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I am from Karachi and I don’t know who they are


I was in Lahore over the weekend and knowing that I am/was a Karachiite, most people I met had asked me two questions; one of them was about who are the people behind the blog called Café Pyala.

For those who are not Pakistanis or the Pakistanis who have somehow missed out on Pyala, it is an anonymous blog run by a few journalists who generally write about the media industry in Pakistan, the people who run it and the people who think they are ‘it’.

Like I said to all the wonderful people I met in Lahore, being from Karachi and somehow linked to the media industry does not necessarily make me privy to that information and even if I had known, I would not have disclosed. Seriously, do we really need to know who they are? Come on, not everyone is born with the suicidal gene like I am that I go on writing about people, organizations, past bosses, botched up interviews under my real name and basically killing any chance of ever being employed. At times, even I wish to go anon but I am too lazy to get started all over again. The Pyala people are a smart gang with no obvious professional death wish, let them write in peace so that they can continue to entertain us.

Go Pyala!


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  • hmm. for some reason, i thought they were from islamabad. their tone is too pappu-bacha.

    i certainly wouldnt have figured them from karachi.

  • @hemlock

    umm the fact that the blog is named after a famous cafe in karachi might have been your first clue.

  • I too wish to know but I’m not adamant to know 🙂

    I, however, believe them to be professional (jurno/bloggers) given their excess to inside news before it becomes ‘really’ public.

  • they’re a team of journalists led-by omar r. qureshi and patronized by zaffar abbas of isi-fame…

  • omar r. qureshi

    Omar R Qureshi is too much of a hardass to have XYZ‘s humour.

    And if you claim to know so much, why don’t you please try and tell us the rest of their names? Without grammatical errors of course.

  • I agree – Go Pyala! Whether they’re from Lahore, Karachi, or Eez-lamabad shouldn’t matter. They write beautifully, and most of their posts are hits. Few misses here and there, but mostly hits. The fact that they are blogging anonymously shouldn’t matter either. Some of the best reporting is conducted with an alias — knowing our country’s politicians, who knows what they might do!

  • @Anon 22 November 2010 22:33

    i mean Omar R Qureshi…

    i knew u ‘ll response… smart guy…

    i’m just back from the pres club, lost a game, tired, c u.

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