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Appreciating male beauty in hijab and how!

Appreciation of beauty transcends most things, even religious taboos. 
My hijabi sister who disapproves of most things on telly for being too obscene cannot help but appreciate beauty when she sees it – even it happens to be of male variety. My sister was surfing through the tv channels and stopped on one showing Travie McCoy’s Stereo hearts featuring Adam Levine. After watching the whole song, she switched off the telly, threw the remote on the sofa and left the room saying, “I wasted good 3 and a half minute waiting of one decent shot of Adam Levine and there was none. Why would anyone want to watch the video if there are just 2 frames of Adam Levine and that too fully clothed.”
I was quietly watching it all and have now come to the conclusion that my overtly religious hijabi sister may frown upon romantic scenes between Sadia Imam and Humayun Saeed, but Adam Levine’s bare torso will make her forget her standards of fuhashi and how awesome is that.
What do my other hijabi sisters think? If super fit beautiful men agree to flaunt it, would they let go of their inhibitions?

PS: Trying not to blog about what happened in the Supreme Court today because if I write what I feel like writing, I will probably be hauled in for contempt of court. I have been told that even “Chaudhry Iftekhar Hai hai” can be considered Tauheen-e-adalat.
PPS:  I also feel vindicated for the 2973 time that I did not support the restoration of judiciary movement back in 2007 because I was smart enough to see through the clutter for what it was – power struggle between two men, one in khakis and the other in black robes. 
PPPS: I may have gone overboard with the pictures but hey, its the weekend and the festive season – enjoy. 
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  • You know how much I appreciate a beautiful thing 😀 😀 😀 Loved this, love Adam Levine (think he’s hilarious)… Happy New Year Tazeen. May your light shine brighter than ever in the forthcoming year 🙂 From your sister from another Mister xx

  • Being Jewish, Adam Levine is all Kosher for muslim sisters everywhere

  • Hamara bhi tou dil hai pyaray pyaray admiyon ko dekhnay ka… latest crush: Ryan Gosling 😀
    A hijabi for life.

  • haha.. does hijabi sister also refrain from reading blogs with pictures of Adam Levine?
    BTW, she has bad taste in men.

  • “PS: Trying not to blog about what happened in the Supreme Court today because if I write what I feel like writing, I will probably be hauled in for contempt of court. I have been told that even “Chaudhry Iftekhar Hai hai” can be considered Tauheen-e-adalat.”

    You should not have been surprised; this was expected. It would have been surprising if the Zia-wool-Haq look-alike and his team had done the opposite.

    If you were to go back and reminisce on the events then – during those heady days of the so-called lawyers struggle – led by the numero uno black coat who was then chauffeured by a shining lawyer with long distance motor driving skills, and supported among others by another fiery one as well as a band of brothers with a pronounced love for nihari, paya and honeybees. The only one who did not support the so-called ‘movement’ was the ex-PM of the ‘wrong’ gender; and every Tom, Dick, Harry and Charlie’s aunt, roundly pilloried her. Well-known ‘leaders’ from her party openly disputed her intentions and pledged support for the ‘great movement’. There were talks of cracks in the party itself and many said that it could disintegrate (since the ‘hereditary leader’ was an opportunist while other ‘deserving ones’ were ‘principled’). The poster boy of that narrative (and of those who were spreading that narrative) was Mushkil Asan – the shining lawyer with long distance motor driving skills, apart from a couple of others, that is. Immy was very active then too, along with Jemmy. [Mind you, sometime in 2006 a cigar smoking Sheikh had indicated that Mushkil Asan could lead a Lawyer’s party in the future].

  • The ex-PM of the ‘wrong’ gender gave some ambivalent statements and supported the independence of the judiciary per se (so long they stayed within constitutional limits) and not the one led by the Zia-wool-Haq look-alike. She was the only one who would have seen through this game – or perhaps one of the very few. And once Mushy arrives back, ‘reluctantly’ supported by Immy and British talk time, and colourful beards lobby (their benefactors will remain in the background though) – due to some or the other ‘supreme national interest’ (which is ‘not safe’ in the hands of bloody civilians, familiar narrative, no? Refer to the latest ‘gate’) – everybody else will be suitably ‘enlightened’ – a few years too late.

    Now, both the fiery lawyer and the shining one – with long distance motor driving skills – are back in the mix. Lets wait and watch.

  • well men are notorious for being starers or what we call “Tharki’.
    Sometimes women are miles ahead of them. this article illustrates this fact very well. I still remember a lady telling me she dumped her fiancee because he was flirting with another girl . I asked her whether she ever found any man attractive. She replied in the affirmative with a strange gleam in her eyes as if she was caught.

    Bottom line- beauty is alluring wherever it exists!

  • haha love it

  • Jokes apart, women are also human and could be spying men secretly or otherwise.
    But Allah knows best. He prescribed for men “Keep eyes low”
    and hijab for women. But is the hijab complerte without there eyes low too?
    On the note about SC, I have a feeling that there is lot of politics there too, sadly.

  • Haha oh this was a funny one. Asal mein bat yeh hai kay… I dont do hijab and funny as it might sound, its cuz it makes me shy and nervous and cuz i dotn have the courage to do so. The sort of reputation that i have set, you know, jeans and tunics, if i go out in a hijab I am sure everyone in my uni will say that my parents have forced me cuz of whatever reasons.
    I prefer not to stare at men’s bare torsos EITHER and its not awfully tempting you know, if they have a million tattooes on it.
    Also, I think its cuz I am weird and more of a cat lady than a girl friend, if you know what I mean.
    Per the point is, you couldnt possibly compare one virtue with the lack of another one. Whats the whole point of being a human?

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