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Hamid Mir and art of embedded journalism

Hamid Mir is an idiot. There, I said it.

As a rule, I don’t read Jang, but someone living in Lahore pointed out a piece written by the esteemed Mr Mir asking me if what he said has some merit in it or not. These days, Hamid Mir is playing an embedded journalist in Khadim-e-Ala Punjab’s caravan that is touring flood affected areas (Yes, touring is the most apt word for that activity). While he was traveling with Chotay Mian sahib in the vicinity of Isa Khel, he got a text message that an MQM MPA was killed and instead of reporting about the events in Isa Khel, he decided to devote his column to two things; violence in Karachi and Shahbaz Shareef.

First, he goes how Zardari, Ishratul Ibad and Asfandyar Wali should pick 5 badmash type people from their respective parties and kick them out to show people in Karachi that they mean business. Yeah right, the people who have lost lives, livelihoods and homes would be pleased with that.  Secondly, Asfandyar Wali and Zardari may be able to kick people out from their parties, but not Ishratul Ibad. For starters, he is the representative of the federation in the province and is the governor. Secondly, no one other than Altaf Hussain enjoys this kind of influence in MQM. In any case, it was stupid suggestion to begin with and anyone who has attended the course Politics 101 would know that real politics do not work this way. Then he decided to tell his readers how the violence in Karachi is the result of nefarious aims of one PPP which is trying to create rift between MQM and ANP, he then goes on to say that basically both ANP and PPP hate MQM and they want MQM to leave the coalition, but MQM would rather be kicked out of the coalition than leave it which is contradictory to the first statement. Great journalism, isn’t it? 
He then goes onto sing praises of Mian Shahbaz Shareef saying that he is such a problem for his security staff because he does not travel according to travel routes planned. He just loves his people so much that he goes from West to East meeting all the people as if they are his own relatives. He then told us about the hardship Mian Biradaraan regularly take to reach their people from Mianwali to Kot Addu to Sargodha while Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani just indulges in Ariel viewing of the area. Good job Mir sahib. 
In the end, he tried to link the two by saying that the day Farooq Sattar and Babar Ghouri will visit the flood affected areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah with ANP minister, peace will prevail in Karachi. If peace in Karachi can be restored by a simple visit, a certified broke person like me would personally like to raise funds for this trip. 
It was always Amir Liaquat Hussain who wrote disjointed crap and tried to pass it off as op-ed in Jang. Now that he has left the building, Hamid Mir has taken over his throne.
PS: I want to point out that Hamid Mir is one of the highest paid – if not the highest paid – journalist in Pakistan. We sure do reward incompetence.
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  • “Ignoramus and a fag par excellence”. That’s what he is!

  • Haha, highest paid journalist indeed.

    What can you say, he makes money from his embedded entertainment value.

    Just wait till her comes out with his reality show. Expects lots of preening.

  • I Love Usama-bin-Ladin i want to Become Usama or Sultan salhuddin ayubi 🙂

  • ullu ka patha

  • Dont u think while writing u were also biased and blind in ur hatred against Hamid MIr. I m afraid we are all alike in our intolerance.

  • Hamid Mir probably thinks he can teach POL 101…with his ‘experience’, I’m sure he can ruin a few minds.

  • what I have seen so far is that for journalists Karachi is a complicated city and unless he is a karachiite or has spent time in this city, he can not even begin to understand it. To use a cliche, its a melting pot or even molten lava waiting to erupt of ethnic tensions, political inclinations, sectarian forces etc so unless a journalist has spent time to understand the city, he will come up with such shoddy suggestions. Well Hamid Mir comes up with a shoddier one as you pointed out through his ignorance of PolSci 101.

    Even those Karachiites who have a secluded upbringing in Defence/Clifton commuting to their schools in the same area and only venturing out to use Shahra-e-Faisal to go to airport display more understanding of the dynamics of the city than Hamid Mir has shown here.

  • Vanguard,

    My point exactly. Bhai, you are in Isa Khel sitting on Shahbaz Shareef lap, report about that. Don’t try your tajziya nigari skills on a place and people you don’t know much about.

    Asghar Khan,

    I presented an argument, if you can read Urdu and have read the Jang piece, you would know that I have not added a single word to his inanity.


    He ruins far more minds everyday through the crap he spews on his telly show. In case you have forgotten, he incited hatred against Ahmadis and is said to be instrumental in Col. Imam’s death.


    bhaiyya apkay khayalat jan ke khushi huee.

  • ummm… you are losing your marbles.

  • Living in Pakistan and doing journalism on the journalists there… I love you Tazeen .. 🙂 only you can do it best.. 🙂

  • who isn’t?

  • Hello tazeen!

    I hope that you are well for the other evening, the one who preceded your departure for the North.

    may be he is an hasshole. May be sure but please be careful in comments. Your diligent readers and I even let us not want that he(it) arrives at you misfortune. Be careful.

  • thats why he is known as ‘lifafa shafi’ in a group of people. A journalist who is passionate about money. Someone says, a cat doesn’t love her master she loves his warm lap.

  • Err, I don’t see what is so outrageous in this. It’s political analysis – twisted and inaccurate perhaps – but its standard fare in the Urdu press.

  • You have your idiots and we have ours; sad world we are living in…

    Scribblers Inc,
    a tired Indian and a global citizen.

  • what’s-the-point-of-posting-this-picture?

    Hamid Mir is a journalist and is entitled to his own opinion
    if you think that he is a a-hole for this than so you are you

  • “He then goes onto sing praises of Mian Shahbaz Shareef saying that he is such a problem for his security staff because he does not travel according to travel routes planned. “

    than what ? what is the problem in that
    are praises only for the chooran faroosh of london ?

    hundreds of people have died in karachi targets killings this year and I never saw this blog post a word about them and the deplorable behavior of mqm,ppp,anp in all these killing
    yet you have the guts to talk against someone who wrote about the burning issue of target killings
    let me guess, you are pssed off because he didn’t sing the songs of mqm in the column?

    why are the so called ‘liberals of karachi’ like you so mum against the killings in karachi ?

  • I totally agree. He is an asshole.

  • calling a political analyst A$$ hole because of his views does not seem right
    it shows your own skewed narrow mind and prejudice

    your lose your own respect by using derogatory remarks like “sitting on the lap” was it the first time that a journalist accompanied a politician during a tour? there is a media team with the pm/president on each official international visit who gets to live in the most lavish of hotels and enjoys world tours free of cost but somehow the visit of Hamid Mir with SS to areas devastated by floods seem to have stuck in your anus

  • Hahahaha……this girl knows how to kick some serious ass!

  • THANK YOU for posting! I always love visiting…

    Common Cents

  • Thank you VERY MUCH for posting this! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  • “Ouch!,” is what Mir sb might say to this. Btw, for a journalist, this man makes a fair bit of news by himself, no?

    P.S: Is it just me or is ‘Jang’ a really odd name for a newspaper? I mean, ‘War’? Really?

  • “Ouch!,” is what Mir sb might say to this. Btw, for a journalist, this man makes a fair bit of news by himself, no?

    P.S: Is it just me or is ‘Jang’ a really odd name for a newspaper? I mean, ‘War’? Really?

  • Luckily I have not heard one of his shows…I realize I am the blessed one here…

    Thanks for the early warning and potential waste of time…

  • Well… over here… we get to see him and hear his ‘expert comments’ on Times Now. He seems to be a permanent fixture there… and loves the sound of his own voice…

  • Hello Tazeen I am a silent reader of your blog. Tonight I decided to speak on your sudden silence after this write up. I sincerely hope you are fine. And if you are not… Well… At least you were important enough to come under notice. If you know what I mean.

  • so u have now finished a month without posting anything?are you on a vacation??Hope you are fine..JK..really missing your articles here… 😛

  • Hi Tazeen,

    I have been following your brilliant blogs for the last year or so and now i am really worried since we havent seen a post from you for over a month. I do hope you’re ok. If for some reason you have decided to hang up your blogging shoes then just wirte in one last time to tell us you’re ok.
    Eid Mubarak .


  • Feeling competition?

    He is less asshole than Nadeem Paracha

  • Its very inappropriate to call names to such a truth revealing journalist in Pakistan. He is among the few daring journalists to speak and write against the Powerful secret agencies of pakistan who are involved in missing persons case. Apart from that he often talks for the rights of oppressed people and give them coverage which is required. So i strongly condemn your views about him. You should give your views about him a second thought and don’t be biased about him

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