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Reminiscing about the good ol’ times and doing more

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated the old message of doing more while meeting the Pakistani state officials here on Friday. In addition to ‘doing more’ she wanted Pakistan to ‘squeeze the Haqqani network‘ from the border areas. As if ‘doing more’ was not an odd request to begin with, she now wants the jarnail to get serious and get rid of the network – pigs might fly sooner. Rumour has it that Jarnail’s monetary supply has been restored and now he is in a quandary as to how best play both sides and develop a few more DHAs.

In another news, Hina Rabbani Khar is found wondering why her charms are not working on Secretary Clinton like they did on Mr. S.M.Krishna even though she wore the same strings of pearls.

HRK is feeling a little intimidated while Secretary Clinton is reminiscing about good ol’ times

… and here are those good ol’ times.
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  • Ye saali Hillary shah ji kee mureedni bani rahi hai aur HRK kee peerni ban rahi hai.ye humray saath ka double khel rahi sasuri?

    Saali hillary, HRK se mil ke bohat kush nazar aa rahi hai..tauba tauba, kia zamaana aa gaaya hai,hum tau pehlay hee kehtay thay hillary ko haaqaani se mila do, he will take good care of her.but naahin, humri kisee ne sooni hee nahi,sasuri ab pak kee izaat pe nazar rakhay hai.qayamat kee nishaanian hain, hum keh daiwain hain.

  • The confusion exists coz Hilary has become deluded – she saw a younger Bill in Qureshi and sadly continues to see Amir Adnan’s version of Monica Lewinsky in HRK. I empathize with li’l Hilary – this is truly a tragedy of epic proportions.

  • are yaar.. itni khoobsurat ladki ki itna ghatiya photo kyun lagayi hai. I can find better photos of Rabbani for you.

  • Aditya Maharaj

    I will rather advice u to get your dhoti knotted up to find some hot photos of Shabana Azmi or Rekha ji.Hillary ji aap ko jaroor visit karain gee.Gao maata kee qasam.

  • looks like Hilary iz trying to overpower HRK and HRK feeling the pain of her strong grip.
    may be hilary is saying ‘leave diplomacy aside and lets have a wrestling match, who ever wins gets haqqani’

  • lmao @zaidi… she may be lean but i m sure the younger and fitter polo playing HRK will make the older american tap out. she may not be the better FM but will be the stronger and quikcer for sure…
    but if that would mean we get to keep haqqani, i am not too sure if i want her to win 😉

  • @Zaidi

    In any case,its a win win situation for Hillarious.Jeetun tau Haqqani paaoon, Harun tau Hina meri.She do believe in doing more.

  • the point being???

  • Abdul, tum tau naraaz ho gaye yaar..lol..

    vaise, usually tum kaunsi website pe images talaashte ho?

  • HAHHAHHAHA. What aditya said. WIN.

  • hey tazeen……………….i am waiting for your blog entry/comment on beghairat brigade song Allu anday…………………….

  • Hahaha. The post and comments always leave me entertained.

  • I read one or two posts on your blog.
    it is do nice that you show this in this ways

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  • lols… now the indian wrestlers were visiting too and our kabaddi team in india as well..
    so whats the result/consensus… who wins the kushti.. HRK or clinton?
    i would tend to think HRK… jawan he yar, aur punjab di kurri bhi he… hara degi saali gori ko… lmao

  • @ zaidi – interesting man…i think u right, hrk will win
    i would rather want catfights between paki politico chicks though… kashmala, hrk, marvi, shazia mari and sharmila..
    n my rating, strongest first, is kashmala, then marvi, then hrk, then shazia and shrmilla beaten by all…
    comments welcome 🙂

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