Two is company …

For the first time in a very long time, our cricket team looks united and act like a team – considering the fact that we still have elements like Kakmal, it’s a feat. There is no news of factions or back biting and as rumor has it, all is well in the dressing room. Even the captaincy debate did not turn acrimonious and both Misbah and Afridi praised each other and were willing to play under the other. However, just like the animal kingdom where some animals are more equal than the others, there are some relationships which are stronger than the others.

Of late, Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi seem inseparable. Had they been teenage girls, they would have been certified BFFs. But the very obvious regard they have for each other is very endearing – at least to their fans.

Shoaib Akhtar cannot refuse when Lala calls for him

Akhtar thinks that he and Afridi are the two sartorial wonders in the team

and here is some pictorial evidence

If we were not totally smitten by these two, this one would come across as an odd one.

Back in the day when both Lala and Akhtar were part of the test squads

Akhtar: Not now Fawad, this is between me and Lala

Let’s see who roars more ferociously

Is Lala checking out Akhtar’s ass?

Two is company, three is crowd.

Yeh Dosti, hum naheen chorain gay

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  • They both will inshAllah win us this cup. Thanks for the post :).

  • Its great to hear that. Sounds gay, but the two look great together.

  • can you stop labelling men as gay? and can you plzzz stop talking about men’s asses?? how would you feel if i take some photos of yours from your faceboook account, and start labelling you as a lesbian (an ugly one at that) in some blog?

  • hmmmm, ha ha ha.

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    These papers are the only ones brave enough to take on the relgious fanatics ruining our country.

  • thanks to share the great information with pics, there are two players in pakistan cricket team which i like very much one shahid afridi and the second one is shoaib akhtar, thanks to share and i hope that you will keep it up and will share more as like this

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  • Hey taz, why so silent, its been some days now. Not even an Earthquake, tsunami and an impending nuclear catastrophe has made you write another post. Lagta hai Bahut kaam kar rahe hoo aaaj kal.

  • Hy, visited yr blog for the first time and i am loving it. Great post.yea our team is Mashallah looks pretty united and i hope that it remains the same for a long long time : )

  • you turned this platonic relationship into a joke. these guys are JUST FRIENDS and you make it sound like an extra marital affair. anyway, you will see the effect of this FRANDSHIPPING on 30th when akhtar plays (hopefully).

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