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Apa Firdous, you rock!

You know what, people may think I am a bloody nobody and Apa Firdous is well, Apa Firdous, but she and I have a lot more in common than anyone would ever guess. For starters, neither Apa Firdous, nor I have a Wikipedia page. I mean even bloody Fawad Alam has a Wikipedia entry but not us! What kind of world are we living in?
Apa Firdous in all her ministerial glory
Secondly, we both have crashed weddings of cricketers. She flew all the way to India to crash  attend the wedding of Shoaib Malik while I begged a friend – who was a genuine guest – to take me to Waseem Akram’s wedding. Even though I was a little girl back then, I was not too delighted when my sister called me a wedding crasher and I kept mum about it till the day Apa Firdous gloriously committed the same act. Being Apa Firdous, she did it loudly and she did it in style; gold crowns and family planning kits included. Thanks to Apa Firdous, I too mustered enough courage to come out and say, “yes I have been a wedding crasher once and I am not ashamed of it.”

Apa Firdous with that aforementioned gold crown.

Both Apa and I admire diverse linguistic expressions. I have chosen to be a writer to articulate my linguistic aptitude whereas Apa’s legendary linguistic proficiency is immortalized in this video where she insults a fellow parliamentarian in choice words – yes, swearing and name calling is an acceptable linguistic expression and there is no one who rips it like Apa Firdous.
Now Apa Firdous has a spanking new job and guess who is rubbing her hands with glee, good ol’ moi. I have earned my living through the business of information/communication all my life and I am so happy that Apa Firdous has joined our ranks by accepting the portfolio of Minister of Information. Personally, it has just brought me one step closer to Apa Firdaus. There may have been more articulate ministers in the past who were a lot more adept at handling media and information but Apa as the official spokesperson is so going to rock the ministry. Official briefings would now be in a different league altogether; fun times ahead.
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  • Jive Apa Firdous.

    (Thanks to Rabia for the reminder) Few women can win a general seat in our elections. Fewer still can beat the speaker of the assembly and that too by a whopping 30,000 votes.

    Apa Firdaus rocks. I really want to hear more stories of her days as the MS at whatever public hospital she was working at.

  • Haha! Wow. That’s something to look forward to.

  • … apa ji ne wi doctry kar rakhi haiy..

    We expect… “surgeries” in future… !!!

  • Apa Firdous is a very powerful woman like Alys Faiz

    Happy 100th birthday, Faiz Sahib! http://nblo.gs/ecO32

  • Congratulations Apa G! The ministry is due for a major circumcision. They couldn’t have chosen a more apt person. Rock on!

  • Lol! You never fail to amuse me.

    I was quite miffed by her otherwise quite entertaining statement that two holidays a week would cause population explosion.

    I’m waiting for more such statements now that she has become an infomration minister.

  • Apa always rocks!

    I used to watch her debatable programs on different channels,she is quite intelligent though.
    yet there are many things which your and our apa,has to accomplish such as women rights abuse in Pakistan.
    Does apa attend only marriage ceremonies?
    I am meant,daily,many women,in Pakistan,meet with injustice why apa does not rub her shoulders with such helpless women?
    There is no harm to attend ones marriage ceremony but there are many other things which being a politician she has to do in future.
    Anyhow dear,your article is worth-reading.
    Waqar Abro

  • I frikking fell off my chair when I heard Apa was our new Information Minister.


    But as you said….fun times ahead! 🙂

  • are you fu***ng serious? she is the new information minister? i should have known. she was well informed about kashmala tariq.

  • One has to be potentionally retarded to give Apa such a ministry…

  • Once again Apa has outwitted her contemporaries and all of us.

    A true manifestation of the cliché survival of the “fattest”

  • The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Monday issued a notice to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son Abdul Qadir Gilani, asking him to record his statement before the FIA team investigating the Haj scam.
    Following the issuance of the notice, Director FIA Hussain Asghar has been removed. It has been learnt that PM Gilani had taken a serious note of the FIA move to send summon notices to his son.

    Abdul Qadir Gilani had been asked to record his statement but he failed to appear, resulting issuance of his summons.

    The FIA also issued a notice to Zain Sukhara, an advisor to the religious affairs ministry. He is reportedly a friend of the prime minister’s son.

  • lol

  • Davis Case:
    Why PK is bowing to US?
    Why PK is not asking US to waive diplomatic immuntiy and lets court decide whether it was self denfence or Killing of 3 citizens.

    Lets test US,how they are in following law or are they just hypocrits !

  • haha, apa firdous is going to rock the casbah!

  • wtf? This was sarcasm…right?

  • Haha, nice post. Btw, you can create your own wikipedia page yourself 🙂

  • Lolz you do have things common with Apa Firdous

    you both rock hehe

  • Why does Apa Firdous sound like someone I’d love to get to know? 🙂

  • Le Mystique,

    If I have to explain that this is sarcasm, then I have failed in my effort. Thanks a lot for pointing it out.


    She is the Jat version of your Mayawati I guess. Truly epic.

  • Tazeen,
    I just discovered your blog and am a huge fun. You’re such an amusing read! Thanks for making the effort to write.

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