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Overheard in Islamabad

Yes, it’s been over a day and I am still going through the cricket hangover. I won’t go into the result or what might have happened if we did this or that. I just want to share a couple of gems that I overheard in the match screening I went to on March 30th.

When Sehwag was clinically decimating every Umar Gul Delivery, the guy sitting in front of me goes:

“I now get why Indians are winning. They have so many gods to listen to all the prayers, humaray ek Allah mian cannot listen to everyone’s prayers.”

If there ever was a case for not believing, it was one.

The next gem came from an uncle after Wahab Riaz’s five wicket haul:

“Larkey ne apnay jacket pe lagay sab dagh dho diye. ” (I think he was referring to that Mazhar Majeed jacket)

When Hafeez threw his wicket away, a teenage boy swore like a drug dealer from Bronx and said:

“is shot se tau saaf pata lag raha hai ke Misbah ka fan hai”

After Umar akmal’s wicket fell one lady goes:

“Hai Allah, ab Afridi kaheen tension mein bat hi na chaba dalay.”


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  • Me too. Still hungover. But this morning my students messaged and told me they went to cheer for Lala at four in the morning at the airport. Totally made my day!

  • hahaha

    does that mean wahab would be the new brand ambassador of Surf excel kyunke daagh tau achay hotay hain

  • After what Misbah did, I dont think anyone would stay his fan for long, not even Paa feeza

  • These worthless seniors players should now be kicked out if Pakistan wanna succeed in any following events!!!
    i.e. Younas and Misbah!!!

  • Damn – you had fun. People around me were either too depressed as the match progressed or screaming too loudly for me to overhear anything interesting enough.
    One person wanted to bet on Pakistan losing. I didn’t give in or give up till the end.

  • I don’t understand why people keep blaming Misbah and not the ones who kept losing wickets the other end. At least Misbah gave a platform for someone to launch an attack later, if need be. If no one took their chance – blame them. Rahul Dravid is one Indian batsman who often found himself in a simlar position, but though people may have cursed him for that, fortunately no one accuses him of deliberate underperformance.

    Funny one on many Gods vs ek Allah. One runs a risk in invoking many Gods – what if all of them thought the other would take care, and none heeded to the prayers. Incidentally, there would have been as many prayers to Allah for an Indian victory as were there for a Pakistani one, I am sure.

  • Hi Tazeen

    Have you taken the Ali Sina challenge?


  • Asad shafique should be made captain for next four years as he has guts of Captaincy and ousting Younis,Misbah and A.Razzaq would do lot better to our side.

  • Well I think Afridi should not be Captain. He is just a brainless person. I support sagar on Misbah.

  • Jacket ka dagh is awesome

  • oh and the jack ass who says Afridi should not be the captain should go and die.

  • well i have been saying this all along and it is the Paki team that has confirmed it this time i.e verily, we are fucked.


  • @Sagar

    The naivity of the Indians though, is amusing. They blink…everytime.

    Indians, of all political shades, have this obsession of looking and judging Pakistan and their people’s thought process through the Hindu mindset.

    The questions that need to be asked is-

    1. What was the reason Pakistan was created?

    2. Would Pakistan exist if there were no Muslims in the subcontinent?

    3. Does Islam have a role in the way people of Pakistan think about India (a Hindu majority Dar-ul-Harb)? Does Islam have a role in the way people of Pakistan look at their own non-Muslim population?

    4. Does Islam have a role in the way many Muslims who live in India think about Pakistan?

    World cup, no world cup….Mohali , no Mohali,….Yusuf Pathan, no Yusuf Pathan…the crux of the debate lies in a better understanding of the answers to the questions above.

    Btw, most “Pathans” who live in Northern India and Pakistani Punjab, are NOT actually migrant Muslims from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa or Afghanistan, but the children of converted Hindu Rajputs, who took the surnames of their conquerors once they accepted serfdom and conversion during the Sultanate period (Islamic occupation) of the subcontinent (similar to African slaves taking the surnames of their White plantation owners in the New World)

    Interestingly before Allah (swt) had made Afridi’s heart expand (after Mahmud Ghaznavi rammed Islam down his ancestors’ throats), they (the Hindu ancestors of Afridi) used to keep the Sanskrit surname, Aaprit.

    [Source: Panini’s Ashtadhyayi]

  • Just subscribed too ur feeds

    I likes whats i c ‘ short and crisp

  • bat na chaba dalay ! hahaha…gud one !

  • @Aasma- interesting questions and historical perspective about the Pathans. If only most of our people realized our common ancestry and examined their family trees..we would have more love than hate in our neck of the woods..

  • I too am an ardent fan of cricket, and truly I still am suffering from hangover though the 4 back to back Real Madrid vs Barcelona soccer matches have provided some relief
    I liked your twitter postings (especially those on Misbah) a lot though you were a little harsh on the Indian followers; and we exchanged an email over that : )))

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