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Yes, I love my leader


The first sight of a city/town/village usually tells you something about that place. Yesterday I went to Charsadda with friends and as soon as we exited the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway, this is what greeted us in Charsadda….

In case you want a closer look

So what does this billboard say? That a local ANP politician has oodles of love for his leader Asfandyar Wali  and no one else can match that love? I honestly don’t know what to make of it ….

Clip to Evernote


  • Who is kissing whom in this picture? And what does the caption say?

  • And to think that this is probably the censored version.

    The old chap looks like he’s being molested….as he is about to get strangled.

  • damn this is what happens when you take Munnah Bhai and the jaadu ki jhappi too seriously!!
    Tazeen: are there any copyright issues if I “borrow” this pic?

  • 🙂 well, it’s better than throwing shoes at your leader.

  • EE,

    The man being kissed is Asfandyar Wali, head of ANP, and the guy who is kissing him is probably a local low cadre politician.


    Of course you can borrow it, anything for you my dear, this is just a photo.

  • It’s so interesting to see the things that are probably culturally appropriate in one milieu but so out of place when taken out side it

  • And then we wonder why people think we’re (pathans) gay!

    Sad. *Sigh*

  • hahahaah. that’s a roller coaster. can i also borrow the pics ???

  • oh my, a brief glimpse in to the world of whale love-making

  • What a sensational moments.. . . Which type of kiss is this yar ? Were they having only this photo to display..
    Rasha Rasha…Northern alliance Rasha

  • besides the romance, a 60 x 20 billboard in charsadda will cost around 30,000 monthly. tax payers money?

  • this is soo funny…

  • This shows the state of mind of our leaders and the political parties.
    This is sick insted of displaying if they are doing something for the people they are promoting the party leaders(gayinsm).

  • Aala tareen

    Ek chumma tu mujh ko Udhar daye day
    Aut badlay main Charsadda Mardan Laye lay

  • This is a particular South Asian phenomenon. Normally they lick boots

  • People, please….

    for those uninitiated in the rather too secure world of Frontier male love action….
    this……….in all it’s glory is rather tame…

    I’d really like to see the first draft that got scratched!

  • waisey this is sweet considering all the infighting that carries on in other parties. ANP really believes in live and let love.

  • LOL… politics!! people would do anything to get their intrests

  • To me, it looks like he is kissing the leader AND trying to wring his neck at the same time.

  • It looks like the worst kind of sycophancy, and the poor guy is getting smothered and almost strangled.

  • this is the reason they hide their womens faces in public….they just can’t control themselves!!!

  • Cheaters. Cheaters. Cheaters.

    They cheated Mustafa Kamal and Altaf “Bhai’s” pose.


  • haha
    what a gay picture!

  • hmm…funny….

    But we should not make fun of other people’s love…lol…

    NIce blog you have…

  • Tazeen, I would like you to write a review for us. kindly post your email id and i will let you know the details.

  • And your dirty mind would have considered it Gayish?

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    This is blatant arse kissing. But normally it is being done secretely with caution, in disguise, discreetly.

    Here it is in the open for everybody to see and what it means is terrible as I understand it: no more action, no need for saying “I am going to do this or that for societyf”. Only “I love this guy and therefore you can love me”.

    Great future.


  • Man I’m leaving your place off my RSS. You’re boring now, you barely write anymore.

  • I’m a Divaa and you are not, my blog is better than yours, fuck you!

  • If the local, ANP applied a little bit more pressure, he could easily strangle the other guy, especially given his size..:P

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