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So this is how they are spending the Kerry-Lugar Money

Every pole on the Constitution Avenue is sporting this banner announcing a conference by Competition Commission of Pakistan (weirdest government body name ever ). I have a message for whosoever is at the helm of affairs at this competition commission: If you had so much money to burn, you should have done something else, like take a ride in a hot air balloon. You do not announce a conference on every nook and cranny of the city as if it is a fair with clowns and a big fat Ferris wheel, it is in extremely bad taste. 
PS: The USAID should take the tagline “From the American People” off as soon as they can; I have a feeling that American people will not to be too happy donating money for useless banners in a country where most people can’t read.

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  • i went on a hot air balloon ride; it’s rather dull.

    next time i have money to burn, i might announce a conference instead.

  • Seems like the USAID money has gotten into the hands of people who can’t read themselves either, and hire people to make such banners for them. And Competition commission..LOL?

  • r u serious?I wonder which genius came up with competition comission of Pakistan

  • Hi up there,

    How someone can describe a hot air ballon ride as rather dull escapes me.

    The only explanation I can find is that this ride must have taken place on a foggy day over the Sahara, with all sand dunes flattened for the experience.

    I am a dedicated paraglider pilot and I can only say that free flying at moderate height is one of the greatest thrills one can experience in one’s life.


  • if you want to know how to burn you money, come and learn from us

  • It’s not just advertising a conference, it is free publicity for the funder and the so called implementing partners with their names emblazoned on the posters. That is why you see it in every nook and cranny.

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