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Ek Suo Moto aur sahi …


Judge sahab,

I humbly appeal to you to take suo moto action against irresponsible reporting of various news channels, esp when we are faced with tragedies that claim hundreds of lives. Can you order that in case of any calamity, natural or otherwise, channels like Geo News, ARY News, Express and Dunya be taken off air for at least 12 hours. The less sensational channels can get on with business of news reporting and that too under strict guidelines.

Judge sahab,

I am a tax paying citizen – and lets face it, there are not that many of us in the country – so basically it is people like me who are responsible for you salary and your big car. I dont ask for much and will continue to drive on pot holed roads and live in insecure environment but can you please take care of these God damned channels? We would be eternally grateful. I know I did not protest in favor of your restoration when you were kicked out last time, but if you put some sense into the people who run these channels, I swear that in case of any such future eventuality, not only will I march, I will make sure that everyone around me shows up for the protests. I promise.

Kind regards,

A tax paying (yeah, I know I am an idiot) citizen

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  • ya seriously u write..it was so sad when they interviewing people with tragedies in their homes :(..there should be some code of conduct for them.

  • This is indeed a tragedy but there is a qualitative difference between the type of reporting that is happening now and the kind that happens when a similiar number of people are killed in the minority takfiri sect’s terrorist attacks against the citizens of Pakistan.

    I don’t really care for the in-yer-face kind of reporting undertaken by our sometimes “aaqbat-na-andesh” media in a frenzy to break the news first, but …

    Actually I really wish there were more “human interest” stories every time a crazed misguided teenager blows himself up killing hundreds of people. How many crying mothers were there on Dawn’s media page? where were the sisters waiting for their brothers who never returned from Data sahib? What about the sad stories of those who were killed (in similar numbers) in Mohmand while waiting for a pittance of a handout.

    We are becoming desensitized to those stories because they are being swept under the rug.

    What saddens me more is that this is an acceptable “national” tragedy, while those other lives were just “business as usual” and therefore not worthy of a sense of mourning and loss.

  • Another tax-paying citizen’s plea could not be heard for the last four months. See “Journalist seeks protection” http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/2010/04/habib-r-sulemani.html

  • Is there any reason y u are asking for such a ban…what happened??

  • Just read the fourth paragraph of this news article; http://geo.tv/7-29-2010/69135.htm

    It is a totall nonsense. Person who wrote does not know anything about aircraft. Generally, two black boxes are; flight voice recoder (records cockpit voice/conversation) and flight data recorder (records aircraft operational data)….

    So I am with Tazeen, we have incompetent people reporting, working against journalism norms and ethics to gain commercial advantage.

  • Nice way to show you pay your taxes.

  • brilliant tazeen, we have been in tears since this incident. my son knew ex-school-mates who were on the plane and while he was grieving, i cannot imagine the ordeal the families must have gone through & how they must have felt watching it live on television with not even an iota of decency or decorum observed by the channels. Geo especially, i hate with a passion. They were showing graphics of a plain crashing into the mountains ever couple of minutes; a case of morbid sadistic way of presenting news

  • I know the language of most articles was unacceptable but I’m not sure if publishing case stories and pictures of the bereaved is a bad idea. I would perhaps not have been so upset or enraged if I just had statistics-sadly, I am a desensitized Pakistani.

    Out of curiosity, why were you against the CJ’s restoration? Although I spent the last three days at work going through your blog 😉 I may have missed that post.

  • I see it distasteful news as the price of democracy. It’s a sad event but only because people watch such trashy news do news companies do it!

    Perhaps you can get viewers to complain to the broadcasters?

  • I concur with Mezba. Shutting the channels down is not an answer to this. There is and always will be a segment of the society and a part of all of us who would want to see coverage of that nature. That is the nature or part of the society that the media is trying to go after. What is on our TV says more about us than it does about the presenters. Bear in mind, that the presenters are from among us as well. They are not outsiders.

  • Firstly, Tax pora Pakistan pay karta hey, electricity bill sey ley kar bathing soap tak, sab per tax dena parta hey.

    Secondly, a tax paying (idiot) citizen should complain about the third class national channel “PTV” and not the private channels, jo awam ka paysa khaye bina he bohat behter kaam ker rahey hain.

    Private channels per Suo Moto action leney sey pehley (jo k aik asan kaam hey) PTV ke khabar leni chaye jo ky saloon sey awam ka peysa ka raha hey and even the mosques have to give Rs:35 every month in account of TV license fee which goes to PTV. (Producing Thirdclass Videos since 1964.)

  • I think we should let the media be. The government should have no control over any media whatsoever. After all what legitimacy does a government have over deciding what private channels can air or not?
    The most it can do is by not following the bandwagon through its own channel–PTV.

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