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South is flooded and the rest of Pakistan does not care

Back in 2005 when the earthquake hit Northern part of Pakistan, we witnessed what was perhaps the biggest humanitarian aid effort taken up by Pakistanis. People from all over the country including Diasporas living in other parts of the world contributed to relief and rehabilitation efforts. Individuals and local charities both donated and the city that put in most; both in terms of monetary donations and human resource was Karachi.
Last year, districts in all 4 provinces of Pakistan were flooded after torrential rains and we saw donation camps were set up across Pakistan. This year, districts in Sindh and Baloachistan are affected with yet another flood but this time neither the media nor the citizens are taking it as seriously as they did it last year.  Sanghar and Badin may not be the news hotspots but the misery that the floods have brought in is just the same there as it is elsewhere. Camps have been set up in Karachi and Hyderabad but things are quiet in other parts of the country. I have not seen a single camp, either in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, receiving donations and goods for flood relief efforts in Sindh and Baloachistan. Al Khidmat Foundation, charity wing of Jamat-e-Islami, is the only organization that has put up some banners with a bank account number where people can donate money for flood relief efforts in Islamabad, otherwise it looks as if it is business as usual and no natural calamity has hit the country. I find it mind numbingly cruel that parts of Sindh and Baloachistan are submerged in water and the rest of Pakistan couldn’t care less. If this does not breed discontent and dissent, I would be most surprised.
Despite being beleaguered with unprecedented violence in the previous months, Karachiites are helping their countrymen and women in flood affected areas, it’s about time rest of the Pakistan wakes up. It is easy to blame the politicians and yes, they are to be blamed along with the whole bureaucracy that live off the wealth generated by the poor Pakistanis and does nothing, but common people in areas not affected by either violence or natural calamity also must stand up and be counted.  Blaming others is easy, taking up responsibility is hard. 

Photos were taken from The Atlantic which has some of the most heart wrenching visuals of the current floods. 

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  • Oh no madam, our lord of lords his highness president had a photo session there & it went so heavy that he had to fly for London for angiography, Sindh has too hight temperature to make Imran khan & Nawaz Sharif sit there with rain victims, Of course Jamait Islami & Lashkar Tayyaba can’t see future Jihadi recruits from the peaceful persons so they are not bothered about relief work, Sindhis are not that fluent in Urdu that they could appreciate Hadiqa Kiyyani & Abrar ul Haq, so no chance from their charity, nor even for Kashif Abbassi & Syed Talat Hussain’s fund raising capabilities so cheap that they could bother about them, and Of course you ll not take me serious if I tell you Pervez Musharraf will be in a fund raising marathon like previous year, but yes our novelist Muhammad Hanif is on publicity tour for his new book but unlike last year this is not for charity, their misery can’t affect student community from MIT to Montpelier as they are not that free every year, even our Edhi, great Edhi went out of funds, so he is in Hyderabad to raise funds and the highest amount he received was from Press club Hyderabad of Rs. 10,000 and largest Sindhi daily Kawish reported such huge amount & generosity. For International donors & USA they are not threatened that if these people were not assisted they ll go in hands of extremists, for Turkey and Saudi Arabia they are “lesser Muslims” same like for other Pakistanis they are “lesser Pakistanis”, so on this weekend when my brother told me that he has finally succeeded in getting 5 tents & 5 ration packs for 150 families when they couldn’t save their stored yearly grain , I thanked God & thought Nawabshah administration is so generous after-all we are living in the president sahib’s constituency & just 8-10 KMs away from city and at the moment I am not thinking for areas where there is no road, phone network, I chose to live in comfortable state like most of my countrymen…!

  • I think that government of Sindh is more financially stable than anyother province of Pakistan. However, the lack of effort from NGOs and civil society from other provinces is disturbing. May be because Media is not sharing the stories from these areas as they did during the flood last year? Media is paying more attention to dengue which is a serious issue but nothing compared to the humanitarian crisis we are facing in Sindh.

    Hamir Mir claims that Jamat ud Dawa started relief operations before UN.

    However, people working in affected areas report that are not seeing Jamat ud Dawa, Lashkar, or even PTI in relief efforts. Don’t know how much of this is true.

  • Noumaan

    Sindh govt and financially stable? That has got to be a joke right?

    Take Karachi out of the equation and the Sindh is perhaps as bad if not worse than Baluchistan.

  • The destruction has been slow as opposed to the earthquake. Even slower than the flooding. Therefore it does not excite media and politicians. Does not bother our collective conscious.

    Saw the Urban flooding upclose in Khairpur Mirs and Nawabshah. Whereever you go in the city, PPP leaders are staring at you from billboards and walls. There are no other billboards, no colas, soaps. Only leaders on sale. Nationalist parties have not spared a single wall from their chalking. It leaves a little time for flood relief work. Muncipal staff sorrounded CM house till CM left. Mian Sahab and others have realized that they have lost their vote bank so they did not bother. Well, till Sep beginning.

  • Evidence of relife work by FIF (Falah Insaniyat Foundation) a subsidiary of Jamat Adawah
    Telecast on Capital Talk

  • i think its called donor fatigue. The last 5 years have taken a massive financial and emotional toll on the country and so it might be people are just not able to help any more, both financially and emotionally.

  • Isn’t it hypocritical that you have not blogged about the floods, and then you complain about others.

  • No Doubt Tazeen…Al-Khidmat Foundation & FAF is doing a great job…Ex-Mayor of Karachi the old Naimatullah Khan is visiting the flooded areas himself…so much from an old man…much appreciated!!!

  • A great Blog….We should stand up for the help of our brothers and sisters in Sindh. AL – khidmat is doing well…but this is not the work of any single NGO. we should donate through Al – Khidmat of Jamat e islami and Jamat E dawa… they are helping hand for flood victims…


  • WE should strengthen the hand of NGOs that are working in that areas…like AL- Khidmat…

  • I disagree with your caption.

    All Pakistan and the rest of world care about flood sufferings of people of Pakistan.

    ONLY People in power it seems don’t care.

    Thank God,president is from Sindh otherwise,you know conspiracy theories,hoopla.

  • @Tazeen

    Here we go again.yet another anti-punjanb randi rona by karachites.When will u guys learn to fix ur problems by urself?Do u guys think we are having fun here with whom “our right hand posseses”?Enough of this victimhood claptrap already.I don’t mean to be rude but sorry we can’t help u guys much in this time of azzab or azmaaish (depending upon ur version of theology). we have got much bigger problem on our hands.we have got punjabi Talibans, dengue and Ansar abbasi to deal with who are fucking us day in and day out.

    As Hazrat Haroon rashid said;

    Verily, We are fucked.

  • Perhaps the waters are there to green the deserts? Either way one feels terribly sorry for your suffering and wish one could help. This is an opportunity to help the people. The radical religious right wing should not be allowed to take this opportunity to brainwash or indenture or enslave more people. This is an opportunity for activism and philanthropy by the open minded, westernized Pakistanis. Not the time for blaming, not the time for complaining. Hopefully the open minded and westernized Pakistanis have saved up money for this rainy day (and have not been bitching and blowing it away on self indulgence; if they have been then its ok, forgive yourselves and do the right thing now; all of this is part of the curse of living with a people who hide behind religion to engage in evil).

  • i think it is an azab .we waste too much water and we dont switch the lights off whe leaving a room now we have this tragedy and we have to face it that is a time to change

  • I know nothing about internal politics but I just want to say how sad this all is: floods, Dengue… all I can do is offer up hope that Pakistan gets respite soon 🙁

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