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In most sports there are moments captured by camera which are unintentionally homoerotic. Sometime back, HuffPo profiled some such shots but most of them were from contact sports like American football, Ice hockey and wrestling where such photos are inevitable.
Here in our little, but densely populated, corner of the world, we have cricket which is a gentlemenโ€™s game and chances of such photographs are minimal but our boys in green do not disappoint us and do provide our photographers with some gems.

Afridi is the undisputed national object of man crushes, it was but inevitable that he would get some love

But here, Yuni Bhai insists on piggy backing Akhtar …
… who in turn takes advantage of Mohammed Asif …


but he eventually gets crushed by SRK

PS: Though Afridi is the undisputed man crush but the one person common in all these pictures is Shoaib Akhatr, does this mean Lala faces some stiff competition in his own team?ย 

PPS: What’s with SRK and Pakistani cricketers, I mean seriously?

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  • Ha. Ha. Ha. Awesome post.

    I think it is quite common to get on each other in celebration.

    I remember Ganguly taking off his shirt first in the balcony and then getting on the field where all the players were on top of each other. That was quite a scene.

    Recently, I watched a similar scene in the movie where Rani was masquerading as a male cricketer in the end all the players get on top of her when they won the match. Of course they didn’t know that they were on top of a woman.

    Back to your post. Great photo collection. I wonder what happened to love between Asif and Shoaib, when Shoaib hit Asif with bad – I think Asif might be demanding that it was his turn to ride on his Shoaib and he certainly didn’t agree.

  • Err… last line all messed up with typos. Here is what I’m saying:

    Back to your post. Great photo collection. I wonder what happened to love between Asif and Shoaib, when Shoaib hit Asif with the bat – I think Asif might be demanding that it was his turn to ride on Shoaib’s back and he certainly didn’t agree.

  • Tj only you could conjure up pics in this oder and make it all seem like some kinda homo plot lol…akthar is def giving afridi a hard time here.

    Is this the reason lala never ages?

  • LOL. Funny post.

    I am sure we will see some more during the upcoming world cup.

    And my word verification for this comment, I kid you not, is ‘loins p’!

  • great pun there, with the “stiff” competition…

    in any case, except for fatima bhutto, i think everyone else prefers pakistani men.

  • hmmm i would say its funny, but this is common in all sports teams. Its called brotherly love, not homo eroticism. sigh..leave it to women to interpret the intricate relationships between players in team sports.

  • good to see that you’re blogging with relish once again.

  • Glad you didn’t put any picture of the grandest bonding of recent times in Pakistan cricket, Shoaib-Afridi. The PDAs have made them the Brokeback Mountain duo of world cricket, well going by the last English summer and till date. Rather you’ve made them play opposite each other.

    p.s. Your photoblogging on cricket could easily win us the world cup, in spirit at least.

  • Faisal,

    Who knows what are Lala’s beauty secrets.


    That is some AI at work ๐Ÿ™‚


    hahaha that pun was intended


    Oh the Brokeback couple is due next. There are so many photographs one cannot do justice to them in a general post.

  • Tazeen, your blogs are the bestest:)
    So far you’ve miserably failed to disappoint…

  • Aha ! with women cricket team performing well in recent past, we expect part -II of your photoblog on homo eroticism in women too..will it be???

    That will be commented most by the male bloggers i bet.

    anywas, nice post taz..

  • Haha..! Bromances ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Please check Younus’comfort level on Akhtar’s back … Legendary

  • I think you got it all wrong, Akhtar is the undisputed stud. Afridi is too tame in comparison

  • Hey tazeen, are you in to gay sex.

    I think this is your second or third man to man love related post.

    Well you spent hours digging out pictures of one man with lots of gay fans (Afridi)

    Seriously, come out of the closet!!!

  • Consider SRK a gift from India on the condition never to return it back to us ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha ha.


  • Naheen bhai, we dont need SRK, ek aisa over actor hai humaray paas uska naam hai Sahir Lodhi

  • hahahaha! completely hilarious! that was actually the first time i laughed in the entire day!


  • of all the thoughts, homo-erotica?!
    hormonal, are we ;P

  • demoralizing post before world cup ๐Ÿ˜€ just kidding, but no, wait, if anyone of our cricketer is reading this it can be demoralizing, did you remember gary kristen when hired newly asked team India to have sex before big match and they ended up being root out T20 2009 WC. so you better un publish this before anyone of our playing 15 click this post ๐Ÿ˜€

    and yeah i love the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Doesn’t seem stawlkerish at all. Perhaps S Afridi should be worried?

  • I always, ALWAYS find such pictures so touching! I wonder how it feels to be so happy and to love something/someone so much that in a moment of celebration, you are “caught” doing something like this! heeee heee!!

    ‘Tis bbbbeeeautiful!

  • it’s called ‘bromance’ you gender stereotyping sexist!

  • Nice Pictures

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