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Moenjodaro for DHA?

The bad news of the day – and we get plenty of bad news everyday here in Pakistan – is that we do not have enough funds to preserve Moenjodaro. Super sad news, I know. When I read this one out loud, there was a collective awwww in the office. Everyone sighed and shared their own Moenjodaro story. Apparently, the rising water table and salt levels in the soil are threatening the 5000 year old ruins. Sind government allocates a paltry 100 million rupees and funds coming in from UNESCO have proved to be insufficient in attracting the best minds in archeology to save the world heritage site. 
A conference on preservation of Moenjodaro in Karachi urged to create a global fund and a pool of competent conservation research experts to explore the challenge at hand and to devise a custom-made solution that will work.
I am no expert and all I know about archeology was gleaned from Indiana Jones and The Mummyfilms but I too have a suggestion. I suggest that Moenjodaro be placed with the local DHA. Even when the whole country is going to the dogs, there is always enough money to be invested in developing new DHAs and golf courses and clubs that go with it. If we declare Moenjodaro the latest DHA, there will be new roads, better access to amenities of life, a golf course and a club in the area and all those foreign experts, who may have shied away from coming to the dusty environs of Larkana for the lack of a night life, may be persuaded to relocate and help preserve the ancient site.
What say people, Moenjodaro for the latest DHA? 

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  • good point… we can do the same for every forgotten area of Pakistan 🙂 i remember Anwar Maqsood requesting us to consider Pakistan as a plot and not as a country! surely we know how to take care of our plot better than a country

  • I think Malik Riaz can help…Bahria Town:P

  • Actually, if one looks beyond the satire, what you’ve proposed could actually be a unique idea. A tourist resort surrounding the radius of one of the most ancient archaeological sites in history. Its unique appeal could increase tourism, attract a small bit of foreign investment etc. However, the best plots and plazas will be given to generals. There will be a commercial area facing the site, which will have a plethora of estate agents and once again we will literally ruin even the “ruins.” That’s Pakistan!

  • This is sad! The runis in Punjab are well kept. But Tazeen, haven’t you noticed that most part of sindh is already on its way to being turned into Moenjodaro. Why would the government give a hoot about a some ancient “Kabrustaan”? They have to put that money to better use, like a large sized ad of Fiza Gillani (now on my blog).

  • Zardari and PPP have not left Moenjadaro even.

    Give the control to DHA with quarter of the budget and this will be preserved like Pompeii

  • Hi Tazeen,

    DHA could be home affairs or a kind of acid.

    But Moenjodaro I know. First heart of the place back in school: the Indus civilisation.

    Same situation as in Afghanistan. 2000 years ago these areas were thriving, a beacon of civilization. And now: a bunch of illiterates milling around and wondering what happens to them.

    Here we have the same phenomenon: look at Greece, what they were and what they are now.


  • this is really a nice place to visit moen jo daro & i really want to visit this kind of places.

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