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Is machismo Muslim?

I attended a dinner last night where everyone was discussing cricket and the performance of English batsmen. Bell, Pietersen and Morgan played beautifully and the way Matt Prior challenged the Indian bowling attack to the max, it reminded us of Pietersen or Ponting on a good day. 
Among other things someone pointed the conductors’ bow that Sreesanth took after the wicket of Pieterson. Now those who know me know that Sreesanth is not someone I like. In fact he barely commands any respect in this part of the world. He may be the one of most talented of the current lot of Indian medium pacers but his cry baby past (he cried – literally- when Harbhajan Singh slapped him during an IPL match) and his general over the top antics do not endear him to any.
While I and few others were discussing how great the current English tail is where someone like Broad (who started his under 19 career as an opener and yes, I know weird shit about people that I shouldn’t really know but I digress) comes in at no 9 and how we love some Indians (Dravid, Dhoni and Tedulkar) and how we hate some Indians (Yuvraj, Harbhajan and Sreesanth). One gentleman came up to us and said that Sreesanth is a whiner because he is a Hindu. He was at pains to point out how Sreesanth’s religion has turned him into a loser who instead of responding with a slap for a slap, cried on a shoulder of another man. Had he been a mard-e-momin, Harbhajan would have had it, because Muslim men just go after anyone who gets in their way. Even though I don’t like him much, I felt compelled to defend Sreesanth’s honour and asked him for any scientific proof of his declaration but he had none. When I pointed out that the aggressor Harbhajan was also not a Muslim, the reply came: “he might not be a Muslim but he was also not a Hindu.” When I asked him if George W Bush was also a Muslim who attacked two countries and killed many people, he wandered off muttering something along the lines that the two are different matters and should not be confused with each other.
Even though I should not have been shocked at venomous contempt that man had for the followers of a different faith, I was. I cannot understand for the life of me how can anyone get it in their heads that their faith is superior to the others or their caste has given them the license to act as God’s chosen ones. Unfortunately, such specimens are found in all major religions. Subramaniam Swamy received ire from Harvard management for writing that Muslims in Indian should not be allowed to vote while Hindu women in Sindh get abducted regularly by Muslim men who marry them by force. Right wing Christian nutter Anders Breivik killed 77 of his countrymen because of the fear and hatred of the other and Israel continues to commit atrocities against the Palestinians after over half a century of conflict and this will go on as long as religion is used as a divisive force. Following your own faith does not and should not ask you to feel superior to others. What happened to the golden adage “Live and let others live?” 
As for the uncle at the dinner, I just want him to know that machismo is neither Muslim nor is it a desired quality. The world would be a far better place if we do not put that much currency on machismo and consider compassion and humanity far greater traits.
PS: All the Hindu or Jihadi trolls who want to spew venom read the post again. It is neither anti Hindu, nor is it against Islam.

PPS: I have been told that Sreesanth is NOT a Hindu. I wish I can get hold of that uncle and tell him that. 

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  • Who says machismo is not desirable

    This post was an act of Machismo 🙂

    I do not see a “like” button anywhere

  • Faith (or other sense of) superiority is a curse.

  • Was there ever a golden age “Live and let others live ?” 🙂

    I have long concluded that religion is just a tool to feel superior. Before partition, they wanted a country for Muslims, now they have issues with Sunnie and Shias, with Punjabis, Pathans, Mohajirs and Sindhis, some tool is needed to make yourself feel unique and important.

  • Tazeen ji, you’re too much influenced by Hindu TV shows & bollywood haraam. You are showing signs of losing touch with the spirit of our wonderful Pakistan.

    Instead of commending that gentleman for speaking the truth, you’re trying to make him look bad on public interweb of your site – shame on you.

    1 Pakistani equals 10 Hindu is a historically proven fact proven during every war when India has attacked us and we Pakistani have successfully defeated them comprehensively. They eat too much grass or vegetarian food as like to call it, while Pakistanis eat meat. So we always win wars as we are stronger and more powerful than the short dark rice eating Hindus.

  • Mahatma Gandhi once said – ” A Hindu is a coward, and a Muslim – a bully”

    I agree.

    In general, muslims are aggressive, and unfortunately justify through Quran.

  • it was really funny when Sreesanth cried when Harbhajan slapped him. but i would never blame his sissy behaviour on his religion :O
    i wish our world was filled with unicorns. that would distract everyone from arguing. but then someone would issue a fatwa on how unicorns are haraam and then i would never be able to ride one ;(

  • LOL it was fun to read.. I did encounter such people in the past. but never bothered to clarify them. But definitely gave then that “Weirdo!” look so they may no am disgusted
    By the way.. nice piece of writing.. 🙂

  • It was fine piece if writing i really liked it..
    I did encounter such people i past but never bothered to answer them back.. but definitely gave then”weirdo!” look so they may know that I am disgusted ..

  • Followers of all religions believe that only their religion is the true one and only they of all believers are going to heaven. When you think of followers of other religions as infidels, you are bound to consider yourself ‘superior’. You are the one going to heaven and they are the ones going to hell after all. That’s why I believe intolerance is inherent to all religions


  • Adnan, there are relgions like Buddhism and Sikhism that preach that all religions are EQUAL and are simply different methods to reach the one God. So its not true that intolerance is inherent to all religions. Its infact the abrahaminical religions (islam, christianity, judaism) that are the most intolerant. Their core teaching is, “Either you are with us, or you will go to hell”.

  • I think religious right find religion a very convenient weapon- not something to follow but something to beat up non-followers with. Hence the Golden rule gets relegated to the back burner while all the vileness about how the non-believers are wrong or evil or the believers part of this awesome country club becomes more essential.
    I thank the gods that may be for my atheism!

  • Sreesanth does not need any pity or sorry… who ever said crying determines the character of a man.. stop kidding yourselves.. havent you ever cried in your life???

    I feel sorry for the writer

  • Dear Tazeen,

    Just out of curiosity how many times a day do you get accused of being anti-islamic, anti-islam, islamophobic, bigot? This mindboggling rant of random accusations, where people dont agree (let alone understand a view or article) seems the only retarded retort.

    I imagine you get a lot of these loons. The disturbing thing they range from teens with too much time on their hands and internet connection to educated adults who should know better.

    I agree with your sentence The world being a better place if we consider compassion and humanity far greater traits.

    Unfortunately this is most often met by a “but”. in there lies the problem. Why is it so darn hard to be humane and compassionate? And just agree to disagree without throwing false accusations out there?

    Keep up your work.

  • Dear Anon,

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I am glad that someone out there gets my predicament. I can take comments on the blog but people email and write all kinds of insane emails that drive you crazy

  • Definitely!

  • “Subramaniam Swamy received ire from Harvard management…”

    Begum Tazeen, above statement is false. Harvard could not care less.
    – S

  • Hi Tazeen,
    No one likes Sreesanth in India including his captain Dhoni. By the way Sreesanth is an Indian Christian.Harbhajan only punctured his male machismo which he has been showing.

  • @captainjohn
    you gotta be kidding me.
    I am from Kerala and he regularly visits Guruvayoor temple.
    For the record,Non-Hindus are banned from Guruvayoor temple.SO there is no fucking way he is Christian and still is allowed entry to pray at Guruvayoor.

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