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A Reluctant Mind Wins an Award !


If I had a penny for every time I heard, “For a girl, you are very funny” or some other version of the same line, I would be able to buy the new iPhone4 that Apple is introducing. Why is it odd that a girl can laugh or make people laugh? Are women born without the proverbial funny bone? Christopher Hitchens in his very famous essay “Why women aren’t funny” for Vanity Fair said that men are funny because they need to be funny to attract women whereas women never needed to be funny to attract men, they can attract the male of species by just being their feminine selves. According to him it is a matter of evolutionary biology that men are funny and women are not.

I am very happy to share it with my readers (at least those who are not on twitter) that A Reluctant Mind has won an award in the category of Humor by Pakistan Blog Awards. I am honored (and flattered) and want to extend my appreciation to the organizers for putting the show up. Much gratitude for Faisal and Zeynab for nominating me and for Karishma for getting all her friends to vote for me.

I quite like this badge that I got to put on my blog.

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  • congrats…..congrats…..congrats….keep writing…:)

  • I stopped by at your blog after such a long time…. and got to know about this good news…

    Well I must say its well deserved.

    Congratulations 🙂


  • Ah one of my favourite bloggers of all time. No one deserves this (and more goodness) more than you do 😉 Lets hope that your other future awards include money =D

  • Tazeen, congrats! After your last couple of posts,I am really glad that you are being awarded and not persecuted. Hats off to your courage to speak.

    That said, if your brand of writing qualifies as humour, there is something ‘seriously’ funny indeed with the awards. I hope it is no reflection of the quality of humour you were competing with. ‘Humour’ redefined, I would say.

  • Congratulations, babe… You ARE funny indeed. I almost always end up laughing (in a mad woman kind of way) when I read your blog. 🙂

  • Congratulations! And well deserved! Although your blog hardly qualifies as “humour” 🙂

  • yeah i read it on their website some time back when they announced and i was pissed why i didn’t get this one. then i realized i don’t write much of humor anyway. congrats, but your blog is also not 100% humor with n exception of david miliband and fatima butto story 😛 keep writing.

  • Haha guruji thank you. But that voting didn’t help in the end did it? Bless the judges 😉

    Still this doesn’t let you off the hook about that room full of mangoes..

    And so much humor even in this post, your blog isn’t much humor? Khudaya could this be outdone? 😉

    Rock along. We want a hat trick..

  • Thanks a lot everyone.

    Sagar, Raaz and Sami,

    Yeah, my blog is not entirely about humour but I do write humour. I guess they based it on the quality of posts I did on humour and did not rule it out for being a blog that is funny all year along.

  • This is my favorite blog and the award just confirms my good taste!


  • Did you get anything as a prize? just bragging rights?

  • Congratulations, well deserved award!

  • Congratsss!!! You’re awesome (for a girl) ;))) !!

  • Congrats 🙂 . I still regularly follow your blog.

  • tazeen, congrats. i come back to your blog whenever i feel like absolute shit. few blogs cheer me up like yours does. good luck and congrats and a much deserved award

  • Congrats :)As far as Im concerned, you totally deserved it, keep it up!

  • Perfect. Keep it up!

  • Congratulations Taz! Its well deserved!

  • award well deserved, though the author needs to show same classic touch on tribune web which i felt missing in fanatic post 😛 – never mind 🙂

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