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Some sights of Karachi

I was looking for something else and found these photographs that I took last year when I got lost on my way back from the beach. These pictures are taken in parts of Orangi Town and SITE and tells us the story about another Karachi which does not get mentioned a lot in the press.

A cross b/w Jesus and Allan Faqir on a truck
A mermaid like Pegasus perhaps? The truck artists were imaginative for sure
For some reason, there were far too many German dawakhanas doing great things for the manhoods of a lot of men.
I wonder what medical secrets do Germans have about preserving the manhood of Pakistani men. 
Men from the paramilitary force playing cards on duty
A minature Bab-e-khyber telling us about the ethnic divide in the area.
A rickshaw with a poetic expression
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  • The only thing pakistani men need from dawakhanas are prophylactics!
    As for trucks, one of my favorite one-liner is “prince ko jaanay do!” (though I’d have liked ‘Princess ko janay do’ even more.) 😛

  • totally loving Jesus!

  • i believe the second one is zoroastrian in nature. or its supposed to be burraq. irani art represents buraq like that

  • I’ve seen the Pegasus Devi a lot!

  • the dawakhana is just not for manhood…see the pic closely and you will see the medicine also cures constipation and hemorrhoids (piles) =p

  • German Dawakhanas are to your land as Parsi dawakhanas to ours…. The more things change, the more people remain the same. We also seem to rely a lot on Unani remedies for manhood restoration

  • and the worst part of “German Dawakhana” is, that it doesnt seem to work for lots of MEN…
    becharey izdavaji khushiaan khojate hi reh jaate hain… 🙂

  • Really loved the photos, wow. Always find the truck art amazing; we never see things like that unless it is advertising… Great post 🙂

  • Can you refer me to the Unilever ads? I haven’t lived in Pakistan for some years now and am a bit out of the loop. I am just curious to see this new spin in marketing.

  • Love that vehicle art! Kicks ass

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