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Quote of the day

There was an impromptu get together last night for some live music and drinks. A few Europeans were also invited. One Nordic man was lost in contemplation after attending the event, when asked why so serious, he said:
I have been coming to Pakistan for quite some time now, I see all these men get together, drink and sing longingly about women and love; why don’t they invite any women to such events?

PS: In case anyone is wondering, I was NOT there. 

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  • Weren’t you there, Ms. Tazeen? How’d you come to know of such an event?

  • The answer is to the Nordic ruminator is: it is to avoid the danger of getting what you wish for 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Reply to @Ash Z Aguilar Khan:
    Well, it doesn’t matter whether @tazeen was there or not, and how did she got the knowledge of it. I personally have observed that many people don’t go with there women to certain types of functions and parties.
    There was a night party in our neighbour, a couple of months ago. Two female dancers were hired to rock the night. This all was fair, but then all the khwateen-e-khaana were sent to another place before the party started. This is the dirtiest thinking on earth.
    If we watch other girls dancing, we should also allow our own girls to dance. Otherwise this is unfair.

  • Probably this has to do something with the lack of respect the society has for women. On the face we do say we respect them but on finding an opportunity, people do fall to the lowest of levels.

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