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And the propaganda lives on

Who said propaganda died with Dr Goebbels?
This is one picture that is doing rounds on social networking websites these days. The premise of the photograph  is that Mian Nawaz Shareef is meeting Dengue victims with a mask on his face while Imran Khan – the sher jawan of Pakistan (at 59 with wrinkles to match those on Mick Jagger’s face, he is anything but sher jawan) is this fearless man who is meeting common people without security or either the armoured guards or a mask. 
Now we all know that Mian sahib is not the most awami leader in Pakistan but then we are all in the know that Khan Sahib too does not suffer aam janta or dissenting voice all that gladly. Looks like Pujnab will be the fiercest battle ground in next elections. The establishment’s PR machinery is hard at work in establishing Imran Khan as the messiah who will deliver; no one seems to care as to what will be delivered by the erstwhile Kaptaan at this point in time.
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  • I also find it very interesting. The propaganda on social networking websites is so fantastic. I wish they used such innovative techniques to protect poor pakistanis from terrorism and corruption instead of creating another zia ul haq.

  • ‘Punjab will be the fiercest battle ground in next elections’.. doubt that.. a large portion of the rural population would vote the guy their ‘biradari’ would be voting for, and the ‘biradari’ deciding BIG guys would perhaps do not have as strong or cordial relations with some tom-dick-and-harrys that IK has picked up for majority of the rural areas. they’ll vote for people making fake promises to them for the past three decades..the PR campaigns work in cities perhaps, but the extremely large rural population is rather uninfluenced in comparison. Examples of Jamshed dasti and Nazeer Jutt (the fake degree holder from Burewala) are there as reference…this political drama will continue while we let our policy-making (from foreign policy to the ‘bhal-safai’) to the over ambitious and to some extent unrealistically patriotic military minds..unless we educate the people,, the state is not going to do that,, we’ll have to do it on our own,,,
    what do you say?

  • Oh man talk about personal agenda. So IK called you an aunty.

    Get over it.

    “Hath doh keh piche par gaye hai”

    IK parties agenda is clear and straight.

    The only issue you lot have is that it will be Iqbal’s Pakistan and not the secular propaganda one pushed by morons.

    Thats why it is called democracy.

  • Well, I’ m completely at loss as to what point the blogger is trying to make here.Is posting this photograph on the social networking sites any where near to the scale of Nazi propaganda during the World war two? Nazism was the most totalitarian(fascist) ideology in history that had subsumed the authoritarian and deceptive nature and technique of virtually all the cultist and semi-cultist doctrines human history ever witnessed.

    Pakistani politicians, despite all their loot khasoot are not even half as competent as Nazis to orchestrate such a sophisticated propaganda machinery.

    If by propaganda one means is to influence the public opinion by providing selective information then plz let me know the name of one political party on this planet that doesnt apply this technique to win popular support?BTW, What else political parties are supposed to do if not this way?

    Perception as every student of philosophy knows, is a selective process.This is in the very nature of the political doctrines and ideologies or for that matter all the comprehensive views of reality to be selective when they manifest themselves in the complex social process. Expecting anything in this regard other than this shows a complete lack of knowledge of how the world systems operate and their representative epistemological frameworks.

    I m no fan of Imran khan.His neo-islamism is even more frightening and unpredictable.But this photograph doesn’t show the truth selectively.This one single fact(as depicted in the photo) itself is enough to show the commitment, dedication and sincerity(and all those filmi dialogue baazi) of both the leaders to the cause they claim to stand for.

  • Punjab and KP are most Taliban influenced provinces, these are the places have a major share in army, brave and strong sons of soil. And as Iqbal says about these sons in his poem ‘Punjabi Muslman’,
    تحقیق کی بازی ہو تو شرکت نہیں کرتا
    ہو کھیل مریدی کا تو ہرتا ہے بہت جلد

    Keep all these three points for this scenario who will care what he will deliver or who is ‘delivering’ him

  • Everyone in that picture should wear a mask.

  • Exactly.. that’s the biggest question, “What is he going to deliver?” But then, like Adolf Hitler says, “How fortunate for the leaders that men do not think!”

  • You’re such a hater without a cause!

    And no, I’m not an IK fan.

  • I bet no one from the PPP or ANP or MQM would not in the arrogance of their wealth and power would bother embracing a poor, not even for the camera.

  • Iqbal’s Pakistan!!!! iqbal who says ‘deen-e-mullah, fasaad fi sabeelillah.
    This is a poem of Allama Mohammad Iqbal from his collection Baal Jibreel,
    میں بھی حاضر تھا وہاں، ضبط سخن کر نہ سکا
    حق سے جب حضرت ملا کو ملا حکم بہشت
    عرض کی میں نے، مری تقصیر معاف
    خوش نہ آئیں گے اسے حور و شراب و لب کشت
    نہیں فردوس مقام جدل و قال و اقوال
    بحث و تکرار اس اللہ کے بندے کی سرشت
    ہے بد آموزی اقوام و ملل کام اس کا
    اور جنت میں نہ مسجد، نہ کلیسا، نہ کنشت
    It is interesting , people who doesn’t know Iqbal or secularism says you know what’s your problem you are secular and we want Iqbal’s Pakistan.
    I think if Iqbal was the poet of this era he would have been declared ‘Waajib ul qatal’ or Qadyaani or if he were from Karachi we get a chance to listen to ‘he must have some contacts with MQM’.
    Anyway, was Iqbal shia or sunni? I heard his elder brother was qadyaani and for sometime he had been influenced by qadyaanism, is it true or a white lie?

  • I am a big fan of IK as a cricketer, but I believe he is not the answer

  • If by propaganda one means is to influence the public opinion by providing selective information then plz let me know the name of one political party on this planet that doesnt apply this technique to win popular support?BTW, What else political parties are supposed to do if not this way?

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  • @Aniqa Naz,

    Iqbal’s Pakistan was based on Islamic principals of equality and justice.

    Whether that is implemented by a person with a beard and turban or a clean shaven one is irrelevant.


  • No one for a minute considered that perhaps Sharif had a bug and he was considerate enough not to pass it on perchance he sneezed on them? And the face mask was for the hospital’s benefit?

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