This is so not fair

I hate the Tory government already.

David Cameroon had the cheek to replace this man

Former foreign secretary David Miliband

with this fella!!!!!

Current Foreign Secretary William Hague

I wonder what Hillary has to say about this transition?

The only reason anyone ever watched those press briefings was David Miliband’s handsome mug with that awfully cute British accent.

But there is a silver lining …. Hopefully, the coalition will die its natural death soon and there would be a Labour government again, with Miliband as the PM.

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  • What? No more Miliband?

    *sobs and flees*

  • 🙂

  • quick! temme! where do i go to vote…

  • If the coalition dies, there will be a Tory government with absolute majority, which means more zombie twats like Hague without the welcome relief of Lib Dems sprinkled here and there. Your best bet is David Miliband beating his brother to become the new Labour leader, then you can tune in to Prime Minister’s Questions to feast your eyes as Dave M takes on Dave C.

  • Amna,

    Do you really think that the other Miliband can beat David?

  • Is it me, or does he look a little like Wentworth Miller? And anyone who looks like Wentworth is a diamond in my books.

    But alas, the diamond has been replaced by a lump of coal ;P

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  • With the likes of Alan Johnson throwing their weight behind David, Ed Miliband does have his work cut out for him. He should at least put up a fight before surrendering to his brother who was stupid enough to pose with a banana, check it out

  • Miliband is hot, even with a banana in his hand. that’s enduring hotness!

  • Very funny 🙂

  • But there is a silver lining …. Hopefully, the coalition will die its natural death soon and there would be a Labour government again, with Miliband as the PM.

    Couldn’t have said more. 😛

  • A few days of me not paying attention to world affairs and this is what happens….

  • watch out for ED MILIBAND!

  • Hai!

  • i’m sure hilary will try to make a new caucus of ex foreign ministers with excuses like “better understanding and operation” so that she will have a chance to be photograph with hottie miliband once a while . lol

  • I am surprised to read the loquacious comments of so many Pakistanis with tenuous links to the UK! Labour or Tory, they are equally hypocritical and two-faced. The coalition we have at the moment is the best thing that could have happened in the circumstances. For the view of a resident Pakistani, click the link below (there are also 4 comments following the post):

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  • They have no taste Taz… no taste… Sigh!

  • 😀

    A certain best-selling author won’t be pleased… I tell you!

    Fatima, detests Facebook… she would rather have “lunch with David Miliband every day of the week than be on FB”. She surprised everyone by showing up on Twitter October last…

    Incidentally… David Miliband… recently admitted he has a “soft spot” for Benazir.

  • You may see more of him yet, given his race for Labour Party leadership. He may be relatively tolerable on the looks front, that is, as far as British Politicians go (come on, we’re not exactly spoilt for choice) but his integrity as a politician is hardly intact. Demonstrated beautifully by his fluctuating views on the Iraq/Afghan wars

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