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We all have blood on our hands!

Oh Lahore!
On May 28th 2010, I was away from the TV and computer the whole day, a rare feat in this increasingly connected world. I came home around 10.00 pm and was inundated with images and sounds of what is called the worst ever assault on Ahmadis – a persecuted religious minority in Pakistan – during Friday prayers. While everyone from the Prime Minister Gilani to US State Department condemned the incident, no one is willing to look at the real cause of the carnage.
Ahmadis are the most persecuted minority in Pakistan. Although the other minorities do not enjoy perfect conditions in the country, Ahmadis are especially ill-treated, with constitution and penal code supporting those who perpetuate offenses against them. Following a violent campaign, led by the Jamaat-e-Islami in 1974 against Ahmadis, constitutional amendments were introduced by the elected government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Ahmadis were declared non Musilms. Ten years later, military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq (May he rot in hell for all eternity) promulgated the anti Ahmadi Ordinance XX in April 1984. The ordinance prohibited Ahmadis from preaching or professing their beliefs, it forbids Ahmadis to call themselves Muslim or to ‘pose’ as Muslims. They were forbidden from calling their places of worship mosques. They were also barred by law from worshipping in non-Ahmadi mosques or public prayer rooms, performing the Azaan (Msulim call to prayers), using the traditional Islamic greeting in public, publicly quoting from the holy book Quraan, preaching in public, seeking converts, or producing, publishing, and disseminating their religious materials. These acts are punishable by imprisonment of up to three years. In short, the ordinance was in violation of Article 14, 16, 19, 20, 22, 25 and 28 of the 1973 Constitution and denied them basic civic rights. For Ahmadis, living in Pakistan is just as bad, if not worse than Jews living under Nazi rule.
It is not just the state institution and right wing political parties that are out for a witch hunt of Ahmadis/Qadiyanis, it is all of us who are responsible for the persecution of Ahmadis/Qadiyanis. Popular talk show host Aamir Liaquat Hussain instigated violence against the community in September 2008, which resulted in death of 3 Ahmadis. MQM, the political party he belonged to, publicly condemned him and kicked him out of the party, but the TV channel he worked for never uttered a word of apology and he continues to spew his venom to this date. Hamid Mir, another popular talk show host on the same channel and a public opinion maker, expressed his intense hatred for Qadiyanis in his leaked tapes which probably have triggered right wing terrorist into taking upon themselves to kill as many Ahmadis as they can. What was that TV channel and state’s response to that? That man is still on TV, dishing out his maligned version of truth day in, day out. Do they have blood on their hands? I say yes.
The judges in our court are obviously sympathetic towards the alleged terrorists and most of the terrorists who were captured and brought to courts were released citing lack of evidence. I am sure like all other previous terrorists who were released, the courts in Pakistan will also release the one who was caught by the people yesterday, even though he was caught red handed killing people. Punjab’s law ministers openly consorts with supposedly banned terrorists outfits, the Chief minister of Punjab is retweeting film song lyrics on twitter after 22 hours of this incident instead of making sure that people who did this are nabbed. While Jamaat-e-Isalami blamed it on USA and Blackwater, Shahbaz Sharif blamed it on enemies of Islam and Pakistan and Commissioner of Lahore Khusro Parvez blamed it all on RAW a couple of hours after the incident without any intelligence report, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. A text message sent to journalists said this: “This is a final warning to the [Ahmedi community] to leave Pakistan or prepare for death at the hands of the Prophet Muhammad’s devotees.” It was signed by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and the Punjab wing of al-Qaeda, the latter a hitherto unknown group. Do all those who live in denial have blood on their hands? I say yes.
The common people are just as bad as our right wing and centre of right political parties; our talk show hosts and mullah sympathizers. In a public forum pkpolitics, many people were justifying the killing spree of Qadiyanis by repeatedly calling them wajib-ul-qatl (must be killed category of apostates) because they act and behave like Muslims. A friend, who works for education ministry in Punjab called and said that most of her junior colleagues were celebrating the death of many Qadiyanis, and these people work for the ministry of education! Do they all have blood on their hands? I say yes.
Every identity card and passport holder in Pakistan – including me – who filled out the form declaring themselves true apostles of the faith have denounced the basic citizenship rights of Ahmadis/Qadiyanis. Do we all have blood on our hands? I hang my head in utter shame and say, yes we all have their blood on our hands.
PS: The only public figure and politician who ever publicly supported the basic citizenship rights of Ahmadis is MQM’s Altaf Hussain.

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  • I appecriate you unbias observations. In this day and age it is hard to hear the voice of the so called moderates. Either lipservice is provided or nothing is said. I don’t mean to generalize…there are many humane people in this world from all walks of life/culture/religion/

    I pray for everyone in pakistan as an ahmadi. I also thank you for having a voice for many did not to condemn this act while they spoke out loudly on fb/twitter/tv with other attacks. Aren’t we all human? Silence is ignorance as well. The world is right…the moderates need to speak up or we will just feed these extremists more power otherwise.

    God bless.

  • thank you for writing all of this. I feel ashamed to be part of a country that cannot protect and respect other cultures and religions.

  • It happened to me last year – when i was renewing my passport. I had to file this form and at the very end they wanted us to sign this declaration. I just stood there – shocked – embarrased – angry – … a true WTF moment.

  • Kudos for such insightful article!

  • Hamid Mir must be a very happy man! not only was he sucessful in getting rid of Khalid Khawaja, but now powerless Ahmedi civillains have been targeted. he along with amir liaqat have blood on their hands and what really saddens me is that no action will be taken against them.

  • We all have blood on our hands! We are all murderers and what’s more, if we struggle to wash it off, one day we are going to be murdered too. I hope that day comes soon for me!

  • I am an Indian, sitting in comfortably peaceful Mumbai, and no matter how much I strain, the grim picture your words paint is hard to imagine.

    I think it takes courage of a different kind to confess, with pain, to an act of ignorance and silent approval. More power to citizens of the world like you.

    We do keep reading Pakistan stories on the International Page of our newspaper, and sometimes, when it is too shocking, like yesterday’s, on the front page too. But still, it’s all just cold numbers, revealing nothing of the complexity, and for some bigoted people here, things to rejoice too.

    Just hoping some sense, some miraculous solution, prevails soon. Else, all must get ready for a new definition of life and death.

    Take care…

  • I had also commented on a previous post that you had blogged about a year ago. I reiterate my gratitude, to you and those who condemn this barbaric carnage. I came here from the US to study medicine and was completely ignorant to the fact that such deep-rooted hatred, injustice and discrimination could exist. The fact that even sharing your home-cooked food would be a sin. Its the darkness of ignorance that germinates the seeds of extremism. At times if people want to speak up, they are afraid that condoning such an act would make them outcasts. So all I say, even if only in your heart, do us a favor and condone this carnage. It’s all we ask. For the sake of humanity, middle way and moderation is key- atleast in your heard if not in public believe that yesterdays acts were a sheer blood-bathed massacre. In the US, people asked me where I belonged, and at that time I said Pakistan. Here people asked me where I come from, and I say the US. The truth is- I don’t belong anywhere because even this country can’t be called my home. Thanks again tazeen.


  • Barbaric is probably an understatement for such acts. People just cannot be allowed to kill whoever they want.

    We should be clear that Qadiyanis are Non Muslims and have always been involved in various anti Muslim campaigns. They should be dealt with properly through the judicial system.

    But it does not allow anyone at all to kill them like this. It is against the teachings of our religion and completely unjustified in the presence of a judicial system. The murderers should be brought to justice.

    But we cannot rule out the possible involvement of Foreign Agencies in triggering this event. Blackwater, Raw and other anti pakistan agencies are extremely active in pakistan these days and they might have to do something with this.

  • i think what really got to the politicos was that it kept them from stuffing their mouths with all the Yaum Taqbeer cakes. A couple of them were lamenting that the terrorists had to choose THIS day to carry out the attacks. I guess the terrorists were just celebrating the anniversary of the particular act of violence in a Befitting Manner.

  • Most excellent post. Not much left to say after this. A very tragic incident that makes us crave for Justice.

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  • I submitted an application to renew my passport only a few backs. I had been feeling guilty for signing that declaration on my form, however, on Friday when I saw the carnage ensue in Lahore,
    the consequence of my inaction and cowardice dawned on me. I felt like a hypocrite and an accomplice by default to the ‘Prophet’s devotees’. I feel sick and ashamed.

  • I appreciate your words, your courage and your accuracy in the extent of blame that is all around us.

    Why is it that such a popular channel like Geo does not feel the need to take any responsibility for when its anchors openly call for killing Ahmadis? This to me is not a small issue. They pretend to be journalists, to be objective, to be for the greater good of society, and in one of their money making shows an anchor calls for nothing but murder, and gets away with it? Two respected citizens were killed the next day by deluded reluctant citizens.

    Regarding Ahmadis, there is a strange reality. Moderate people, journalists and leaders find it uncomfortable to get into the subject. Its makes one a little too uneasy, there is too much to tackle there, there are other problems, eeeh lets just shove it under the carpet, please no comments, ask another question…

    Either this cannot last or Ahmadis in Pakistan cannot last. In April, 3 quiet, non-political Ahmadis were gunned down by trained assassins using automated weapons in Faisalabad. One received 18 bullets, the other 21, and the third, too many to tell the family. There was no word from any representative, there was no condolence from any quarter. Its too uncomfortable to bring it up, no one knows how it can be used against them. Dawn is the only paper that dared to publish a full front page report.

    We all hang our heads in shame Tazeen, we should. We must remember that when disease spreads, it might target the weakest points at first, but eventually it will kill the whole body.

    First it will be the Ahmadis to die, then the other minorities, then the moderate Muslims, most of the women…

  • 3. Today in centre of Lahore , Usman Punjabi and his Organizanization demonstrated the wonderful show of ‘Patriotism’ againt ‘Traitors and Kafirs of Pakistan’ which Hamid Mir declared in his tape just like Dr.Jahil Online with his wordclass Doctrate Degree did 2 years ago on GEO. 170 million Pakistanis pay a heartiest salute and words to Hamid Mir , Usman Punjabi , TTP Punjab Wing who took its responsibility and all Mujhaids who laid thier lives for this Jihad !

    4. Then we ask why Pakistan is a failed state , why people are dying and doing suicides at highest rates , why there is not even a single big investment in whole country from forein multinational group, why even local investors are sending thier capital to Dubai , India and Europe, why there are millions of graduates remain jobless , why Academia of Pakisan is turned into terrorism nursery, why in the whole world in US Europe or even in India or Iran or Turkey etc , not a sigle attack on any religious place of any faith and why all these Traitors sitting in Electronic and Print Media have made our country Hell on face of Earth while Arab countries shopping Malls glowing with Lights and these Traitors pushed our country in never ending series of Darkness.

    5. First Deobandi Scholars of Binoria with Zia ul Haq made Sipah Sahaba and Laskra-i-Jhangvi , Iraq and Saudia funded it then Iran funded Sipah-e-Muhammad in Pakistan , brought Iran-Iraq war to Pakistan , the same LeJ attacked innocent Christians in 2002 in Murree , same LeJ attacked Christians few months ago in Toba Tek Singh , attacked and killed thousands of Shias from 1986-2010 , ruined our country and its religious fibre of tolerance , Corrupt Punjab Government which is totally failed in providing even basic necessities of life to its people with sugar 75/kg and loans of 50 Arab on it and its Corrupt Plaza Owner Minister was riding with Sipah-e-Sahaba Head in Jhang to win a single seat in Punjab Assembly. Now after shameful defeat in Burewala at 3rd place of PML-N , Prince of Raiwind with Blood Pressure Chief Minister which have kicked out all brilliant team of top Bureaucrates from Punjab now strated New Noora Kushti Part 6 hat we will show opposition over inflation and PPP should leave Punjab Government and all such Bakwas !

    Fruits of Patriotism are now riping in whole country , Funding is coming from Saudia, Egypt and Gulf States , Ideology is coming from Abdul Wahab of Arabia , Syed Qutub of Egypt , Ideological Backing and Support is coming from Hamid Mir , CEC member of PML-N Irfan Siddique who left Nawa-i-Waqt to get more money from Jang Group , Orya Maqbool Jaan , Ghazi of Daily Jang ,Shireen Mazari of Nation , Majeed Nizami of Nawai Waqt , Zaid Hamid and all others who are having Wet Dreams of Dominating World , AL-Qaeda is on the Driving Seat as Saleem Safi described in his last column in The News , TTP Pakistan and Punjabi Wing of Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkat-ul-Jihad Al-Alimi , Al-Furqan, Ilyas Kashmiri are on the executing these operations , Wahabi LeT funded by Saudia is openly supporting them , Deobandi Scholars of Binoria and whole Pakistan providing Logistical Support of staying these Terrorists in thier Mosques at Night and Baighairat Diesel Smugglers of JUI and Jamat-e-Islami are fighting TTP Cause at Poltical Front …. 17 innocents in Religious Place of one sect have been killed so far.Congragulations to all above mentioned people. Salute to your Patriotism. Soon multi-billion dollars Investments in Pakistan would be coming over this Great Achievement

  • Only an ignorant person can celebrate the death of innocent people.

    I wish the same for Zia, ‘Zia may you rot in hell forever’!

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  • Shameful, vulger, low, immoral, mean and an outrageous act!

    Only animals can commit such acts and I’m not sure what kind of beasts our mudrassas are producing every day. Is this called Islam?

    Where the heck is fake Dr. Liaquat Hussain and murderer Hamid Mir??? There should be a civil law suit against these two beings!!!!

  • Nice article! Killing innocent humans is the most disgraceful act a person can commit. No matter what religion you follow or what belief you have; you have full rights to be like any other human being as far as you are not violent yourself. All religions that ever existed strongly deny killing innocent humans. I hope we all understand that!

    God help us!

  • I condemn what happenend in Lahore and hope that the culprits are brought to justice for this inhuman act..

    But i was just wondering, where do all of you go when Ulama and Scholars are shot dead by these people. The most recent case of Maulana Jalalpuri’s assassination and numerous other Ulama cud not get your attention.

    Also when hundreds of innocent ppl die in Drone attacks i dont see the same anger. are they not humans.

    Undoubtedly the murder of Qadiyanis in Lahore should be condemned because Islam has rights even for non Muslims like Qadiyanis. But plz also speak up when innocent muslims die

  • This is a final warning to the [Ahmedi community] to leave Pakistan or prepare for death at the hands of the Prophet Muhammad’s devotees.
    I thought Holy Quran says Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was Rehmat ul lil Alamin (mercy for all the worlds). I thought his teachings were if you kill one innocent human it is as if you have killed all mankind. I read he became very upset when he saw one of his followers who was treating his camel with cruelty. Prohpet Muhammed ( pbuh) I believe in pardoned all his biggest enemies when he conquered Makkah. And the book he brought says “ La ikraha fid-din”, there is no compulsion in religion. So these people when they perform these acts of cruelty in the name of Prophet, GOD is watching. Certainly He has the power to retaliate. Through which source will He demonstrate His decree, how will He seize those who create disorder and persecute, He alone knows. May Allah make these people a cautionary sign who perform these barbaric acts in the name of Prophet Muhammed ( pbuh) and Islam which is a religion of peace.

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    First time ever I hear about Ahmadis and their plight in a country addicted to religion. I’ll go to Wikipedia to find out more about these people.

    You made a comparison to Nazi Germany. At that time, the German government did not want the Jews to convert but to leave the country. This is a difference though a slight one.

    As long as the majority of your people do not realize that religion is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY a private affair, Pakistan will remain a state stumbling around bankruptcy, mediocrity, medievality, fanaticism.

    Sorry to say this but that is what I think.


  • all i want to say as an ahamedi is that whatever happened yesterday was creul,brutal and inhuman and God will punish all those who r responsible for this.

  • I’m sorry, but I fail to understand the passport thing. Is there a clearly written statement you have to sign in order to get your passport wherein you agree that Ahmadis do not have their rights?

    If that’s the case, can they even do that?

    If not, could someone please explain?

  • Has the current PPP leadership apologized for the amendment which initiated this entire mess?

  • Tazeen, thank you for posting this. You are very brave. I did not even know that this kind of discrimination, that is, on this level, existed.

  • All those who signed the form against Ahmadis when renewing their Pakistani passports should hang their heads in shame at the blood that is on their hands. It is now time to act in protest and end the extermists’ hold upon the government to ransom. Otherwise, tomorrow it will be other groups that will suffer. Don’t let all those lives go to waste, let’s do something about it.

  • @ Spica: This post may help you understand the dilemma of Ahmadis: Every person who declares themselves as Muslims MUST sign this form in Pakistan. Notice the choice of words: “impostor nabi”. Everytime someone signs this document, they are virtually calling Ahmadis liars and are abusing their spiritual leader. What is sad is that most Muslims do this without realizing what they are doing, since most sign without reading it. This document gives a glimpse into the concept of Ahmaddiyat that people have been brain-washed into believing.

    Tazeen, I am incredibly grateful to see an unbiased article on this brutal attack. As an Ahmadi, it pains me that my Community needs to undergo these trials and suffering. Furthermore, the reaction by the media is saddening. While several bloggers have been unbiased, the media at large and many Twitter comments have left me with a heavy heart. I understand that most people have been brought up with lies and prejudice about the Ahmadis, but I hope that Friday’s events bring about an awareness in people to realize the atrocities Pakistan’s minorities, especially Ahmadis, have to go through on a daily basis. Trust me, it is not easy to watch the news and be able to spot people you know as part of the dead bodies.
    The official press release of the Ahmaddiya Community is at this website: Kindly read it to eliminate any misconceptions. I also recommend reading this to clear misconceptions and answer further questions: The Community is a thoroughly non-violent one, and I assure you no Ahmadis will react violently to this brutal event. That non-violent reaction alone should be enough proof to show the peaceful version of Islam Ahmadis follow.

  • Thank you for your solidarity sister. I have had difficulty associating with a Pakistani identity mostly because I am blessed to practice my faith, my identity freely in the States. It is folks like you speaking out against the atrocious violence against our peaceful community that give me hope. This horrific incident has revitalized the importance for me to question what I can do to help Pakistan, help empower those willing to speak against injustice and empower peace and prosperity for its people. Blessings, love and light.

  • The creator never asked anyone to kill anyone for his name. NO he will never, as he is the one who gives life. Its inhuman to kill people using God’s name. He will never ask for anyone’s blood. He wanted us to live a good life and also allow others to do so. Its sad to see that people have taken to butchery in the name of Holy God. Pakistan, you are terribly going wrong. There are few politicians who are in power and they are using their power to butcher the common man. When will Pakistan see a good leader, will it ever see one.

  • @Amina: Unbais? you are kidding right?

  • God! I have nothing more to add after what you have said in your post. I really don’t know what to say except, as Amna said, feel sickened at thought of being a hypocrite myself.

    By the way, here’s an interesting fact: Did you know that the Lahore Ahmaddiya Movement school of thought and its followers believe that the Prophet was indeed the last prophet? I bring this up here because they were declared non-Muslims on account of the khatam-e-nabuwat issue but these people believe that the prophet was the last of one of them all. STILL, they were declared non-Muslims. Not surprisingly, Bangladesh also declares them non-Muslim. Makes sense since once upon a time, they were a part of us…

  • No wonder the incident is highly condemnable and its bad, though the headlines were inviting trouble for Pakistan itself, it wasn’t killing of Ahmedis, it was massacre of Pakistanis. If our media could just be try to be least bit politically correct they’d know how half of troubles today are because of media itself.. and relating stupid unrelated topics such as ahmedi discrimination is stupid, as an effort of taking advantage of injury, a group who so desperately wants to be known as Muslim, should consider the rules of religion first.

  • @ Samina: Ahmadis DO NOT believe that their founder was the last prophet. We believe in the Finality of the Prophethood of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The founder of the Ahmadiyya Community claimed to be the Imam Mahdi and Messiah prophecied in the Quran and Hadith and we believe his status to be not a jot more than that awarded to him by Allah and His Prophet.

    Also Bagladesh has not declared the Ahmadis as non-Muslims. Pakistan is the only unfortunate nation where this baneful law has been passed and the leaders and inteligentsia are too chicken to repeal. Next it will be the Shias who are massacred and then the other groups. Please wake up to the truth and put a stop to this cruelty now. Do not let this happen to Islam the religion of peace and tolerance. This is the noble example showon by the Ahmadiyya Community. It is high time the media stations showed the press conferences held by the Community that shows the true face of Ahmadiyya Islam, one of tolerance, sacrifice and love, rather than the one you decide to paint.

  • @ Rehan: I think Samina was trying to say that Lahoris believe the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as the last prophet.THoth Ahmadis and Lahoris do consider the Holy Prophet PBUH as the last law-bearing prophet (that is, a prophet with a shariah).  As Rehan explained, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is the Imam Mehdi and Promised Messiah :we do consider him to be a prophet, but not a law-bearing prophet. In fact, his status as a prophet is lower than that of the Holy Prophet PBUH. The Promised Messiah himself referred to himself as a devoted servant of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

    Also, a quick note about the difference between Ahmadis and Lahoris, as a lot of people are confusing the two. It was not the Lahori Jamaat that was attacked, it was the Ahmaddiya Muslim Jamaat. The difference between the two is that Ahmadis believe in divine successorship (khilafat) where the Khalifa is the spiritual (NOT political or military) head. The Lahoris, despite agreeing with everything else, do not believe in Khilafat. However, they do accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a Messiah and prophet. Neither Ahmadis not Lahoris believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Shariah prophet, i.e. He did NOT bring a new ideology: instead, he came to reform and preach the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s religion in a non-violent way. 

  • I don’t understand the passport issue. The point c of the declaration does make me uncomfortable, but why the heck do I not have a right to my beliefs? Why do I have to agree to Qadiyani views to accept their equal rights? How can you say that if I don’t consider their prophet to be true, I also believe that they should be killed??!

  • I think some sort of a movment to repeal the wretchd Zia law will need to be started in the West (its not going to happen in Pakistan) and the best countries for this are the US and UK, and all loans, aid, other economic assistance to Pakistan should be withdrawn until that inhuman law is scrapped. I am still surprised why our Ahmadi co-citizens have not yet done so, after all my information tells me that in the US and UK Ahmadis are the most educated and economically powerful people.

  • With this act,Taliban has boosted up their losing support,among fundamentals.. Now that they have killed so-called non-muslims ( who are more hated than non-muslims themslevs,atleast by a minority) they will find some supporters..

    Sad that muslims are being fooled and led astray by people among themselves

    The post is indeed good..

  • Tez,

    Very well said… one of the sadest days in the history of Pakistan.

    I am mad as hell.


  • If For Ahmadis, living in Pakistan is just as bad, if not worse than Jews living under Nazi rule.

    than what you think about the halocasts…………?

  • Faizi: huh? You meant Holocaust? right? if so, then how about share with us what is it that YOU think about the Holocaust?


  • “General Zia-ul-Haq (May he rot in hell for all eternity) “

    Ha Ha Ha … Hell, life after death ? do you even believe in such a thing

    and yes, just

  • Fuounder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah entrusted Sir Zafrullah Khan an Ahmadi with the responsibility of building relations with foreign nations as first Foreign Minister of Pakistan.Ahmadis stood for Pakistan in our freedom movement.But no history book gives them credit for that. Jammat Islami and Jamiaat ul Ulmai Hind (now Jammiaat ul ulmai Islam) opposed the idea of Pakistan. Maudoodi, Abul Kalam Azad,Mufti Mehmood and Attaullah Shah Bokhari were not only against the creation of Pakistan rather they made nasty satements against founder of Pakistan and Pakistan itself.Jinnah did not envision Pakistan to be a theocracy. His speech on 11th Agust 1948 to constituent assembaly of Pakistan should have been megnacarta of Pakistan where he outlined the equality for all religious groups and separated religion from the affairs of state in crystal clear words:
    “ You are free ; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed-that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”
    “Now, I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State”
    We should have made that speech part of our constitution instead of objective resolution. But ruling elite intentionally neglected and played down that speech and got locked in competition with clergy to undo Pakistan by going one step ahead of clergy in promoting obscurantism against the secularism of Jinnah. Objective Resolution was murder of Jinnah ideology and conspiracy against people of Pakistan. Ziaul Haq’s draconian rule imposed obscurantism and fundamentalism as official religion of Pakistan and fuelled ethnic and sectarian wars to undo Jinnah’s Pakistan. Zia is father of all these Jihadi and extremist monsters. We should return to ideals set by Quaid e Azam. We should separate religion from affairs of state. All these extremists should be eliminated and stupid distinction of good and bad extremists need to be done with if we want to save Pakistan and its people. Clergymen that were against the idea of Pakistan, they continue to conspire against Pakistan. This is high time to eradicate all these anti-humanity and anti-Pakistan elements without showing any mercy. But I doubt any one in the echelons of power will follow the Mustafa Kamalism to get us rid of this menace.

  • Things are probably extreme in Pakistan, but it’s not very different in most countries. We tolerate the hate mongers because we are afraid of them.

  • Just writting articles against Mullas and Talibans won’t help.Praising a terrorist like Altaf Hussain would worsen the matter.Why does Altaf himself kill people?Pakistan at the end of day is on rcieving side.
    We have recieved Taliban’s terrorism,and MQM’s target killing.But we have failed to take any effective actions against them.What we only did has been failed military operations.These problems require an effective dialogue and favor based policies.We never go beyond condemnation.

  • Lahore Ahmadi

    The carnage of Ahmadi’s in Lahore is deplorable. My heart goes out to those slain and their families. Those who are killed for what they believe in are martyrs and in my book those who lost their lives in the carnage of Lahore are martyrs.

    As an Ahmadi of the Lahore section of the Ahmadiyya Movement, I just want to correct the wrong impression created by Rehan Qayum. Samina was exactly right. Members of the Lahore section of the Ahmadiyya Movement believe in the unqualified finality of prophethood with Prohet Muhammad (PBUH). We believe that the hadith “La Nabi baadi” (There is no Prophet after me) rules out the coming of any prophet after the Holy Prophet Muhammad whether a new one or one that had soujourned in the world before the Holy Prophet.

    We believe Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyyah Movement, to be a mujaddid, just as there were mujaddids before him like Mujaddid Alif Sani. The work of a mujaddid is to revive Islam and not to bring in any new innovation.

    That Hazrat Mirza claimed to be the Promised Messiah and Mehdi we admit and believe him to be so. But Messiah is not meant to be taken literally as the Prophet Issa who passed away before the Holy Prophet. It was common among the Arabs to give people titles that depicted their special attribute or character. For example, the famous Muslim general Khalid bin Walid was called Saif Ullah (The Sword of God) and the famous narrator of hadith was called Abu Hurrairah (Father of Cats) because of his kindness to cat. Obviously these were figurative terms. The hadith speak of a person in later times who is referred to as Messiah and Mehdi. We believe these to be the figurative terms for the mujaddid of the fourteenth century hijri because of the work he was called upon to do a)defend Islam against the onslaught of Christianity and to show that the present day Christianity is not the religion of Prophet Issa. For this, he was referred to in the hadith as Messaih. b)to revive Islam and beckon Muslims to the pristine purity of Islam for which he was given the title of Mehdi.

    In short, the Lahore section of the Ahmdiyyah Movement believe in the unqualified finality of prophethood of Prophet Muhammad. We believe these to be the belief’s of the founder of the Movement as well who always referred to his beliefs as that of the Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat.

    The suggestion of Rehan Qayum that the difference between the two sections of the Ahmadiyya Movement is about divine successorship is laughable.

  • It is a very sad day indeed…

    Wasn’t the great scientist/physicist and Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Dr. Abdus Salam… a member of this community… ???

    P.S. Dr Salam worked day and night towards the establishment of his Institute for Physics (which Professor Kemmer had foretold at Cambridge) but he did not receive a positive response from Pakistan due to the error in judgement by then Finance Minister Mohammed Shoiab who advised Ayub Khan that “Dr. Salam wants to build a 5-star hotel for scientists in Pakistan”. This disappointed him and so he approached several European countries for cooperation. His inspiration came from 2500 years ago when Plato had established a centre for promotion of education and knowledge amongst the youth. Dr. Salam had envisioned such a centre that would serve as a stairway to excellence for the youth from third world countries.

    During a conference convened by the United Nations, to set up a centre of excellence in a third world country, Salam’s proposals received full support from most countries but an Australian representative made an offensive remark, “the concept of such an institute is like a rolls Royce car whereas third world countries like Pakistan could do with a donkey cart”. Salam did not take kindly to this statement and never visited Australia during his lifetime.

    Finally the centre (ICTP) was established in Italy in 1964, (where he served as director for 30 years) and a bridge was created between the developed and the third world countries. Robert Walgate spoke about Dr Salam and said “he is one man without time, strung across two worlds and two problems; it is a loss to the world that he cannot have two lives”. During this time, keeping in mind the efforts he made for the alleviation of poverty and social welfare around the world, the President of Albania declared Dr Salam a ‘hero’ for the third world, while a Vietnamese professor Nyugen Van Hieu referring to the efforts made by Salam for the promotion of science in Vietnam declared that a “Salam centre for theoretical physics” would be established in Vietnam.

    Pakistan’s loss was Italy/Europe’s gain.

    Dr salam won 274 awards, degrees and prizes most of which carried substantial cash rewards. He used all his prize money to create a scholarship fund for deserving students as well as to aid impoverished people. He would purchase books and laboratory equipments for various Lahore universities and answer hundreds of letters he received from eager students despite his busy schedule.

    While visiting India he was treated as a “hero”. He particularly remembered the honours bestowed upon him by Aligarh and Baba Guru Nanak universities. When he visited PM house on invitation of Indira Gandhi she was so in awe of him that she refused to sit at the same level as Dr Salam and instead sat beside him on the floor. When he visited Aligarh University he went straight to the Jami-a-Mosque to offer nawafil. A swarm of eager students followed him into the mosque and on their insistence he addressed them, as imams do, while seated on the manbar (pulpit). When they asked what changes the Nobel prize had brought about in his life, he replied, “the biggest change is that now I can meet all those people that I wanted to and with their help and God’s kindness I am able to help many aspiring scientists from the third world, Nobel prize does not mean anything more to me”.

    Once when a journalist asked him how he felt about the fact that because of his extraordinary achievements, his small village Jhang which had earlier been famous for the folklore of Heer, was now known as the home of one of the greatest scientific minds of this century he answered with extreme humility and wit which was characteristic of him. With a smile on his face he said “there are over 325 Nobel laureates in the world, but there is only one Heer”.

  • I hang my head in shame at this act. I see and hear my countrymen, the political leaders but also men on the street and cannot help but conclude that we have lost our way, unable to distinguishing the good from the evil.

  • 1st. Those who think Qadaiyni are muslim and feel shame are need to Learn about islam.. be a good

    2nd WE Muslims are strongly condemn the suicide attack on Ahmadiya temple in Lahore Pakistan.

    3rd Quran Says about fake prophets i.e Mirza Ghlam Ahmad Qadiayni..

    وَمَنْ أَظْلَمُ مِمَّنِ افْتَرَىٰ عَلَى اللَّهِ كَذِبًا أَوْ قَالَ أُوحِيَ إِلَيَّ وَلَمْ يُوحَ إِلَيْهِ شَيْءٌ وَمَن قَالَ سَأُنزِلُ مِثْلَ مَا أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ ۗ وَلَوْ تَرَىٰ إِذِ الظَّالِمُونَ فِي غَمَرَاتِ الْمَوْتِ وَالْمَلَائِكَةُ بَاسِطُو أَيْدِيهِمْ أَخْرِجُوا أَنفُسَكُمُ ۖ الْيَوْمَ تُجْزَوْنَ عَذَابَ الْهُونِ بِمَا كُنتُمْ تَقُولُونَ عَلَى اللَّهِ غَيْرَ الْحَقِّ وَكُنتُمْ عَنْ آيَاتِهِ تَسْتَكْبِرُونَ

    And who is more unjust than one who invents a lie about Allah or says, “It has been inspired to me,” while nothing has been inspired to him, and one who says, “I will reveal [something] like what Allah revealed.” And if you could but see when the wrongdoers are in the overwhelming pangs of death while the angels extend their hands, [saying], “Discharge your souls! Today you will be awarded the punishment of [extreme] humiliation for what you used to say against Allah other than the truth and [that] you were, toward His verses, being arrogant.”
    اور اس سے بڑھ کر ظالم کون ہوگا جو خدا پر جھوٹ افتراء کرے۔ یا یہ کہے کہ مجھ پر وحی آئی ہے حالانکہ اس پر کچھ بھی وحی نہ آئی ہو اور جو یہ کہے کہ جس طرح کی کتاب خدا نے نازل کی ہے اس طرح کی میں بھی بنا لیتا ہوں۔ اور کاش تم ان ظالم (یعنی مشرک) لوگوں کو اس وقت دیکھو جب موت کی سختیوں میں (مبتلا) ہوں اور فرشتے (ان کی طرف عذاب کے لئے) ہاتھ بڑھا رہے ہوں کہ نکالو اپنی جانیں۔ آج تم کو ذلت کے عذاب کی سزا دی جائے گی اس لئے کہ تم خدا پر جھوٹ بولا کرتے تھے اور اس کی آیتوں سے سرکشی کرتے تھے


  • All shameful Muslims esp who hits their heads on wall, please read this.. to knows about Qadaiyni beliefs..

    and again as Muslims we are strongly condemn the suicide attack on Ahmadiya temple in Lahore Pakistan.

    BUT dont feel shame to declare them non muslim.. ( its not “MULLAH” propaganda )

    Qadiyani/Mirzai/Lahori Qadiayni aka Ahmadi are on wrong path.. May Allah Guide them Aameen

  • It’s time for our Qadiani brothers to migrate back to India and declare Qadian (in India) as their religious headquarters once again.

    Despite all its problems and a handful of religious extremists of all hues seen here and there, India has a tolerant and secular milieu.

    People have the right to practise their faith withour fear and targeting someone just because he is from a different faith or wants some reform in a faith system is an act of cowardice.

  • What happend in gujraat & Golden Temple Mr Mobin Pakistan is far best then india..

  • Mr Khalid Bin Waleed,

    I had or have no intention of comparing India with Pakistan.
    You are entitled to your opinion.

    The only thing I would like to remind you is that what happened in Gujarat or in the Golden Temple does not happen in India every day as it happens in Pakistan.

    Minorities and the people in general are safe in India. There is no theocracy. People from one sect or region do not dominate India’s polity.

    Indians are not distorting or hiding their history like many other oountries are.

    Qadian in is India. The welcome reform movement began there. It thrived in India’s secular environment. Let it thrive there again!

  • Khalid,
    the people who exposed the godhra riots were hindus..rajdeep sardesai, barkha dutt, etc…rajdeep was almost killed by hindu zealots while filming the monstrosity that was happening there..India has firmly rejected right-wing hindu ideology through democracy…democracy in india..while not being an perfect…has served its purpose by holding religious (hindu and muslim) idiots at bay..

    And minorities in India def have more rights and certainly are more visible in the public sphere than Pakistan..

    take sports, arts, entertainment, literature, politics..and you will find people from every religion at the forefront..prominent muslims….Azim Premji, Irfan Pathan, Zakir Hussain, and many many more (i wont even talk about bollywood)… Dr. Abdul Kalam was the chief scientific advisor at DRDO, India !! and even radical people like Dr Zakir Naik are given a chance to air their views freely with no intimidation…

  • In the 21st Century, does the state have the prerogative to discriminate among its citizens on the basis of faith and institutionalize that discrimination through law? Doesn’t that give license to the patronized faith to perpetuate discrimination – all in the name of law?! Pakistan’s constitution is contradictory: it guarantees equal rights and it guarantees some are more equal than others.

  • I totally condemn the violent attacks on two worship places of Qadiani too. It was a ruthless killing that no one had any right to.

    I had a conversation with a regular Pakistani who was in favor of these attacks and had no feelings for those killed here,

  • Tazeen, in the light of your enlightened moderation you are missing the key facts here. I commented once before on your post regarding the Zia Ordinance and Ahmadis.

    I do believe in equality and respect for all human beings, regardless of faith, culture, color etc, but the problem with the Ahmadis is that, they try to impersonate themselves as “Muslims” and they call us non-muslims. I know this for a fact because I have had interaction with lot of Ahmadis, I had read their literature, beliefs and held discussions with them.

    All this hatred could end if they stop calling and posing themselves as muslims.

    I personally never had any grudge against them, but this impersonation has to be ended to give them much needed respect in our community.

  • And the restrictions you mentioned in your post are justified in the light of all the propaganda they have done to convert Muslims to Ahmadis.

    Once they declare themselves are non-muslims their plight might be ended.

  • My father was among the killed. I am told that he received a bullet wound in the belly that struck his liver and other vital organs. He bled for three hours on the floor of the “ibadatkada” and was then shot below his left ear during the mop-up of the injured by the “Muslim” Mujahidin.

    I think Pakistani people and government should kill all of us wajib ul qatl qadiyani in one go.

  • @ Hamzah Khalid, Raheel Khan:
    Please keep your hatred to yourself. The last time I checked, you were NOT God’s representatives to check who is Muslim or not. To say “but they should just stop impersonating themselves as Muslims” is exactly the idea the terrorists had. That makes your ideology no different than that of those cowards who gunned down those innocent worshippers. Your remarks are like a slap on the face for those poor people who have lost families.

  • I had a conversation with a regular Pakistani who was in favor of these attacks and had no feelings for those killed here.

  • Let me state categorically, I do not support the violence against any religious or ethnic minority. While not supporting this atrocity, which appears to be state sponsored, in any way, I would like to know why no-one has mentioned the connection between Ahmediyas and Indian intelligence agencies. Further, there are allegations that a lot of the terrorist acts in Pakistan are being carried out by these people for the humiliation they have faced. Allegations abound that the Shia/Sunni riots are instigated by Ahmediyas working for Indian intelligence. I am surprised that no-one has mentioned this.

  • prophet (PBUH) has said there will be more than seventy fiqa/subgroups of islam, this means people will have different views from the larger groups. Accepting this fact and understanding they will all exist will help in tolerating others.

    Also all those who are declaring them non muslims in this blog, who gave you the right to judge and declare anyone muslims or non muslims. Stop doing God’s job

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