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Pakistan, USA and Brazil, ek sath …


A couple of years back I was in Europe for a few weeks and was with a large group of twenty something people. One of them was an American guy quite smitten with a Pakistani girl. One day, he was just so full of love (it was late in the evening and he has had a few drinks) he just went on and on about the “awesomeness” and “hotness” of Pakistani women and how tremendously besotted he is. Before coming to Europe, he had been to Brazil, another country that is famous for hot women but so love-struck was he about the Pakistani girl that he went on and said that Brazilian girls are not a patch on Pakistani girls (entirely his own opinion, I am sure Brazilian girls are super hot) and how he is coming to Pakistan during next vacations.
 Another Pakistani girl – yes, there was a third Pakistani girl in that group – and I laughed our heads off at the idea and thought up scenarios where this American guy would try to get fresh with random girls at Sea View Karachi or Jinnah Super Market and how would Mullah Fazlullah react to it (Fazlullah was big back in the day).
I have no idea how that love story turned out or if that guy ever visited Pakistan but I was reminded of him when I read that Pakistan is third after USA and Brazil in a survey of countries that view the most porn websites. This is the only time after that when Pakistan, Brazil and USA were mentioned in one sentence.
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  • Hi, I am a reader from Brazil ehehe U know, there is something about middle eastern people that are attractive for us, like me I am married to an Egyptian and I have many friends with Pakis, Egyptians and guys from Syria. I think this is the globalization, we learn to see beauty in the exotic and we wanna surrender also to other cultures. I became muslim and now I live with my husband in Brazil, who is also learning a lot about opening his mind to other culture, as here we have many cultural things also hard to get. I don’t agree with Brazil being famous for beauty (and bitchy) girls, I see all kinds of people here, like I saw also in Egypt and many other countries, but humans like to label, when life should be about discover the particularities of everyone – as no one is like the other, even living in the same culture.

    nice post! salam

  • Hi there,
    This is Rebecca from Brazil too (I´ve added u previously on twitter).
    I was thinking abt what you mentioned in the post and it reminded me of something I had thought before… Maybe what explains this ranking is the fact (?) that (it seems) Pakistanis, Brazilians (and prolly Americans) are the biggest in presence on the internet. I don´t known if it´s a stupid conclusion, but everywhere in social networking services you see bunches of people from these respective countries. Surely there are sociological explanations for this (hahahaha), but I guess what I said is real. To reinforce this idea another curious fact: there´s a huge increment in the number of relations between Brazilian girls and Pakistani boys (not a coincidence the nationalities). I personally know several stories…some succesful, some total disasters. All of them, or I should say most of them, THANK TO THE INTERNET… Some cases are really interesting, and they are very nice lessons of how different cultures and religions can adjust… Pakistan (like other Asian countries) is an object of my interests and why not to say love… and all the incultural thing that would involve it and Brazil calls my attention…
    It was randomly reading abt the country current affairs on Dawn that I got to know your blog. I felt delighted… I must assume that although having good friends in there I have had a hard time when having conversations with Pakistani girls…most of them tend to try to convince me how wrong we (Brazilian girls)are regarding our customs and it always turns into an endless debate… (as an example, poligamy is an idea that makes me sick, even respecting Islam and comprehending that some people can deal with this…so listening to things like “we should love whatever our husband loves and be submissive” as justification bothers me… not to say about the idea of “real good women are moms and housewives”… my mom is a housewife, and am very proud of her, but I definitely can´t think of not having a career, and observing girls opening up hands of such an important part of life, doesn´t bother me, depresses me…) So it was a pleasure to read you and get out of my mind some bad impressions and a little prejudice that was contaminating me… I simply admire your free spirit. Thank you for this. 😉 *hugs*

    ps: Never mind if suddenly ur blog gets invaded by Brazilian girls! hahaha
    ps2: Am dying to step on this land again…hopefully soon!

  • http://www.ted.com/talks/naif_al_mutawa_superheroes_inspired_by_islam.html

    Hey hi you should see this video and write a article on this.

  • Yaar. Phir bhi. Why do American guys fall for Pakistani chicks.

    Tell me nau.

  • Hahahaha. Tazeen. Well put. I was there woman. I had to answer all those blasphemous questions… “are all Pakistani girls this wild?”, “why doesn’t she cover her head?”, “do they teach you how to grind while growing up?”, “how are you guys more American than the Americans?” And before I could come up with a decent answer, our dear friend would be going up and down some random guy on the dance floor.

    She left them with a very ‘soft’ image of Pakistan. Rock soft.

  • Marina from egitoebrasil.com

    I am glad to know that Brazilians find middle eastern people exotic. I am sure the middle eastern people would be very glad to know that as well but we are NOT middle eastern.


    You cannot forget Indians, they are not only in huge numbers, they are very vocal on the internet. There are 1.2 billion Indians and according to world bank report, 52 million of them are regular users of internet as compare to around 18 million Pakistanis so Indians beat Pakistani as far number of users on forums are present.

    About the popularity of Pakistani men among Brazilian girls, I have come to the conclusion that Pakistani men are popular everywhere except Pakistan.

    As far as that line goes “we should love whatever our husband loves and be submissive” I have never heard any Pakistani woman say that, EVER. Even the most religious women stop at polygamy and i have not heard any woman openly supporting it. At best, they grin and bear it if something like this happen but even that is not all that common in Pakistan.

  • I believe this may be another attempt to put Pakistan in the limelight following the damn Fox News story which has been explicitly denied by Google. I think Internet is a great medium for good and bad publicity and Pak, at this time, is being publicized as the latter.
    However, there’s another side to this story which shows that West is the biggest producer of Porn and I beleive that analysis or blog should cover both sides.
    I agree with the Brazilian guy though 🙂

  • haha, pretty funny. I did notice at college how alot of guys used to find desi women rather attractive, though the point was generally made that Pakistani girl were better looking. The Desi women in question can only be charitably described as average looking at best.

    We ought to celebrate our good lookingness! Think of how many Miss World crowns have slipped through our fingers?

  • Yeah, you right about Indians and yes, I forgot about them, but as I said, my comment was just about an impression that was based on my experiences, since every now and then I receive friendship invitations from Pakistanis and seldom from Indians…
    Regarding the remark about Pakistani men being popular everywhere but in Pakistan, it is the second time I listen it from a Pakistani girl… I wonder why so?
    The first girl who told me it, has lived all her life in Denmark and, funny thing, she ended up marrying a Pakistani guy, in despite of his “lack of popularity” …
    Well, about Pakistani girls and their statements, maybe I haven´t met enough of them to have a real picture of society and am sorry if what I said is not proper, but truth is that not only a single, but several times I heard comments like these: “Dear girls…do not scare, It’s a man’s right granted from Allah (the 4 marriages). If you really love your husband then you should love every thing which your husband likes. Although it is very difficult to accept but not impossible.”…“some things are true but bitter, even we do not want to accept them but we have to” (www.pakmixbrazil.blogspot.com; you can see more in the comments, if you want to bother yourself)
    This is just a sample, I personally listened to things like these there, but maybe they were just teasing me because of the fact I am a foreigner, as some people do teach silly words to outsiders just to see them throwing out stupidities, and enjoying it. But, am anyways glad to know that this does not represent reality, thank you again for helping me remove from my mind another of my fake ideas and prejudgements about things and people. *hugs*

  • its very surprising that India is not in the list of top porn views. they are pretty active when it comes to porn and they are much larger in number than Pakistanis.
    i also heard that Google denied the reports of Pakistan being at the top. this might be some bad publicity instrument. or do i sound like zaid hamid?

  • Sorry, just assumed that as you are in the middle of the world map and in Asia could be called as middle eastern, as the majority of western countries calls Iran/Pak/Afeganisthan like that. As I got, for you it sounded offensive? I didn’t understand why, if you could explain I would be happy to know… and be sure I am aware that you don’t speak arabic 🙂

  • @Rebecca wrote:

    “Maybe what explains this ranking is the fact (?) that (it seems) Pakistanis, Brazilians (and prolly Americans) are the biggest in presence on the internet. I don´t known if it´s a stupid conclusion, but everywhere in social networking services you see bunches of people from these respective countries.”

    I am sure you mostly use Orkut.

    3)South Asia (mostly India and Pakistan)

    These are the regions where orkut is most popular. That explains the “biggest presence”!!!!

    Lots of Love
    Indian Pundit

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