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Because concubines are all halal

Every now and then, a woman politician in a Muslim country will rise and say things more misogynist than  most vile male chauvinists, to score points with their counterparts who want women off the roads, schools and public space in general.
Last year it was our polygamy champion Ms Samina Khawar Hayat (since then she has gained notoriety for breaking lotas on Tv shows) who wanted men to marry multiple times to bring honor to many unmarried women and to satisfy their superior libido. This year, it is Salwa al Mutairi, a wannabe parliamentarian from Kuwait who wants men to have  …. sex slaves or concubines which is a slightly less offensive term.
If you are thinking I am high on something, I am not. Ms Mutairi really wants to bring the 10th century back, where ownership of sex slaves was rather a cool thing.
Before one could ask her where would one get women who would willingly want to be concubines? She came up with a solution. She thinks prisoners from war-torn countries, like Chechnya, would make perfect concubines. Sudan, Somalia and Liberia are also war torn countries but Ms Mutairi, who I believe is not just a misogynist but also a closet racist only want white Caucasian Chechen women to provide recreation to her countrymen.
She is rather casual about it and suggested that offices could be open to facilitate the sex trade like any other recruitment agency. She seriously believes that there is no shame in owning people in 21st century as it is in conformity with Sharia law.Her point of reference was caliph Haroun-ul-Rasheed who apparently had 2,000 concubines at his service when he died.
Samina Hayat and Salwa al Mutairi are not the two exceptions, there are many women who hold similar views because the common narrative – be it religious or political – is designed by men and it suits them to keep women thinking that they are nothing but sexual beings created to serve the male libido. Unless that norm is challenged, there will be more such women who would suggest such misogynist legislation to gain support of the men – who are the real power holders – in their societies.
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  • Ahh… what can we say about a retarded b!tch. Someone should inform her that Iraq, Libya and Bahrain are alson almost war-torn countries. Let Americans get the same right of having sex-slaves then and don’t mourn about Abir (A fourteen-year-old innocent girl from Iraq raped by USA sordiers).

  • Chechen women would of course be better than Sudanese. but come to think of it, i see it coming to Pakistan. more or less we are a war torn country too. i foresee lots of overloaded flights between Kuwait and Pakistan soon.

  • So if Iraq had successfully invaded Kuwait and she were starving there, it would have been a good option for her?

    Tazeen, you need to post these under WTF headlines( ala Keith Olberman).

  • Don’t be a hater. We can find some common ground for females to own male slaves from exotic places too. Will contact some scholars for dollars to get edicts on reversal of centuries old interpretations.

  • You are very brave to speak the truth so and take on the religious fanatics and primitives so. These people are necromancers and destroyers and they have their sympathizers everywhere. Goodness save us from these people; save us all from these people.

  • Hi Tazeen,

    I have been told the Muslim paradise, male section, is stocked with 70 virgins, ready to serve, for each and every guy admitted there. That means for 100 males you need 700 virgins etc. The math is easy.

    Thus Miss Hayat is doing her very best to increasy the number of females available down here and maybe upstairs, section next life.
    They only need to pass through a “virgin converter” prior to enter male paradise.

    Considering this those polygamy champs of both sexes should be thanked profusely and extatically.


  • As long as such deluded women exist,misogyny will reign supreme because it’s women like this kuwaiti & our very own sautan lover mrs.hayat who have relegated women to the status of sex objects.why don’t i hear samina advocating the right of a woman to have 4 husbands at the same time? why must the woman always shown to be the inferior being,to be shown as the possession.
    such women are proud to remain dependent on men their entire lives and these women raise self hating daughters who believe strongly that their only purpose in life is to produce male heirs for their ‘majazi khudas’.
    such sick women must be condemned as much as possible for they spawn more misogynistic offspring.

  • At work the other day, a lady was extolling the virtues of an aunty who gives ‘dars’ recently. Apparently she had said that having the need for concubines or a harem is instinctive in men as they have ‘urges’ and desire much more sex than women. another colleague retorted ‘this aunty needs to hire an escort to give her an orgasm cuz whatever she’s been upto with her man hasn’t been doin it’
    I agree! All these ‘sex is dirty-sex is a need for men’ ladies are sad because all they really need is a fun night out, cuz ppl here’s a newsflash: if you think God made you & sexual organs, guess what, he made an a piece of woman that will blow her brains out as well.
    Another colleague said that had ‘god wanted’ men to have multiple partners @one time, He would’ve taken 2 of his ribs and made two eves for him’.

  • Nice post. Can’t disagree.

  • i dunno man; im so sick of my job right now (and all this “independence” and “equality” bullshit) im open to being “owned”.

    as it is, russian escorts make more in a night here than i do in a month for an 8-7 job. I’m considering auctioning myself to the highest bidder.
    (i’ve also been informed im a decade too late (and too brown) xploring aforementioned option. fuck).

  • the woman looks like the arabian version of an oriental brothel’s “mama-san”.

    how bloody appropriate.

    @hemlock: hamaray darwazay hamesha khulay hain…

  • xille: minnu note vakha mera mood banay.

  • ^^^

    Is note vakahana shariah compliant?

  • Salwa al Mutairi arrogant and demeaning comment (both for men and women) enraged me.

    Somebody needs to sit down and interview her. Just to show her her own stupidity if nothing else.

    I wonder if Mutairi would be as eager to volunteer her young daughters, sisters or herself to other men?

    Islam has been so sexualized. Yes Islam talks about sex, how to do it and what not to do, openly. hands down. But I have in recent years started to wondered, why there is such a zealous need to sexualize Islam. Religion is not Sex.

    And the brainwashing has been so succesful that we now have females arguing how (Muslim) men are sex starved and need more partners. Is the Russian woman not your sister, Mutairi?

    I don’t know many Muslim men who are able to hold on to just the one wife they have without headaches and a fulltime work! I also dont know of a single Muslim female who wants to share her man with other “sisters”. Sisterhood fra afar. Look but dont touch.

    Certain things are better left at fantasy land. Otherwise I think Mutairi should test run her theory by volunteering herself. Lets see how she likes spreading her legs for a man she refers to as her master, in captivity without the free will or choice to say yes or no.

    Sex slavery is real problem. So is human trafficking (Pakistani and other south asian girls are popular “buys” between rich sheiks and poor families). There was a recent report which revealed how Saudis are importing young girls (read: children). For what one asks? Sex. When the girls get pregnant or of age (puberty), they are dumped like trash on the streets and forced to prostitue themselves.

    Mutairi – rot in hell.

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