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Rock stars of the new millennium

Yesterday, I participated in a BBC radio program on Tenth anniversary of 9/11 and later attended a session on Granta’s latest issue “Granta 116: Ten Years Later” where events since 9/11 were discussed and how the world has changed in the past decade since 9/11 at Kuch Khaas. 

The two really smart people Cyril Almeida and Declan Walsh read passages from the publication and a few not so smart people asked some really dumb questions (one guy actually addressed Mr. Walsh as ‘Decline’). 

I am not as smart as the two aforementioned gentlemen and would not try to throw light on events around 9/11, but the world has changed indeed in ways we never thought it would. A decade ago, we used to queue to get autographs of sportsmen and rock stars. We now queue in front of the famous journalists to get our copies signed.

9/11 has turned journalists into the rock stars of the new millennium – at least in our part of the world.


Declan Walsh signing copies of Granta 116

The rock star and the fans

PS:  To all my journo friends, apka number bhi ayega.

PPS: Extremely grateful to QZ for the photographs, I literally stalked her for them

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  • Exactly three days back, I said the exact same thing to my dad, that times have changed so much that journalists today are literally celebrities. But this judgement of mine was derived from the recent eid programme I happened to catch my dad watching, in which all these super-cool (NOT) journos were invited to talk about random happy things. It included Meher (Qeher?) Bokhari and Lucman and all those peeps. I’m not sure if 9/11 has to play a role here. But maybe it does.

  • Journos, “Unbiased”, sincere, truthful journos, deserve it! 🙂

  • hmmm..
    brownies lining up to get autographs from goras.. nothing new here.. move on…

  • Lol. Not only that, the event also opened a niche for pseudo-analysts, conspiracy theorists and laal top walay balongras 😀

  • Mainstream media becomes a cult 10 years after 9/11:

  • This should not be the case. As much as journalists deserve all the praise and accolades, I get the sense that real reporting is lost amidst the glitz and glamor of the more popular phenomenon of the 24 hour news cycle. The more loud, vocal, and outspoken journalists tend to remarkably be the ones so often synonymous with the rise of celebrity within the profession.

    The news should only be about the news, not the individuals covering it.

  • Yes i agree they havnt become heroes instead we have made them hero.
    After all journalists gather information from the same world the one we do from.


    How will the world progress beyond the politics of hate if this is what happens?

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