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You can face it all when you have friends like that …

This post is dedicated to my friend P, who has been most thoughtful, esp. when it mattered most, would always say the right things to cheer me up and have been generally a great guy.

Earlier today, he and I were bitching about how some people – who in our opinion are not as bright as we are – get their bylines everywhere and we get told off by the editors – actually we don’t even get told off by the editors – we are just ignored.

Then as two perpetual losers we decided that we are too good for this country and we should focus on foreign publications and as random as we are, we also discussed people who slept their way up in the business. Here is how he turned my regular whinefest into laughter.

We all could do with a friend like that.

T: at times I feel like such a bloody loser.

P: Losers ye log hain, not you (he is adorable and seriously good for my ego and sanity)

T: Remember —- , we all know s/he slept all around to get where s/he is

P: hahaha… Acha maybe I’ll ask someone in New York to sleep with someone at NYT for us.

T: Dude, you actually have people who are willing to sleep with random strangers on our behalf?

P: Maybe, depends on who the random stranger is, but yes.

T: hahaha, if you can pull it off then you are more powerful than Altaf Hussain, Bal Thakrey and the Pope, all rolled in one.

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  • Nah! Not the pope. That guy has so many people not willing to sleep with anyone at all for him.

  • Wow …. friends with benefits, for real!! What else could anyone ask for ;o)

  • hey Tazeen! Don’t u worry.. u write really well Masha Allah dude! Guess this happens.. remember people like william Shakespeare and JK Rowling got rejected sooo many times.. keep the faith and keep updating ur blog!!

  • hey keep the faith u write really well! remember people like shakespeare and jk rowling were rejected many times.. thumbs up!

  • “Altaf Hussain, Bal Thakrey and the Pope” In one sentence.

  • Three wondawful people rightly put in one sentence! Way to go Tazeen. 🙂

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