Bromances and brokeback !

So Cricinfo tweeted this photo with a “So much love in the Pakistan team” caption earlier today.

and the Pakistani twitteratti responded with this photo saying what about this one?

Pakistani tweeples thought that the picture with Ajmal and Akhtar was more bromance whereas the one with Sachin and Sehwag was more … errr. Brokeback. 
I asked people to come up with captions and here are some of the more interesting ones.
@shiringul “if I lose my head, it’s your ass on the line!”
@a_bong “I got your back …”
@ammaryasir   Sehwag: “Pedicure?” Tendulkar: “Ahaa, usual preparation for the big match against Pak”
@absarshah   ‘Sucking the marrow out of life”
@kamranbukhari   “Ass, gas or grass, nobody rides for free”
@alexpressed “baout yaraana lagta ay!”
@fayyazahmed  Tendulkar: “Cover my behind, will ya?”
@Ahmad_Malik  “After an intense batting session, Sehwag helped Sachin take care of his guard problems.”
@Zonk_D  Sehwag “I got your back ! ” Sachin – “only if you keep your head in right place ” ; )
Haya Fatima came up with “Bum chick chick bum, bum, bum chick chick bum!!”
Nabeel Zuberi came up with “Turn over and do it the Afridi way, Viru.”
Ibrahim Muhammed Khalil gets a special mention for double submissions along with Aneela Z Babar.
Ibrahim came up with “jin pe takya hay, wohi hawa daynay lagay” and “CYA – Cover your Ass”
And @AneelaBabar  came up with gems like “The Butt stops here” and “Haseena Atom Bum Part 2”
And winner is @amna_kaleem  who came up with this sterling line “Who needs a shoulder when you have Sachin’s bum to lean on.”
Here are some other caption worthy pictures. 
Defying gravity?

An India Pakistan game can make Service Cheetah go all witty

Arrrggghhh! enough with the lecture already…

Somebody get me out of here

Orange is the new black

bach ke jayega tu kahan

To borrow a line from Ali Azmat, bum bum phatta 
Audition for High School Musical 4?

Byoz offering prayers, the only one missing is good ol’ Shoiab Akhtar 🙂

Poster boy for liposuction!
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  • Cricket provides so many opportunities to capture homo-eroticism on camera


    Shoaib Akhtar has got to be the only guy on the planet sporting abdominal muscles and love handles simultaneously

  • Brillianty awesome larki. Rock on!

  • oh I liked Ibrahim’s comment about takya and garam hawa

  • Tazeen Bibi, thank you. 🙂 Again.

  • haha.. loving the captions.. here’s my two pence on the match

  • very nice but please don’t take digs at Shoaib Akhtar’s abs. Despite his white stubble and liposuctioned mid section, he is more of a stud than most men can ever dream of.

  • Hahahha. Awesome!

  • @Shoaib Akhtar’s picture in the end:
    1. Green is beautiful.
    2. Looka’ ma sexaayyy bodaaayyy (aka fat bastard from Austin Powers).
    3. The Axe effect? (Lame. I know :P)

  • 🙂

    all i can say…I am laughing..still!
    the first one @shiringul is the best:)

  • Hahaha! – I’m not a cricket guru but some of these pics were hilarious Tazeen! 🙂

  • nice post but better luck next time

  • I love all captions especially ‘Arrrggghhh! enough with the lecture already… ‘ great post.

  • Loved it but Afidi eating his was the icing on the cake

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