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Pontificating on Jersey Shore

Come October, University of Chicago is organizing a proper conference on – hold your breath – ‘Jersey Shore’. The speakers include academics on popular media and people from gawker.com.

The call for papers include some interesting topics such as

·         Guido lifestyle, culture, and identity

·         The construction and performance of ethnicity

·         Gender norms, gender roles, and gendered forms of behavior and emotion

·         Reality television as documentary, laboratory, and ethnography

·         Confinement, surveillance, and small group dynamics

·         Celebrity and the illusion of “reality”

·         Temporal and narrative structures within and between seasons

·         Rhetorics of “Jersey Shore”: authenticity and “fake”-ness, nicknames and metonyms, being “done” and being “over,” etc.

·         Parody, self-referentiality, and intertextuality in the later seasons ofJersey Shore’

·         Familial metaphors, relations, and imagery

·         Fetish objects, ritual practices, and sacred spaces

·         Violence, vulgarity, and the morality of “Jersey Shore”

·         Textual and characterological analysis of Snooki’s novel, ‘A Shore Thing’

·         The impact of “Jersey Shore” on the reality television industry

·         The “Jersey Shore” ecosystem: spin-offs, endorsements, and multimedia marketing

At times like this, I wonder if shunning the academic world was a bad decision. Who would not want to be an academic when you get to watch trash tv and pontificating on Snooki’s fake tan and Kim Kardashian’s ample behind can pass as work. As Pakistanis, most of us are better at violence, vulgarity and morality than most other folks.  Academic research on fetish should also be popular among our academia.

If anyone thinks they can write something that can pass as an academic piece on the Shore, feel free to contact the peeps at UoC at @JerseyShoreConf. Yeah, they are so hip; they are on twitter as well. 

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  • “As Pakistanis, most of us are better at violence, vulgarity and morality than most other folks.”

    Bwahahahahaha… Tazeen, you just kill me sometimes 😀

  • cool.. this just sparked a twisted idea in my head! Pakistani fetish.. oh lord. 😛

  • We know you are joking. We know that academia is about important pursuits and solving important problems. Instead it seems that you are condoning this flippant U of Chicago conference meant to attract those who want to take the easy way out (or just get a degree for a degree). If we are going to oppose the fanatics/terrorists/ zealots we have to be more virtuous and upright than the fanatics we are offering to replace.

    surely there are better ideas which you can bring to our attention?

  • Azra,
    well you know …


    will look fwd to whatever you come up with on Pakistani fetish

  • Right out of college in Karachi a “few” years ago, I did a “TV Review” column for a while. It was fun.

  • hahahaha i love this world. (including ppl like Anon here) 😛

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