsunami?

If anyone is handing out awards for writing the most refreshingly hilarious news copy without even trying, this Dunya Tv report is the top contender for it. 
Imran Khan went to attend a political rally in Kala Shah Kaku last month and true to his elitist roots, got flustered with awami love. He first pushed an over exuberant fan, then scolded his party leaders for the ruckus and then jumped off the stage when that love and affection got too much for him. When asked why he jumped off the stage, Imran Khan quipped with “Abhi tau main Jawan hoon. ”
Looks like Tsunami Khan is not too enamored with Awami Tsunami, but what awami leader wants to run away from awami junoon?

PS: You gotta know Urdu/Hindi  to enjoy the clip to the max
PPS: PTI workers looked extremely happy eating stolen oranges. 
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  • We also still remember Kasur, where people looted plastic chairs. آگے آگے دیکھیے ہوتا ہے کیا!

  • Keep on crying…

  • vote for imran khan chaha kuch b hoja a mar b ja an tab b vote for imran khan.or ye video jis ne upload ki ha or jisna sat diya ha doob maro tum jalousy?

  • vote only for IMRAN KHAN chaha kuch b hoja a.

  • imran khan love u

  • IK is the only one who has the courage to go into crowds. Has anyone even seen AAZ/NS even try and mix with the normal people.
    Their stages are distance apart from the crowds and they use bullet proof podiums.

  • imran khan zindabad

  • Imran Khan the only best choice for Pakistanies now…These PPP,PMLN,JUI ANp has distroyed our economy and our image….No one can doubt Imran Khan’s honesty and love for our country. THESE bull shits can not chang our mind to fully sport PTI….These payed journalists like Umar Cheema can they do so…NEVER

    LOVE PTI ….Love pakistan

  • how come ‘abhi itna burha nai hoa’ means ;abhi tou mei jawan hu’ 😮 dont

  • this writer never wrote about the incident when NAWAZ SHAREEF guards smacked the hell out of a poor guy who insisted on meeting nawaz shareef, such biased these liberals are, one sided illogical people, cant even respect a million sentiments, and yet want us to respect ahmedi’s et al sentiments, im not an anti ahmedi but LIBERALS HAVE MADE ME ONE, SHAME tazeen

  • He is a normal human. And normal humans can get angry sometimes.

  • Bonjour Tazeen!!!
    Aujourd’hui, une petite leçon de français pour toi.
    J’ai essayé de lire ton texte et de le traduire avec une traducteur de texte. Ca ne veut plus rien dire.

    Peux tu m’expliquer ce que tu veux dire?
    merci et bonne journée.

  • Salut Vince,

    Et merci pour la leçon en français.
    Posté Aujourd’hui est d’environ un politicien local qui professait son amour pour le peuple, mais courait loin d’eux. Vous n’obtiendrez pas beaucoup de références locales alors je ne vais pas entrer dans les détails, c’est pourquoi j’ai écrit que les gens qui ne connaissent pas l’ourdou ou l’hindi ne sera pas vraiment l’obtenir.

  • Hahaha!

    Tsunami Khan sure is THE source of entertainment that beats all other sources of entertainment hands down. His royal utterances, pearls of wisdom, interviews, the classic “chair lifting” incident and now the great leap – all cement his reputation. To manage a leap like this, that too when one is old and jaded, and on the brink of superannuating – is quite a feat indeed.

    But that doesn’t stop great and fearless journalists like Jason Burke from writing (yet another) love letter to the harbinger of THE “Tsunami”. In case you want to see for yourself what I mean, here is the link:

    And by the way, after impressing Zeenie baby and double moon, these days “Tsunami” Khan only impresses our dear Bi-Pasha, who is no relation to the most intelligent man across our western border, mind you. Though I should not leave out Showbhaa Day – who too is busy channeling him.

  • Bonjour tazeen
    Quels progrès en français!!!!!!
    tu vas pouvoir venir t’installer chez nous bientôt.
    merci pour le résumé.

    Tu sais ce que tu devrais faire?
    à la fin de chaque billets tu devrais faire un résumé de ce que tu écris, en français.

    je suis sûr que tu aurais plus de lecteurs européens.

    merci encore et bonne journée.
    Sois prudente!

  • So it is not just Rushdie, the great Khan runs away from his supporters as well.

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