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Hermaphrodites under fatwa fire

If you think Saudis and Pakistanis have some kind of hegemony over issuing crazy ass fatwas, you have another think coming. Malaysians are not far off the mark.  
After bringing all Muslim males, females and children under the purview of religion, the clerics in Malaysia are now targeting the hermaphrodites. They are now required to determine their sex with medical experts before obtaining a court order which may enable them to undergo sex change operations.

The need for this fatwas came up when some hermaphroditeswanted to get sex determination surgeries. Now they can do it once they get approval from the Shariah courts.

It must be noted that their National Fatwa Council has declared sex change for males and female haraam a good 29 years back but allows it for hermaphrodites. I am sure the hermaphrodites must be jumping with joy over this amazing liberty.  
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  • Yeh fatwa wale dimagh pakate hain kasam se!

  • in 2000, saudi’s ibn baaz issued a fatwa that stated the earth was flat. breastfeeding to mehram-ofy, sex changes for hermaphrodites, polio drops for sterility… they’re just trying to match the dude. you just cannot beat that shit.

    Ramadan Kareem!

  • Latest subject on name-change, after sex-change from Malaysia.

    Try this link:


  • Can you please cite your articles ? Would like to read the fatwa myself.

    Also as a biologist, I am confused on how they can achieve this. Hermaphrodite are like because because of their chromosomes (google klienfelter’s syndrome) mostly. Other times there are different reasons such as specific defunct hormone system.

    Either way my point is, you can not deduce if one is a “male” or a “female”. And depending on severity of the condition, what op change are they looking at?

  • I saw “They are now required to determine their sex with medical experts”, but what my mind read was “They are now required to determine their sex with musical experts”.

    hijra => music

    Something like a dance/clapping version of Malaysian Idol, where those who can do it with style are chosen as “female” and those who are out of tune/sync will be judged “males”.

    There could be a bikini segment in there too, just for the Maulvis, who would be sitting as judges, while the rest of the audience will be using barf bags…

    This story writes itself.

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