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Why the brouhaha over the royal wedding?

A guy with a receding hairline is getting married to his college sweetheart with 2000 guests in attendance. What’s the big deal? It is the story of most well heeled follically challenged men in this part of the world. All you need is a large extended family, two older married siblings with a set of in-laws of their own and reasonably social parents and viola, you would be hard-pressed to limit your guest list to 2000 people. Once the wedding is over, there would always be a phuppo, or two, who would be miffed because her sister in law’s third cousin was not invited with her entire khandan to the three day feast.

If I am not wrong, our weddings are better than any royal affair. We serve better food to our people (I am guilty of attending some weddings only for qulfi falooda and gajar ka halwa) instead of cold canapés and soggy quiche. We dance to Munni and Sheela instead of some old classic tune and there would always be someone on the dance floor who would try to grab random asses. There is always some kind of drama going on, some other people, besides the groom and bride, plan on getting hitched during the festivities. The female guests would always try to upstage others with maximum bling. There would be horse carriages, exotic flowers (Yes, getting orchids imported from Thailand is the latest ‘it’ thing among shadi obsessed crowd), crazy brides, even crazier mothers-in-laws and at times bankrupt fathers.

A desi wedding is almost always OTT and full of drama

No European royal wedding (unless the princess is marrying her masseuse- or was it the gym instructor) can top an average desi wedding with all that and more.  
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  • *sigh* yet you blogged abt it. 🙁

  • I have to agree with you Tazeen. I don’t see the big fuss especially the foreign interest in this wedding… it’s almost akin to the world finding out the Elvis is alive and was found working at a Gas station in Texas.

    And again, I have to agree with you on the desi wedding front… here in SA, people spend hundreds of thousands on their weddings – some with features I’ve never seen before and will, in all likelihood, never see again. And lets not get started on the dramatic antics from family or extended family members – ensuring PRICELESS entertainment.

  • Now all they need is reality series for the Royal Honeymoon with the finale being the Royal Divorce.

    I can see the lead in to the series with the voice over “She married her prince in front of the whole world… they all wished Kate Will be happy… but is this her happily ever after”(Disney music) …. and so on.

  • Don’t all desi consider themselves royals to start with? 🙂

  • Well said. The Royal family’s the most famous family on perpetual welfare.

    And Munni beats any of their music, any day.

  • Ha ha!! Our desi weddings are royal in themselves!!! But hey, its not everyday that you see a real-life-prince falling in love with, and marrying a beautiful commoner 🙂 So lets just enjoy the moment.

  • The only difference is that when the word “ROYAL” comes into the picture everyone gets curious and besides i dun see any harm in it. Let the public enjoy as it is there’s so much to worry about in the world these days !

  • for ffs Tazeen why are you comparing this part of the world with the west? Why did you even bother writing about it. Utter waste of your time. I think its their monarchy, those million people came out on the streets to rejoice their event. You have the most useless opinion. Come on ! you can do much better. 2 billion people watched and I am sure you were one of them who was glued to the television secretly. Get out of your home and start talking to real people.

  • Any excuse for a party would seem to be a splendid excuse.

  • You know, I woke up at 4:00 am my time and watched the whole thing till the end of the balcony kiss completely googly eyed. None of my friends seem to understand why the fuss. Well here is a jist of it.

    I remember watching William and Harry walking behind Princess Diana’s casket during her funeral. I remember Prince William’s admission to his grandfather that he didn’t think he could make the walk without breaking down. I remember their faces, their sadness, and I just bawled and bawled for them. The fact that I could watch Prince William make the same journey today, being so obviously happy and in love, and see how far he has come from the heartbreak was very monumental.

    Also I can’t downplay the fact that I love a fairy tale. She is a princess–classy, elegant, beautiful, and so happy and in love. It’s beautiful.

    And it’s tradition. My mom stayed up all night to watch Princess Diana get married and it was the biggest deal. I woke up at the crack of dawn to watch her son get married. It’s a sentiment.

  • First of all I don,t think we should compare cultures and traditions. We should be proud of our culture but no culture is better than other.
    This tendency will lead us to racism and nationalism.
    Secondly ceremony in Westminster Abbey was equivalent to our Nikah ceremony where Molvi gives small sermon with bride and bridegroom nodding to show their intention of marriage. To my standard both the ceremonies are dull and boring.
    Kate,William and their three hundred friends are dancing and enjoying the wedding right now. Queen left early and leave the Buckingham Palace to the youngsters to enjoy this auspicious occasion how they want.

  • First it was a royal wedding. Secondly, an event like this comes after 30 years. And then the britishers love their monarchs. Did you see how many people had their country flags in their hands waving and wishing the couple. I wish we as a nation were that mature, educated and patriotic…

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    Before getting married, those two were living together for about nine years. What would have happened in Pakistan to a Pakistan couple doing this?


  • Are you serious??? (About our weddings being ‘better’ AND ass-grabbing being nicely memorable?)

  • oh come on. the whole thing looked good. they couple seemed happy (and pretty), the millions who watched seemed happy. no harm in that.

  • Stumbled upon this…Funny and true post…totally agree!

  • exactly, our wedding are more fun with the whole halla gulla thing going on : ) about the royal wedding,aahhhh…i dont find anythingspecial about it.all i was thinking was that why william dont go for hair transplant??? great post 😉

  • I love weddings. I guess wedding is simply better than any royal affair since it has more privacy. But royal wedding is interesting too since many people were waiting for the wedding gown and other details of the royal wedding. It is nice that Prince William tied a knot based on his love and not because it was a royal match.

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