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The buffoonery of Shahbaz Sharif

The buffoonery of PML-N leadership is well documented in Pakistani media but the Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s interview last night with Javed Chaudhry was so gallactically stupid, it makes one want to cry – literally. 
A few gems from this epic interview are:
“All conspiracies against Punjab government and corruption schemes are designed in the President House.”
 If the staff at President House managed to find some time off from fighting one case after another from a very partisan judiciary, they would’ve loved to hatch a scheme or two against Chotay Mian Sahib. Sadly they are busy fighting battles for the survival and finishing the term. Mian sahib should look closer to home if he wants to pin the blame – his own government.
“President Asif Ali Zardari is the responsible for everything that ails the country.”
Seriously? Is that your argument? Is that how you are gonna win next elections? By pinning the blame on a man who willingly gave up his presidential authorities to the parliament? Of course Asif Ali Zardari – the co chair of PPP – has control over the party and the government but you cannot blame his office for it.  

“CNG shortage is artificially created by the federal government to sabotage the public transport system introduced by PML-N’s government in Punjab.”
Gas is an exhaustible natural resource, and you would do well to remember that. No government, no matter how suicidal it is, would want to face public’s wrath during election years by making basic utilities unavailable – even if it is trying to make Chotay Mian sahab’s life miserable. 
“I don’t consider this person [Asif Zardari] the president of Pakistan.”
Errr …. All legislative bodies including the one you lead unanimously elected that person as your president. You may hate his guts but you can’t deny the fact that he indeed is the democratically elected president of the country. What makes it more ironic is that this statement was issued the same day when PML-N offers conditional support to the President.
“I am willing to take responsibility for the security of Mansoor Ijaz.”
I am so glad that Rehman Malik plans on filing a request for a ‘contempt of court’ notice against the chief minister.
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  • Shahbaz Sharif Sb! If Zardari as head of the State is responsible for all the evils in the country, than you, as Chief Minister of a province are responsible for hundreds of deaths due to substandard medicine and dengue. You also hold portfolio of health ministry, so applying your above mentioned logic, don’t you consider yourself responsible for the deaths.
    It was interesting to watch you talking about accountability. Sir! a sitting minister in your cabinet, Dost Muhammad Khosa, is alleged to have kidnapped and killed his wife Sapna Khan and police was not even registering case against him. Dost Khosa is attending assembly sessions as a free man.
    Mr. Chief Minister Punjab, do you recall when was the last time you attended Punjab Assembly’s proceedings. Well, I believe you are too busy a man and you have matters of more importance to attend to.
    I do appreciate the development works you are carrying out in Lahore, but Sir! you are Chief Minister of the whole province. Other cities of Punjab also demand development. Roads in Rawalpindi and other cities also require flyovers and underpasses.
    Shahbaz Sharif! you promised ‘adequate security’ to Mansoor Ijaz if he comes to Punjab to record his statement in Memo case. Mansoor Ijaz is an American citizen; your intentions of providing him security reminded me of Aimal Kansi. He was a Pakistani citizen, and was handed over to America from Dera Ghazi Khan in 1997. You were also Chief Minister of Punjab then.
    I hope you also remember kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain Governor Punjab. What have you done for his recovery?
    So, do provide security to American citizens, but think about safety of Pakistanis as well.

  • Hmm. I guess he just wants to go on building more motorways – for honeybees and mosquitoes – uninterrupted 😉

    P.S. We cannot imagine someone – anyone for that matter – speaking like that about our President. The President is not a person but a position and is also a symbol – that needs to be understood and respected.

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