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Our parliamentarians and other animals

The first time I noticed Abid Sher Ali was when he made Farrah Dogar the most famous/notorious high schooler in Pakistan. As the chair of National Assembly’s standing committee on education, he went anal about her being awarded a few extra points in her high school marks sheet and provided fodder to reams of newsprints and hours of “analysis” on television about state of education, corruption of judiciary and abuse of power. He even went after the employees of FBISE for accommodating CJ Dogar’s request. Now I am all in favour of meritocracy and rule of law but my heart went out for the 18 year old girl who was made a laughing stock on national and satellite tv for point scoring with her father, former CJ of Supreme Court of Pakistan. I also was kinda pissed about selective amnesia plaguing Mr. Abid Sher Ali when he forgot about Ms. Mariam Nawaz (D/o of former almost Ameer-ul-Momineen janab Baray Mian Sahab) being awarded extra points to get in medical college. 
Apart from vowing to take Justice Dogar to cleaners repeatedly, Mr Abid Sher Ali – a thorough gentleman – also has a penchant for getting loud and obnoxious with ladies of other political parties. His emotional outbursts against Speaker Fehmida Mirza and Ms. Sharmila Farooqui are well documented. But everything that has happened in the past was actually leading up to this momentof perfect mayhem when he wanted to get physical in the hallowed environs of the parliament with another parliamentarian. He first wanted to punch and then tried to throw a bunch of parliamentary directories at an MQM legislator Mr. Sajid Ahmed; unfortunately, another PML-N MNA intervened and stopped him.
Peace and sobriety are indeed much desired traits but I so wanted him to throw some kick ass punches at MQM’s Sajid Ahmed for disrupting the tirade of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Imagine how MQM would have reacted if it actually happened? They probably would have sued Mr. Sher Ali for every imaginable grievance and more. Imagine the number of hours of tv debate it would have generated! Imagine how many experts on constitutional decorum would have sprung! Regrettably, he was stopped from taking the parliamentary proceedings to the next level and we are stuck with making fun of “Dr.” Rehman Malik and his apple/banana jokes which are kinda stale now.

Here is our esteemed parliamentarian Mr. Abid Sher Ali in all his violent glory; may he get even more inventive with insults and go from strength to strength.
PS: The title is borrowed from Gerald Durrell’sautobiography My Family And Other Animals. No disrespect is intended towards either Gerald Durrell’s family or the animals they have housed. 
PPS: Here is an awesome montage of the glorious moments by Dunya Tv. 

PPPS: I know this post is about Abid Sher Ali and I should have pasted his photo but who can resist a beaming Dr Rehman Malik in academic robes and rosy cheeks. 

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  • Abid Sher Ali needs to be institutionalized. For the understanding of the linguistically challenged – that means a mental asylum, not a wax statue.

  • Kudos for showing (Obviously obnoxious) ‘Public’ heart throb.
    This was about one colourful personality, the ‘Zoo’ is full of them.
    Two days back there was a news “Two suspicious men arrested just outside Parliament” which was incomplete! It never mentioned that how many were ‘Inside’ and are still at large.
    Democracy is an evolutionary process and we are at ‘Year One’ in that timeline.

  • When I really like a post, I read it twice. Might read this one later for a third time.

  • oh come on.. like you didn’t already know how filthy these guys are,, you know the Farrah Dogar was all a political drama by these stand up comedians.and honestly you’d be pretty foolish to expect less than what happened inside the assembly. and aah Rehman Malik… does being honored with a doctoral degree make him any more corrupt and useless?? No.. coz I guess he is already at a maximum,,so its the problem is all out there, and everyone can see it, even if we dont want to..so i suggest stop ranting about it and propose some solutions to the current status if any,, anything that I being a common man could do, I being a student could do??


  • Title
    “Of Rehman and other demons”

    Photo Description;

    Rehman malik, surah Ikhlas par apni research par doctorate kee degree wasool kertay huay.

    PS: Dotcor feels good.

    PPS:Verily, all the PhD candidates are spanked.

  • To me the most interesting thing in this post is Mr.Rehman’s doctrait awarding picture…Ahh..

    Tabish Q. Nayeemi

  • U R quoting wrong facts that lead to distortion, Mr dodar never was a Chief Justice of Pakistan it can be seen in Supreme Court list of Chief Justice in any of the Law books published.
    secondly it seems that according to u it was a non issue just bcz she was the daughter of a judge of Supreme Court, so u r in line with PPP that whatever a minister does is right but when the same is done by a common man it is an act of crime….Common we didnt expect this from u Tazeeen…….

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