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Things I see in Islamabad …

If you happen to be/live in Islamabad, you will see banners thanking PM Yousuf Raza Gillani for retaining Senator Babar Awan (of Monticello University fame) as a federal minister.

A couple of days later, you see more banners thanking the PM for retaining Aapa Firdous as a minister and these banners are from PPP, Islamabad.

But if these are banners from PPP Islamabad, why are they just favouring the two Awans and not other PPP stalwarts?

PS: Reading the word “Sher Jawan” with Senator Babar Awan’s name makes one wary of both the “shers” and “jawani”. 

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  • poster/banner culture what a waste of money it is, people are so immune to this that it has no affect any longer.
    افسوس کے ساتھ دل چاہتا ہے کہ سر پیٹ لیں اپنا

  • Logically, there are only two matchless A-ones, the PPP Isloo and nation can be grateful for.

    The only plausible explanation.


    ok. ive run out of juice.

  • Awan is worth only attacking his political opponents and no more.

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